One Piece Talent System Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Chasing

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Under a lot of peoples greedy gaze, after the huge Treasure Tree Adam branch was firmly tied, Ross reached out and pushed it into the water.
200 million berries Treasure Tree Adam branch, no matter who it was they were a bit jealous, but Ross slaughtering pirates a few days ago is still remembered by them and even if there are any thoughts about it, most of the pirate will wait and see before taking any action.

"He got the branch of Treasure Tree Adam. If he builds a powerful Pirate Ship, I am afraid that Marine will never be able to stop him again."

"Oh, I dont think Marines will let him easily make a Treasure Tree Adam ship. Maybe the army that encircled the island is already on the way."

Many people looked at Ross ship from afar while discussing spiritedly.

Ross did not pay attention to the gazes around him. After pushing the branch into the water, he let the handyman on the ship untie the rope, pull up the anchor and slowly leave the port.

"Go to the Shipwright town."

On the east side of Kano Country, there is an island which is the famous Shipwright Town, one of the most famous places of West Blue where ships are built. This town doesnt have any Shipbuilders, only Shipbuilder apprentice.

He already has the most important Keel of the new ship, while the rest of the materials are available in the Shipwright town, and buying those materials with the remaining 90 million Berries will be more than enough.

On the deck.

Ross looked at the distant scenery and said: "When we have a new ship, we can finally step into the Grand Line."

"Grand Line"

Robin stood by his side and there was a glimmer of light in her sea-like eyes. For her, the only thing her heart longed for is to find the Poneglyph steles hidden all over the world and to understand the secrets of the Void Century.

Poneglyph, from the information that she has secretly collected over the years, they are mostly in the Grand Line.

Grand Line also known as the pirate grave is naturally very dangerous. From time to time, there will be news that some of the strongest pirates of the sea were thoroughly defeated in the Grand Line, but that is a place that she must go to achieve her dream.

She silently glanced at the back of Ross.

She didnt know why but she has a feeling that if she continues to follow Ross, she will be able to achieve her dream.

As the ship traveled towards the Shipwright island, the Kano Country gradually became blurred in their field of vision and they gradually left the island far behind.

Just as the Kano Countrys island gradually turned into a small black dot, from the direction of Kano Country, there was a blurry shadow of a ship following them.

Robin quickly discovered the ship that was quickly catching up to them.

"Captain Ross, we seem to have been targeted."

"Oh? Marines?"

"It seems to be the Happo Navy of the Kano Country."

Robin and Ross came to the stern and looked at the ship that was catching up to them. Robins eyes flashed.

As the ship approached, its shape became clearer and clearer. Although it was huge, it was not a Marines Battleship.


Ross looked at the pirate flag of the ship and did not reveal any emotion on his face. He said calmly: "After all, it is the country of pirates. How could they let me take away the Treasure Tree Adam branch which is worth 200 million Berries so easily? "

Ross ship was a light sailing ship but because of the heavy Treasure Tree Adams branch, it greatly affected the ship speed. It was not long before it was caught up by Kano Countrys Pirate Ship.

On the Pirate Ship of the Kano Country, there were a lot of pirates holding weapons.
Perhaps the other pirates were scared of the slaughter done by Ross and they would not dare to ask for any trouble but these pirates were different as their boss has been on the Grand Line!

For them, any West Blues pirate is like a normal person without any powers.

"Sure enough, I cant run fast with a heavy piece of wood tied to my ship."

The younger brother Boo with three axes on his back and the Vice Leader of the Happo Navy, Sai was standing on the deck, as they grinned while looking at the distant Ghost Hand Pirate Ship.

The Vice Leader Sai took out a small long-handled blade(Bisento) and stood in front of Boo. His expression looked cold and serious.
Leader Don Chinjao is not here, so he is in charge of the ship.

Today is the 11th year of the Great Age of Pirates, Sai has not taken over the position of the Happo Navy and Boo is just an ordinary cadre but both have followed Leader Don Chinjao on the Grand Line.

"Reporting! The enemy ship has entered the firing range."

As the two ships got closer, a member of the Happo Navy came forward to report.

"Do not fire."

Sai shook his head and said: " We dont want to break the piece of wood, its something worth 200 million Berries."

Boo yelled at his brother: "The Treasure Tree Adam branch should not be that easy to break but forget it, they wont be able to run away even if we do not fire."

The distance between the two ships was getting closer.

The two sides do not need to use a telescope as they can see the people on both sides of the ship.
"On the bow of the ship is the 13th generation members of the Happo Navy, Sai, and Boo, but I did not find Leader Don Chinjao among them." Robin scouted as she reported to Ross.

Ross nodded.

Leader Don Chinjao who has the bounty of 500 million berries is not someone he can deal with now. If Don Chinjao is on the ship, he can only find a way to destroy the Happo Navy ship and flee.

If Don Chinjao is not here Ross eyes flashed with a cold light.

He looked at the ship of the Happo Navy in the distance and judged the distance between the two ships. His tone was calm while giving orders.

"Keep the distance, I will come back when I am done."

By the time Ross voice echoed in Robins ear, he had already arrived in the air, lifting his foot in the air and taking two steps. He crossed the sea directly and landed on the Happo Navy ship.
Under the astonished gazes of the pirates of the Happo Navy, Ross fell on their deck and landed smoothly.


"Gepp (Moonwalk)?"

Boo and Sai turned their heads and looked at Ross. They showed a little surprise on their faces. Following Don Chinjao to the Grand Line, their knowledge was not too light. They are still able to recognize Gepp (Moonwalk).
Gepp (Moonwalk) is a very difficult ability in Marines Rokushiki. Even in Marine, only the Captains and above can use Gepp (Moonwalk), and Ross using Gepp (Moonwalk) left them a little surprised.


Even if he can use Gepp (Moonwalk), its too arrogant of him to come to their ship alone.

Although Ross is known in the West Blue as one of the most dangerous pirates, it is limited to West Blue and it is nothing to them who have been to the Grand Line.

"West Blues most dangerous pirate, your courage is really not small. Let me see how much skill you have to back that courage."

Boo took down an axe from his back and indicated to the numerous ordinary pirates to draw back before he grinned and rushed towards Ross.

Sai originally planned to do it himself but he saw that Boo had already gone up and he didnt plan on stopping him. He folded his hands on his chest and stood in the same place.


Just as Boo was about to reach Ross, Ross suddenly stepped on his feet and a strange force fell directly on the ships board.

Kch! Kch!

The power of the Distortion Fruit was centered on the area where Ross put his foot before spreading rapidly in all directions and the entire ship strangely distorted in the middle.

"Damn it! This guy wants to break our ship!"

Boo was dumbfounded for a moment before he immediately become angry. He jumped up while roaring and charged towards Ross, the axe in his hand maliciously falling upon Ross.