One Piece Talent System Chapter 335

Chapter 335 Momousagis Sword Arts

Marco turned into his Pheonix form and flew in the direction of Whitebeard. This time Fujitora did not block him, or Marco in a nearly insane state rushed out of Fujitoras oppression.
Cough! Cough!

Whitebeard covered his chest with one hand and coughed violently and as he coughed, countless blood drops spilled onto the ice, it was really a shocking sight.

Marco rushed to Whitebeards side and produced a mass of Peonix flame into Whitebeards chest, and prevented Whitebeards injury from becoming more serious.

His Pheonix flames cant have much effect on people other than himself. It is impossible for him to fully heal Whitebeards injury in a short time, and at most, he can prevent it from becoming worse.


Whitebeard stood up slightly.

After Marco gave Whitebeard emergency treatment, he asked Whitebeard anxiously, "Father, how are you?"

Whitebeard waved his hand at Marco.

Just when he wanted to say something, countless cannonballs suddenly emerged from a distance and banged on the ice island.

"Damn! Its Marine!"

Marco looked back, only to find out that a large number of Marine fleet had arrived at the ice island, he could not help showing some of his anger.

Whitebeard lost to Ross and was seriously injured. His condition is also very bad. After a long fight, his stamina has been exhausted and bottomed out. At this time, Marines had boarded the Island, these guys are really worse than trash!


Marines attack target is not just them. The Ghost Hand Pirates will probably be targeted by the Marines as they also want to kill them all. The next situation will become extremely bad for them.

Whitebeard was also looking in the direction of the Marine Battleships and a flash of coldness flashed in his eyes. He had indeed lost to Ross and although it was because of the aging of his body as he didnt have his peak powers but this fight was also considered to be upright and not disturbed and him losing was fair.

And now.

Marines wanted to take advantage of this situation at this time, this undoubtedly offended Whitebeard.

At this moment, several cannonballs fell from the sky and fell in the direction of Whitebeard. Marcos eyes flashed and just as he was about rush forward to stop them, Whitebeard suddenly waved his arm.


No one knows where the power came from, the air burst in an instant, allowing all the cannonballs to freeze in the air, and then explode one by one.

"Want to take away my head during this time? Marines, Im afraid youre wrong, I am Whitebeard!"

Whitebeard turned around and the momentum surged, he slammed out his hand angrily and punched forward, the force of the shock erupted.

The air showed cracks like ice.

The ice surface in front of Whitebeard shattered in a large area and blasted towards the Marines Battleships. Numerous ice pieces broke up, breaking the first half of many battleships.

"You have been pushed to this point and you still have such power, its really terrible, Whitebeard "


A golden light flashed and Kizaru appeared on the ice island and said with a terrifying tone, but there was no fear on his face.
If it had been Whitebeard in his youth, he wouldnt be appearing here. But now an old Whitebeard with severe injuries is standing here and he would have had no reason to be afraid of him as a Marine Admiral.

As his voice fell, he stretched out his fingers and a bright light condensed and a few laser beams burst into the air and blasted towards Whitebeard.

"Yellow Monkey!"

There was anger in Marcos eyes, and he moved forward in an instant, reaching Whitebeards front and blocking Kizarus laser attack.

With Kizaru ascending to the island, Marines also rushed towards ice island in a large group.
"They really did come here."

Ross stared at Marines fleet from a distance with a gleam of light flashing in his eyes.

And at this time, a cherry-colored sword light swept across and the ice surface was cut open by it. The sword energy aimed at Ross and fell down.

Ross grunted and reached his hand out to grab the empty space in front of him and curbed the impact of the cherry blossom sword energy.

Far away.

Marine alternate candidate Admiral Momousagi appeared, standing with a large sword in her hand with the clock of Justice wrapped around her.

"Finally became a top sword user once and for all No, you should be infinitely closer to being a top sword user?" Ross glances at Momousagi, opened his mouth and spoke indifferently.

He has little experience with sword arts, but he does not know much about it. If he only talks about sword arts, he is now an ordinary swordsman.


"Is that all?"

The first half of Rosss sentence is stated and taken seriously, but the second half suddenly turns into something flat and condescending.

As soon as he grasped the Void with five fingers, the cherry-colored sword energy was like a huge python, which was rotated by his Distortion and turned into a cherry-colored sphere, it kept shrinking and finally was held in Rosss palm before it broke and disappeared.

Now Momousagi is almost the same as Aokiji and Kizaru and others and she is even stronger than Aokiji and Kizaru in attacks, but it is still not enough in front of Ross, even if Ross only has one-third of his stamina left, he is still not someone that Momousagi or a mere Admiral can win against.

"Its enough for you."

Momousagis eyes remained unchanged. She seemed to have become integrated with the sword blade. In her eyes, only what was to be cut and what was not to be cut were left.

"Captain, in our state, I am afraid we cant fight the Marines." Laffitte stood not far away with his cane spread out in his hands and spoke helplessly to Ross.
There were several wounds on his body and his appearance looked a little disheveled.

Fighting with the Whitebeard Pirates for so long, it is impossible for anyone to remain unscathed, they are only a little hurt, but the main problem is their stamina.

"No, we cant"

Trafalgar Law gasped while holding the demon sword, Kikoku, but his eyes were calm, and he said, "And there are still them."
This them naturally refers to the Whitebeard Pirates.

"What do you think?"

Laffitte asked Ross.

However, Marines would not wait for them to finish their discussion, the Marines who had rushed to the ice island, and after attacking the Whitebeard Pirates, they also aggressively attacked Shiliew of the Rain and others.

Aokijis Ice Age strengthened the thickness of the ice island and it spread across the battlefield instantly, freezing countless people into ice sculptures.


Except for Shiliew, everyone jumped into the air and avoided Aokijis large-scale attack.


Aokijis figure flickered into the air and his eyes lightened with his steady arms, his arms instantly turned into surging ice cubes, and he struck away at Ross.

Ross stood on the ice and raised his hand indifferently.


The power of distortion erupted and instantly broke the surging ice. The spread of the power of distortion even hit Aokijis and his body broke into ice.


Aokijis body was broken into ice cubes and fell to the ice island below.