One Piece Talent System Chapter 337

Chapter 337 One Move
On the battlefield.

The Marines, the Whitebeard Pirates, and Ghost Hand Pirates are in a three-way confrontation. Although Marines have an advantage in this situation, it is impossible for them to completely destroy the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates.
The Ghost Hand Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirate can defeat the Marines if they join forces, but there is no doubt that them joining forces with each other is simply impossible.

"Akagami (Red Hair) "

Marco stood on a bulging ice rock, looking in the direction of Shanks.

Shiliew of the Rain slowly lowered his blade.

Everyone slowly stopped attacking.

In this completely melee situation, the appearance of Akagami (Red Hair) is enough to change the whole battle situation. Once he joins the battlefield, it will inevitably evolve into the largest battle since the Great Age of Pirates.

And in that case, the situation of the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates will be very bad, because the main cadres on both sides have reached their limit.

Step, step, step.

Shanks, wearing a wooden shoe, stepped on the ice and walked slowly into the field.

He did not unleash his Haoshoku Haki. In this situation, releasing his Haoshoku is tantamount to provoking the three parties at the same time and a bloody battle will be inevitable by that time.

"We meet again, Akagami."

Ross stood upright on the ice, looking at Red Hair Shanks as he approached, his voice relaxed.

Last time they met, it was in the West Blue.

At that time, he had not yet stepped into the Grand Line and was still struggling under the manhunt of Marines, fighting his way out of West Blue, and the gap between him and Shanks was immeasurable.

But more than six years later, everything has changed.

Today, he is one of the Yonk (Four Emperors), his strength stands at the pinnacle of the sea, and even Whitebeard is no longer his opponent.


Rosss words caused the crowd to turn their eyes towards Ross and drift back and forth between Ross and Akagami (Red Hair), showing a few different colors.

Has Ghost Hand Ross met Akagami?

When is it? Why have they never heard of it?


Shanks nodded and said with deep eyes: "Time really does fly by."

Aokiji stood not far away, looking at Shanks with a look of gravity and alarm and asked. "What are you doing here?"

Although it is difficult for the Marines to destroy the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates at the same time, there is no doubt that they currently have a great advantage. However, Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates appearance on the battlefield has completely changed the situation.

Shanks stopped and turned to look at Aokiji, and he also looked at Momousagi, Kizaru, Marco, Fujitora, Shiliew of the Rain and others, and said:

"This Battle, it doesnt make any sense for it to continue. It will only endlessly expand the casualties. Marines will not reap any benefit here."

"What do you want to say?"

Momousagi coldly looks at Red Hair Shanks.
Shanks stared at Momousagi for a moment and said, "Im here to stop this war, this battle needs to stop now."

"Think before you speak, Akagami."

Tokikake put his hands in his trouser pockets and looked at Shanks and slowly said, "Do you want to stop Marines from dealing with Pirates?"

Tokikakes voice dropped, and the atmosphere in the field suddenly sharpened.

At this time, the ship of Akagami Pirates leaned against the ice. The deputy Captain Beckman, together with a large number of High-Level cadres of Akagami Pirates, stepped onto the ice island and walked towards the field.

The presence of the Akagami Pirate regiment cadres immediately suppressed the atmosphere.

Unlike those who have been fighting for three days and two nights, such as Marco and Shiliew, everyone in Akagami Pirates is in their peak condition!


Shanks spoke slowly, saying, "I didnt mean that. There are too many things that have to be fought because of my position. But this battle should stop here. If we continue, we will only continue to expand our losses."

Ross looked at Red Hair Shanks, no one knew what he was thinking.

In the War Of The Best, Shanks used a similar tough attitude to prevent the subsequent development of the war. Blackbeard did not want to fight against Shanks in Marine Headquarters, and Marines did not want to face Akagami while chasing Whitebeard Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates.

However, this situation is completely different from the War Of The Best. Neither Whitebeard nor Ross is willing to compromise. A tough attitude will only make things worse, so Shanks shows a calm attitude.

Shanks words silenced everyone.

If Shanks did not appear on the battlefield, Aokiji and others will inevitably continue to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates and the Ghost Hand Pirates.

Not to mention Whitebeard and the Ghost Hand, except that Ross who has kept nearly a third of his stamina. Everyone elses stamina is at its limits.

If they continue to fight, even Shiliew and Marco has the possibility of dying here.

Ross looked at Shanks.


Shanks looked over.


Ross reached over to the hilt at his waist and pulled the blade out.

The next moment, Ross suddenly disappears and reappears in front of Shanks with the blade in his hand was wrapped in a chaotic halo of Distortion, and he smashed into Shanks.
Shanks was a little surprised. At the moment Ross drew his sword, his hand was already pressed on the hilt of his own sword. When Ross appeared in front of him, his sword was already held in his hand and he waved it against Ross.

Time seems to have slowed down.

Under everyones attention, Rosss sword edge and Shanks sword edge approached each inch, and finally hit each other.


Sparks splattered.

A chaotic power of distortion erupted suddenly, swaying in all directions, breaking the ice surface under the feet of Ross and Shanks, and instantly expanding to a range of dozens of meters!

At the same time, the dark clouds in the sky also cracked like an abyss with the collision of this sword!

"Ghost Hand!"

Among the Akagami Pirates behind Shanks, someones looks changed.

In this unfavorable situation, will Ross choose to continue this fight? Kaido had some sense in him, and no matter how crazy Ross was, he wouldnt be a crazier beast than Kaido, who would fight off people until he fell down.

Kch! Kch!

After the ice surface under Ross and Shanks had been crushed by the power of distortion, a number of fragmented gullies appeared in the lower area, spreading in all directions.

When everything stopped, everyone saw Ross and Shanks standing face to face, with their blades coming together. Apart from the ice at their feet, which had not been broken, a huge crater had appeared on the ice for dozens of meters as if a meteorite has crashed down here!