One Piece Talent System Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Marine Arrives
Time seemed to slow down an infinite number of times.

Rosss blade cuts across Void, wrapped in the power of distortion, as if dragged in a heavy quagmire(A soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot), and Whitebeards Bisento also cut across space in a half-moon arc and fell heavily.
In the numerous light-gathering spot, Bisento and Cursed Blade Murasame finally collided against each other.


Almost instantly, shattered traces appeared above the cloudy sky, as if the sky itself was getting torn apart!

This strike is the one that Ross and whitebeard put all their efforts into. They used their ultimate Armament Haki and even the outbreak of Haoshoku Haki, tearing the sky and the earth apart.


There was a sound like a cracked mirror.

At the collision point between Rosss sword blade and Whitebeards Bisento, there are clear signs of fragmentation, like a quagmire of space, torn and kneaded like plasticine(A soft modeling material, used especially by children) under the collision of two forces.


In the wanton outbreak of power, Ross fell in a daze and roars wildly. The power of distortion and Armament Haki intertwined, seemingly reduced to the essence visible to the naked eye, sharpened in Void.

Whitebeards arm trembled violently, and it was under tremendous pressure as he pressed it down.


Tremor and Distortion, the former is the force that shatters everything, and the latter is the force that destroys all. Both forces are trying to destroy each other in a crazy conflict.

It seemed as if a few seconds had passed, and it seemed as if a long time had passed, that force of constant fierce conflict finally showed a change.

Ross power of distortion overpowered Whitebeards tremor force little by little and it also rushed forward little by little.


Rosss blade swung hard.


A golden iron symphony rang through the battlefield, and Whitebeards Bisento was swung open by Rosss blade, unable to press down.

The power of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) was also completely broken by Ross power of distortion at this moment!

"Its over."

Ross took a deep breath and instead of recovering the Cursed Blade Murasame, which was being shaken by the force of the shock, he let go of his right hand, grabbed it in Void, pulled the scattered power of distortion, and punched Whitebeard on his chest.

Whitebeards Tremor force was completely broken by Ross and his Bisento was up in the air and his front body was completely defenseless.

Rosss fist landed on Whitebeards chest.

Whitebeards chest suddenly sagged, and his huge body bent down instantly and like a meteor, he flew backward while blood was spurting from his mouth.


Marco and others watched this scene and they shouted out in horror and anxiety.

Whitebeards body flew up in the air and crossed the entire battlefield, it flew over a distance of nearly a kilometer and reached the edge of the ice island, and eventually fell on the ice.
At the same time.

The Whitebeard could not hold the Bisento in his hand and it spun out, eventually landing on the ice.

In a continuous clang, the giant Bisento bounced a few times on the ice, and finally stopped.

Great Age of Pirates, Eighteenth Year.
Ghost-hand Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates fought against each other in the Etwall Stuart Potter sea region.

Later generations called it the Battle of Etwall.

In this battle, one of the three legendary pirates who dominated the great pirate age of an era, Whitebeard, Edward Newgate was defeated!

The title of the worlds strongest man, from this day on, changed ownership and it no longer belongs to Whitebeard and it belongs to a new legend.

Yonk (Four Emperors).

Ghost Hand, Ross!

Not far from the ice islands where Ross and Whitebeard were fighting, ten Marine Battleships are watching this scene.

At the forefront of one of the Battleship decks, Aokiji, dressed in the justice clock of Marine, is looking at the ice island.

"Is that, Whitebeard and Ghost Hand "

"What terrible power."

Kizaru whispered incoherently. This was not a sarcastic joke out of his mouth, but a terrible feeling from his heart!

He could still feel the palpitations he felt by the collision of that power just now.

If he was at the center of that attack.

He would die!

"It looks like its over, Whitebeards breath is fading. Ghost hand has won."
Aokiji let out a cold breath and murmured.

He couldnt help but think of the scenes of his first encounter with Ross when he had met Ross on the Florian Triangle sea region as a Marine Admiral, how he had looked down on the Ghost Hand Pirates.


It was in that situation that Ross had saved his crew members such as Laffitte and Law and Robin in a way that he hadnt anticipated.
In a completely unexpected way, Ross awakened the power of his Devil Fruit, and even if Aokiji didnt realize it then, he still tried his best to stop Ross, but Ross escapes through the fog of Florian Triangle sea.

After that.

Ross went to Dressrosa and destroyed Doflamingo and was finally defeated by Marines. He was put in Impel Down, then he escaped and destroyed Impel Down and caused the collapse of the Marine Headquarters

Which part went wrong?

Aokiji reflected in his heart. If he had taken Ross seriously from the very beginning in the Florian Trianglesea, would there be no Ross now?


There is no if.

Ross now is already one of Yonk (Four Emperors), and just now, he defeated Whitebeard who dominated the sea for decades, taking the title of the worlds strongest for himself.

"Its our turn."

Kizaru didnt think as much as Aokiji thought. After taking a breath, he said in a repressed tone.

Ross defeated Whitebeard and he must only have a little power left in his body and the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates fought hard for so long, they must be at their limit.

Now, even if they fail to completely eliminate the people on the island, they can take down two of the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates and they can even capture or kill one of the Yonk (Four Emperors) themselves and make their pirate group disappear from this sea!

"Ah, its our turn."

Aokiji turned back and stared openly in the direction of Ice Island.

At this time, the Battleships were already close to the ice island. When the ice island entered the shelling range, a Vice-Admiral waved his hand.


"Destroy the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates!"

Under the order of the Vice-Admiral, the many cannons already prepared on the ten Battleships fired in a volley, firing on the chaotic ice island.

Cannonballs fired by heavy cannons exploded on the ice island. The ice was splattering, and smoke filled the area.

Although the Whitebeard Pirates and the Ghost Hand Pirates are extremely terrifying, all Marines know that the battle between Whitebeard and the Ghost Hand has been going on for almost three days and three nights!

They also have two Admiral teams led by Aokiji and Kizaru, and even two of the most powerful Vice-Admiral, Momousagi and Tokikake.

"Kill all pirates and execute them on the spot!"

A Marine Vice-Admiral drew out his sword and said in a sharp and cold tone.


During the bombardment, countless Marines responded and they pulled out the standard sword and set foot on the ice island, and swarmed to the battlefield!

Starting from now.

The battlefield is going to be taken over by the Marines!