One Piece Talent System Chapter 338

Chapter 338 The War Ended

Ross withdrew the Cursed Blade Murasame and put it back into its scabbard.
He attacked with all his strength, and it was to test Shankss strength. His Haki is at the top, his sword arts is at top. Even if his arm is missing, the impact on his strength is not great.

"Lets go."

Rosss gaze stayed on Shanks for a few seconds before he turned around and jumped to the edge of the crater before moving forward.

Seeing this, Fujitora and others put their blade into the scabbard, Ficheux Erman also put his revolvers back to his waist, and the thunder arc on Hajrudin gradually disappeared.

After glancing around at the Akagami Pirates, the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines followed Rosss lead and headed out of the ice island.

In the direction where Ross went, the people from Whitebeard Pirates and Marines swallowed their saliva and moved out of his way, they were too afraid of him to even consider stopping him.

Momousagi looked at Rosss back, and her fingers holding the blades were lightly forced, but after all, she didnt take any action, so everyone just watched as Ross and his pirate crew went away.


Shanks put his blade back in the scabbard.

No one noticed that the ice surface was cracked where he stood with his feet, or under the soles of his feet. Whereas Ross had stood before, the ice directly under his feet was not damaged.

There is no doubt that even after three days and two nights of fighting, Ross with only one-third of his stamina still has the upper hand in this hit!

Shanks did not turn his head, but the corner of his eye moved to the end of Rosss back and it was closed back.

"That guy"

Beckman stood behind Shanks, in the middle of a crowd of Akagami Pirates cadres, puffing on a cigarette and staring deep into Rosss back as he walked away.

He noticed the fact that Shanks had fallen slightly.

Although Shanks was pushed only a small amount, it was caused after Ross defeated Whitebeard and was fighting for three days and two nights!

There is no doubt.

Whitebeard loss wasnt just based on Rosss luck!

The title of the worlds strongest, from this day, it is indeed necessary to change the owner!

"What the hell do we do now, Kuzan."

Kizaru stood at the edge of the battlefield and spoke to Aokiji.

Aokiji took a deep breath and glanced indifferently at Shanks and Whitebeard, and finally turned around, saying, "Retreat."

Ross is gone.
Although it seems that there is only one Whitebeard Pirates left and it is easier to deal with but Shanks will not remain indifferent. Once he orders a fight, Akagami Pirates will definitely join Battle.

Although their Battle power this time is huge, it is not possible to fight against the full-powered Akagami Pirates while fighting against Whitebeard Pirates at the same time.


A Marine Vice-Admiral clenching his fists, he was annoyed for a while, but Aokiji and others had already left, and he could only be forced to withdraw eventually.

Marines recedes like a tide. Soon, only the Akagami Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates remain on the ice island.
"So, that went well."

Shanks saw Marines withdraw and watched their Battleship leave, and he also looked in the direction of Whitebeard and others before turning away.

Marco and others stood in place, surrounding Whitebeard, and staring at the departure of the Akagami Pirates, in the end, they did nothing.

With the departure of the Akagami Pirates.

The battle of Etwall, which was recorded in history, came to an end.
In this war, Whitebeard, who stood at the peak of the sea for decades, was defeated by Ghost Hand Ross and lost the strongest in the world title.

This is one of the biggest events since the beginning of the Great Age of Pirates!

Totto Landsea, Sky Island Birka.

More than half a month has passed since the end of the Battle of Etwall.

Fujitora, Shiliew, and others have almost recovered from their injuries. With the existence of Trafalgar Law and Gerd and the internal and external combination of Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit and Heal-Heal Fruit, it is not difficult to cure ordinary injuries.

This war harvest is the worlds strongest name.

In the eyes of countless people in the world, the Ghost Hand Pirates has become the strongest pirate force that has surpassed the Whitebeard Pirates and dominates this era!

On the Ross side, however, there is a headache due to the huge loss of middle- and lower-level combat power.

In the battle.

There were no casualties among the Captains such as Shiliew and Laffitte, but two of the deputy Captain had been killed and the middle and lower combat forces also had more than half of the casualties!

The seven regiments members of the Ghost Hand Pirates are mostly recruited not from the attached pirate, but from the Totto Landsea and Underground worlds.

This time the loss is too large and it is difficult to full these forces in a short time.

This kind of middle and lower level force has a small impact on the overall Battle power of the Ghost Hand Pirates, but without so many people, there is no doubt that there is a shortage of manpower to manage the huge Totto Landsea.

"How many people have joined in these days."

Inside the Sky Islands palace, Ross sat on the cloud sofa of the island and asked Robin.
Robin came in holding a document and said, "Thirty-seven, there are quite a few pirate groups that want to be attached to us, but you dont plan to accept them."

"No, I definitely dont want that kind of stuff."

Ross shook his head.

Why would he accept the kind of pirate who only knows to burn and plunder? Can they even manage Totto Landsea? As for the Battle power, he still wasnt short of it.
From the beginning, he did not intend to receive such pirate groups that had burned and plundered. If they were to be received, he would probably throw them to Sugar and turned them into toy soldiers.

"After all, without the authority similar to that of the World Government, it is difficult to gather enough people in a short period of time with this conscription method."

Robin put the documents on the coffee table and said.

Although the prestige of the World Government has been suppressed many times because of Ross, it does eventually have more than 170 participating countries which is more than half of the worlds countries.

And no matter how strong they are, they are still Pirate. Only 34 islands are ruled by him and out of those 34 Islands, 21 are small islands and 9 are middle-level islands. He only has four large islands.

"World Government "

Ross shrugged. "If we want a similar prestige to the World Government, we at least need to unify the New World first. This is a huge project."

The World Government currently rules more than 170 countries, that is, more than 170 large islands, and Ross only has four.


These islands are all located in Totto Landsea.

The area around his territory was taken up by either the Beast Pirates of Hundred Beast Kaido, Akagami (Red Hair), or Whitebeard and Red Line, or the Marine Headquarters.

To expand his territory, he needs to fight a Yonk (Four Emperors) or fight Marines.

"I still need to get the Soul-Soul Fruit as soon as possible."

Ross thought about it.

With Soul-Soul Fruit, he would be able to annex the high-level combat power of other Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates, giving the Ghost Hand Pirates the capital to confront the Marine Headquarters and even the World Government.