One Piece Talent System Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Negotiation
North Blue.

Somewhere in the sea, several ships flying the flag of Germa 66 were slowly sailing on the sea.
In a cabin, here is a furnished hall with aristocratic temperament, in which there are two sofas, glass coffee tables, and some seats.

Germa 66s Leader, Vinsmoke Judge is sitting on a chair with a cup of hot coffee in his hand.

"What did they say?"

Judge asked his subordinate standing near the table.

"The Ghost Hand Pirates said that they can consider taking us in if we are willing to devote all of our staff to their subordinates," Said the man with a slightly embarrassed look on his face.

"Ohh, So grand."

Niji, the second son sitting at the table, let out a whine.

The eldest son, Ichiji, drank the tea and said quietly, "After all, They are the Ghost Hand Pirates. They even defeated Whitebeard half a month ago."

"But thats a bit too grand. It makes us look like homeless people. Ha, ha, ha."

The fourth son Yonji laughed as he leaned against the back of his chair.

The only woman present in the room, Reiju, sat there without talking, and put a finger on her lips, revealing a thoughtful look.

After a while, she said, "After all, we ruined the industry they were going to take over without knowing it."

Reijus words made Judges expression a little more relaxed.

Although the Ghost Hand Pirates are powerful, the attitude expressed by them is a bit of an overstatement, but its understandable if you think about the fact that they destroyed the industry they wanted to take over.

They should be grateful that the Ghost Hand Pirates havent come here to destroy them. If they hoped that the other party will just accept any of their requests that they are fools.

"All hands on it "

Judges face was pensive.

Its not an unacceptable thing for them to become Ghost Hand Pirates subordinates. The other party is the strongest force in the world today, except for the World Government.

The Germa 66, although they always wanted to dominate North Blue, had many difficulties and even faced the crisis of being delisted and eliminated by the World Government.

Although North Blue is a lot weaker than Grand Line and even New World in the second half, it is not so easy to dominate.

After all.

There are quite a few pirates on the Grand Line that went out from North Blue, and many of these places are home to some strong presence.

However, the current situation is also not optimistic. On the one hand, it is necessary to put all of their forces into becoming the subordinates of the Ghost Hand Pirates, which means bowing down to Ross and that is something that Hudge cant accept.
After all, he also considers himself as a hegemonic power.

What he wants most is to cooperate with the Ghost Hand Pirates

According to the intelligence obtained by him, although the Captain of the Ghost Hand Pirates is very strong, the subordinates are seriously underpowered.

This is also a normal thing. After all, the Ghost Hand Pirates do not accept other pirates in their ranks and they have risen in only a few years.

In this case, their Germa 66 can provide the middle and lower levels troops to make up for the shortage of Ghost Hand Pirates.
The problem is.

The Ghost Hand Pirates wouldnt have a big problem if they didnt have them. It is nothing more than slow development for them and their governance may be troublesome for a short time.

In contrast, they face the risk of being removed from the World Government, and they may also be erased by the World Government!

"How can we achieve a cooperative relationship "

Judge kept thinking.
Dominating North Blue with the power of Ghost Hand Pirates and at the same time they provide enough middle- and lower-level combat power for the Ghost Hand Pirates, this cooperation is undoubtedly the most perfect.

One month has passed.

During this month, Germa 66 kept in touch with the Ghost Hand Pirates forces and they assisted Laffitte in receiving BIGMOMs industry in North Blue and providing various intelligence to the Ghost Hand Pirates.

With a lot of effort, the relationship between the two parties has finally been completely relaxed, and it has reached a stage of preliminary cooperation.


This alone is not enough.

Moreover, because of their contact with the Ghost Hand Pirates, the World Governments attitude towards Germa has become much colder after learning a little about it.

In this unfavorable situation, Judge made a decision to go to Totto Landsea and develop a further partnership with the Ghost Hand Pirates.

This request was granted by Ross.

So half a month later, at the beginning of the 19th year of the Great Age of Pirates, the ship of Germa 66 came to Totto Landsea.

Cake island coast.

Germa 66s Leader Vinsmoke Judge, with his three sons and Reiju, boarded the cake island.

"Was this the center of power for the BIGMOM Pirates?"

Judge glanced at the cake island. In his intelligence, it should have been the base camp of the BIGMOM Pirates.
Although repaired and rebuilt after the war, Judge, who is often involved in warfare, still can see that this land has experienced a fierce war.

"Is that where it is?"

Judge takes a few steps and looks inquiringly at the huge factory in the middle of the Cake Island.

This thing is a little too ugly to look like Rosss place.
The person beside Judge was Laffitte.

He shook his head and laughed. "No, its not there. Its up there."

As he spoke, Laffitte pointed to the top of his head.

Judge and Niji and others looked up and saw the blue sky and white clouds floating, and they could see nothing.

When it was beginning to get strange, a group of people came over, holding a pile of strange utensils in their hands, like a pile of weird shells.

"Captain Laffitte."

The group came to Judge and others and they ignored Judge and saluted Laffitte respectfully.

Laffitte said, "Okay, send us up."


The group responded, and immediately began to fiddle with the things in their hands, and soon made a large cloud of white clouds, and installed more than ten strange shells under the white cloud.

Laffitte turned to look at Judge and others, and laughed: "This is our special transportation and will take us to it."


Judge stares at the strange cloud for a few moments then he walks up with Niji and Reiju.

Laffitte followed them and said, "Stand still."

P! P! P!

Just as Laffittes voice fell, the shells under the white clouds suddenly made a flapping sound, blasting a strong air current, pushing the whole cloud quickly into the sky.

"Oh oh oh!"

Unexpectedly this thing actually can take a person to fly, Niji and others are somewhat surprised.