One Piece Talent System Chapter 330

Chapter 330 Twists Vs Shake
Just when the Giant Corps showed their great power and Captains and the cadres of the Whitebeard Pirates were suffering from it, a dark shadow suddenly appeared on the distant sea.

The shadow was getting closer and closer and it finally came to the edge of the ice island. After crushing the thin ice layer at the edge, the shadow finally set foot on the ice island, exposing an extremely large body.
Even a giant looked like a child in front of him!

"Oh-oh, hes finally here."

"Little Oars Jr.!"

The Whitebeard Pirates looked at the dark shadow and revealed a joyfull and smiling expression, and they all cheered for a while.

At this time, Ghost Hand Pirates eyes also fell on the shadow and their expressions changed.

"Thats a bit oversized."

Ficheux Erman opened his mouth as the expressions on his face changed, the Giants were already too huge. This Little Oars Jr. is bigger than the Giants!

Although such a large body is a living target for his existence but to deal with ordinary people, this size has an absolute size and strength advantage!

"To kill our companions, unforgivable!"

Little Oars Jr. stood there like a giant mountain overlooking the battlefield and roared that shook a hundred miles sea around them.

He rushed forward and every single step he took made the Ice island made by Shillew shake violently.

He rushed towards the Steel Giant and raised his gigantic machete with both arms and cut it down.


The great strength brought by his huge body made his sword carry a terrible force. Under the blade, he stabbed the Steel Giants head into his chest.

"Ah ah ah!"

The Steel Giant was cut, but he was not injured. He is a special Paramecia Metal attribute fruit ability user. Even if Oars has such a strong power, he cant do any damage to him without Haki.

The huge sword, which was stabbed into his chest, was held by Metal Giants hands. With a loud roar, he broke out with amazing power and even tried to turn Little Oars Jr. over.


Little Oars Jr. noticed the opponents strength and could not help but burst out with a roar. This is the first time that someone had dared to fight him with only physical power.

His arms tightened around the hilt of the blade and a terrifying force broke out as he held down the huge sword and pressed it, trying to split Metal Giant completely.

The stalemate between two powerful people stopped everyone nearby and they couldnt help but held their breath for a while.


The sound of steel crumbling spread across the battlefield.
Under the pressure of Little Oars Jr. and Metal Giant, the huge sword could not support its own weight and it was snapped by the force!


At this point, a translucent Iron Wall in the shape of a big giant rushes in and slams into Little Oars right leg.

Little Oars was hit by the translucent wall and took two steps backward. He barely fell down. In his anger, he pulled out his big hand and slammed it on the Iron Wall giant, and slammed it into Metal Giant.

Kuang! Kuang! Kuang!
The blast was so powerful that the entire ice island shook, but when Oars stopped, the Metal Giant and the Iron Wall were unharmed.

The abilities of the Barrier-Barrier Fruit are absolute unless its the top-level Armament Haki or any Devil Fruit with restraining abilities, the defense of the Barrier Barrier Fruit is absolute.

"Not so good."

The Metal Giant grinned and snarled while charging into Little Oars Jr.

Entangled by the Giant Corps, even if Oars was even more powerful, it would be difficult for him to pass the Giant and attack ordinary members of the Ghost Hand Pirates.
Just as the two sides fought, several loud noises broke out in the middle of the ice island.


The lingering aftermath was like a storm, which caused countless people to be shocked.

"Distortion fist!"

Ross held the hilt of his sword horizontally in his left hand and folded his fingers with his right hand into a fist and directly punched Whitebeard.

Whitebeard showed no panic and he stands erect with a calm look in his eyes showing that he is still above everyone in this sea. He is the strongest and he punched back.

Bang! !!

The empty space in front of him shattered.

Rosss power of distortion falls and the empty space in front of him seems to turn into a vortex and the fall of Whitebeards fist also makes space seem to be shattered and the earth is shaking.

At this moment, Whitebeards strength is not much different from his peak strength, needless to say, Whitebeards Battle skills are honed from countless bloody battles. They are not as bold as Kaido, nor as unskillful as BIGMOM.

Compared to the War Of The Best, even after getting stabbed in the back by his own son and taking the attacks of Akainu and Kizaru, he was still strongnot to mention now, right now Whitebeard in this state is undoubtedly terrifying!


Rosss power is just as amazing!

If it was when Ross fought against Kaido, he would probably not have been Whitebeards opponent, but now he has improved a lot compared to the time when he fought against Kaido, especially in attack powers which is not less than Whitebeard at the moment!


The bright light flashes.
Ross shook his body and stepped back, while Whitebeard also stuck to the ground with his Bisento, holding his body in shape.


Whitebeard looked calm on the surface and didnt speak, but he still sighed in his heart, he was getting old.

No one can stand on top forever.
His Armament Haki is one point stronger than Ross, but the power of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) can no longer withstand the wanton power outbreak of the youth in front of him, his Devil Fruit Powers are a little worse than Ross.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Ross today to face him equally, and he would be suppressed by him.

"Crack Cut!"

Ross is also very clear about Whitebeards state at this moment. Compared with the old Whitebeard, his young heart is surging and he is strong, he holds the sword in both hands and steps forward.

Suddenly, his body was divided into six and he appeared in six different directions of Whitebeard at the same time.

"Insignificant skill."

Whitebeard snorted and put his Bisento on the ice without any panic. Facing Ross in six directions, he turned his fists out and gave a sharp blow to both sides.


His fist fell into the air as if it were shattering glass, but it seemed to strike against the substance, giving the atmosphere the appearance of ice shattering, and the force of shock broke out in all directions.

Bang Bang Bang!

Six bangs went off almost at the same instant.

After blocking Rosss tactics with all-round attacks, Whitebeard immediately spread his hands and held the Bisentos handle, and waved fiercely at the empty space in front of him.

There, Rosss figure just emerged.


Whitebeard captures the position and movement of Ross with his top Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki but Ross has the ultimate Kenbonshoku (Observation) of Future Prediction!

Ross, who had long foreseen Whitebeards move tilted to the side at the moment of his appearance, avoiding Whitebeards bisento and at the same time swiped his elbow in the direction of Whitebeard.

Buzz !!

The empty space in front of him collapsed by the power of distortion.

Whitebeard couldnt withdraw his Bisento anymore and he had no time to throw a punch and was forced to fight with his arms.


During Rosss attack, Whitebeard shivered and stepped back and for a single moment, it looked as if Ross had the upper hand!