One Piece Talent System Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Germa 66
Just as Ross was meditating, the Den Den Mushi in Robins pocket suddenly rang.

Robin took out the Den Den Mushi to answer.

Laffittes voice came from the other side of the Den Den Mushi.

"Well, Captain Robin Sir Ross should be there, right?"

Laffitte used to call Ross Captain in the past, but since occupying Totto Landsea, the Ghost Hand Pirate group has disbanded and reorganized into seven Division teams, his title has been changed from Captain Ross to Lord or Sir Ross.

Robin tilted her head and looked at Ross, passing the Den Den Mushi over.

"Whats the matter Laffitte?"

Ross took the Den Den Mushi and spoke, leaning softly on the soft white back of the Island Cloud Sofa.

Laffitte gave a slight chuckle and said, "Sir Ross should still have some impressions about the industries left by the BIGMOM Pirates."

As one of the former Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates, the BIGMOM Pirates power wasnt limited to Totto Land, it is involved in the dark Underground world of the sea, and most of these industries and businesses have been received by the Ghost Hand Pirates.

"Well, whats wrong with them?"

Ross frowned and sat up slightly to ask.

Laffitte shrugged and said, "The BIGMOM Pirates stayed at a dessert factory in North Blue and it was destroyed. I was supposed to receive it in the past."

It was not long before Ross destroyed the BIGMOM Pirates. In the middle, they experienced the Scientific Force Base and the incident with Whitebeard, which led to the failure to completely accept the BIGMOM Pirates former industry.

East Blue was not involved, West Blue was not involved, and North Blue was not involved. Laffitte was going to take over the industry bordering the Whitebeard Pirates territory this time but he got word that it was gone.


Rosss eyes flickered slightly, and he wondered, "Are there still some people who would dare to do such things at this time?"

Not to mention that he had just defeated the Whitebeard Pirates, even before that, they were the Yonk (Four Emperors) forces of the New World.

Although the legacy industry of the BIGMOM Pirates has not yet been taken over completely, those who dare to stretch their paws at this time are really brave.

"No no no, its not what you think."

Laffitte said with a slight sneer, "The thing is this. The factory left by the BIGMOM Pirates is the Skoll Kingdom in North Blue. Just a while ago, there was a rebellion"

Ross didnt speak and he just took the cup and sipped tea.

Laffitte continued: "The rebels got a lot of money from somewhere, they hired a force, defeated the Kingdom Army of Skoll, and finally overthrew the Kingdom of Skoll. The factory was also in the war and it was severely damaged. "

"Its a mess than"
Ross put down his teacup and commented.

Laffitte said helplessly: "That country is not a subordinate of the World Government so chaos is normal there. The BIGMOM Pirates also have the power there, but after we occupied the Totto Landsea, it has fallen apart."

"What are you going to do?"

Robin asked from the side.

Ross touched his chin and said, "North Blue is a bit far. Even if the new regime is destroyed, it will be very troublesome to govern a country. By the way, what is the source of the employed force."
Laffitte laughed on the other side of the Den Den Mushi and said, "The point I want to talk about is this power. They have no territories, but they have a special power that allowed them to participate in the World Council privileges, its Germa 66."


At Laffittes words, Ross, who had not been paying much attention was caught off by surprise.

"The factory and the power that BIGMOM left there was gone after we destroyed the BIGMOM Pirates so they took off the flag and started their own business," Laffitte said.

"Germa found out later that it was the legacy of the BIGMOM Pirates and our people also found it. They were very self-aware and made a sincere apology."
When he heard Laffittes words, Ross blinked again but he wasnt surprised bu his later words.

Germa 66s Leader, Sanjis father Vinsmoke Judge is an extremely realistic character who treats the weak with disdain and only values strength and profits.

And such a person will not be arrogant in front of true power.

When Rosss people found something that they shouldnt have, they apologized immediately and didnt dare take any ownership of it.

In todays world, the forces that cannot be provoked are the Ghost Hand Pirates. Even the Beast Pirates is not a terrifying as the Ghost Hand Pirates.

Judge knew that Ross would be able to destroy them in minutes.

If it was someone like Strawhat Luffy in his place thaa there would have been a fight, but he is a Yonk (Four Emperors) and the strongest pirate of the sea, Judge and his family wouldnt be able to survive the consequences and they knew it.

"Well, since they have already apologized and didnt know any better beforehand, let them go."

Ross said indifferently.

He had just fought Whitebeard and he was feeling a little lazy now and he didnt want to move just because a small force like Germa 66 had caused trouble.

Moreover, Germa 66 has some strength. Although it is far worse than any Yonk (Four Emperors), its backbone and cannon-fodder forces are huge. To destroy Germa 66, he must dispatch Fujitora or Shiliew.

If that was the case.

Germa 66 will ask the World Government for help and cause a lot of follow-up troubles.

Ross doesnt want to compete with the World Government and Marine for the time being.


Laffittes smile and said: "But the Vinsmoke family has the intention of joining us, oh yes, the Vinsmoke family is the family that rules Germa 66."
"Ok, I know."

Ross sat there with his legs crossed and said, "However, its a bit naive of them to think that they can join us just like that. Its already quite nice of us that we hadnt destroyed them. Now they want to use our flag to rule?"

Germa 66 is not valued in the World Government because it does not have a fixed territory, and it studies clones and transformations. The World Government can remove them from the franchise and destroy them at any time.

In this situation, if they can get attached to the Ghost Hand Pirates, they would have the ability to show some power.
Even if the World Government really removes them and wants to destroy them, they must carefully consider whether they will collide with the Ghost Hand Pirates.

"What do you mean?"

Laffitte also knows that Germas idea is too naive, how could they be sheltered by their Ghost Hand Pirates without paying any price.

Ross touched his chin, thinking that there is not enough manpower to manage Totto Land now, and the clones that can be mass-produced by Germa 66, if added, would immediately make up for the severe vacancy in the middle and lower levels.

"Tell them they can consider it if they are willing to devote all of their staff to become our subordinates."