One Piece Talent System Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Distortion Vs Hasshoken

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Facing Boos axe, Ross did not show any fear and his eyes were calm as he indifferently raised his left hand to directly greet the incoming axe.

Seeing Ross dares to block his axe with his bare hands, Boo snorted in his heart and relentlessly increased his strength intending to chop Rosss hand in two.

When the axe touched Ross hand, the imaginary scene of blood spilling and the arm being cut off did not appear. Instead, the entire axe got stuck in the air by a strange force.

Ross spread out his fingers and he grasped the blade of the axe with one hand and the other hand turned over and twisted, the steel axe looked like a bamboo pole as it was being distorted into a spiral shape that continues to spread along the shaft of the axe.

"Not good!"

Boo was shocked and he did not hesitate to release his hand from the axe while his other hand clenched into a fist and he fiercely waved it down towards Ross.

This punch seems to be ordinary but when it was thrown, it was wrapped in a strange force as if it contains a force that is irresistible.

"It has appeared!"

"Its Eight Punches Hasshoken of Sir Boo!"

Many of the Happo Navy troops in the distance holding swords and guns in their hands looked shocked seeing this scene. As an ordinary member of the Happo Navy, they were not qualified to practice Hasshoken. Hasshoken is a fighting style that only the core members of the Happo Navy can train.

Not long ago, Boo used Hasshoken to kill a big pirate with a bounty of more than 40 million Berries!

Faced with Boos Hasshoken, Ross expression did not change. He threw away the distorted axe before his five fingers clenched into a fist which was wrapped with distortion power and then he welcomed the incoming fist.


The moment when Ross and Boos fists collided together, the vibration force and power of distortion produced a fierce sound and force with their fists being the center, just like a cannonball exploding in the air.

Happo Navys cadres and Leaders practices Hasshoken punches which are essentially the manipulation of vibration force that can ignore the armor and other defenses. Ross power of distortion can also distort steel and ignore other defenses.


The Hasshoken is a practiced technique whereas the power of distortion is derived from the distortion effect of a Devil Fruit. Together with the various reinforcement of the Talent System, Ross power of distortion is still far stronger than Boos Hasshoken!


The force of vibration and the force of distortion in the air was frozen for less than a second before the vibration force is forcibly defeated by Rosss force of distortion.

And the force of distortion continues towards Boos fist all the way up, and with various cracking sounds, his arm was completely distorted.


Boo screamed, his eyes showing pain and horror. He didnt expect that his Hasshoken has not only failed to ignore Ross defense but instead, he was defeated by Ross power!

Many members of the Happo Navy looked at this scene and they all revealed incredulous looks.

"How is it possible.Sir Boos Hasshoken was actually defeated in close combat? What did that guy do?"

When Sai, who was holding a halberd in the distance saw this scene, his face changed. He thought that Boo might not be Ross opponent, but he didnt expect Boo to lose this quickly. The two moves made by Ross decided the entire fight and also took one arm of Boo.

"Such vicious means."

Sai glanced at Boos injury with traces of anger in his eyes, and then coldly looked at Ross before he walked towards him with his halberd.

Ross says in a plain tone: "It should be said that if you dare to rob me of something, you must be prepared to pay the price."

He stepped on his feet and the hull began to collapse again.

Sai muttered and ignored the destruction to the ship. Instead, he said with a blank face: "Thats right, its true that Boos skills are inferior to yours and Strong preys on weak as it is the law of jungle and it is also the way of the world

"However, to make my subordinates look like this, as the 13th generation head of the Happo Navy, no matter what the enemy must pay the price!"

At the moment when his voice fell, he fiercely jumped forward and the halberd in his hand swung towards Ross.
"Thats right, everyone is prey to the strong."

Ross calmly said as he avoided the halberd by using Kami-e, while his fingers clenched into a fist and he punched towards Sai.

Sai snorted while holding the halberd with both hands and placing the halberd in front of him, blocking Ross fist.


Ross fist fell, and the power of distortion suddenly broke out, but Sai roared and shook both of his arms holding the Halberd hard. He had resisted most of the force of distortion and the Halberd showed only a slight distortion on it.

"Its blocked! That weird attack!"

The People of the Happo Navy in the distance saw this scene with awe.

Compared with Boo, the older brother Sai is much stronger. Not long ago, he even defeated a big pirate with a bounty of 100 million berries on the Grand Line!

On the deck.

Perceiving a strange power on the Halberd that blocked his power of distortion, Ross slowly spits out a word with a glimmer in his eyes.

"Armament Haki ."

"For a trivial pirate to recognize Haki in West Blue sea, you are really knowledgeable."

Sai smirked and fiercely revolved the halberd while tightly gripping it with both hands before chopping down towards Ross, again and again, launching storm like attacks.

"So what if you have Devil Fruit ability? It doesnt work in front of me!"


After a little surprise, Ross expression returned to a calm look.
Armament Hakis ability can certainly withstand any Devil Fruits ability, but Armament Haki is also divided into ranks. Sai in front of him can only surround himself with Haki and he cant do the hardening part. Wanting to ignore his Distortion Fruit abilities with only this level of skill is a big joke.

Between the devils fruit and Haki, which is strong and which is weak has never reached a conclusion. The weak fruit ability cannot overcome Haki but a weak Haki cannot resist an extremely strong devils fruit ability!

In the face of Sais storm-like offensive, Ross did not use Kami-e (Paper Drawing) to dodge the attacks but he clenched his fingers into a fist, the power of distortion gathered on the fist.

"Distortion Impact!"
He hit Sais halberd attacks in the sky with one punch and the force of distortion burst out, crushing every attack in an instant.

His punch hit the center of the halberds blade.

Sai only felt that a powerful and strange force was fiercely rushing towards him along the blade. Even if he tried his best to push his Armament Haki to its limit, he still couldnt stop the blade from distorting and breaking!


Eventually, the Halberd in his hand was completely shattered and his body flew upside down. The sleeves on his arms were turned into pieces and his fingers were slightly shaken as they suffered some damage.

"It turns out that this is your full strength? Then I really underestimated you." His face became a little gloomy and he tightly clenched his trembling fingers.

"In that case, Ill take this fight seriously now."


Sai angrily roared as he fiercely rushed towards Ross. Instead of waving his fist, he leaped in the air, turning over one of his leg in mid-air, his heel surrounded by Armament Haki, brought along powerful force as it kicked down on Ross head.

Without any fear, Ross used the power of distortion to its limit and without any reservation, rushed up towards Sai.


The Power of distortion and The Armament Haki clashed with each other as a collision between feet and fist occurred and the air in surrounding started to crack similar to the Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) attack, and aftershocks spread out in all directions.

Originally under Ross power of distortion, the ship was severely damaged. Taking the center of the deck as the center where the two of them fighting, cracks like spider webs spread out in all directions.