One Piece Talent System Chapter 341

Chapter 341 Reiju And Robin

Reiju stood on the edge of the white clouds chariot, watching the rising landscape, holding her chin in one hand, with an expression of appreciation.
Although with their memory metal armor and equipment, they can also easily fly into the sky, but never to the altitude of more than a kilometer.

"The air will start to get thinner, please be careful."

Laffitte watched as they flew higher and higher and reminded Judge and others with a smile.


Judge nodded as he also looked up into the sky.

It now seems that the Ghost Hand Pirates base camp should be in the sky. This is really an unexpected thing. Although it is a little magical, it also meets the identity of the strongest Yonk (Four Emperors).


The white clouds came to the altitude of eight kilometers, and the huge white cloud could already be seen floating which was ten thousand meters away from the ground and two thousand meters away from them.

"Is this the legendary Sky Island?"

"It really exists."

Judge and others looked at the huge white cloud and spoke.

They have heard about Sky Island more or less, but they have never seen it, so it became impossible for them to determine whether it really exists or not. Now it seems that Sky Island is not just a legend.

"The scenery is so beautiful."

Reiju looked at the Sky Island Birka that was gradually showing its looks and couldnt help but sigh, showing a touch of envy, she really wanted to live here for a while.

The White Cloud continued to rise, eventually reaching a landing site on the edge of Birka Island and Laffitte led several people up.

"This way."

Without giving Judge and others much time to watch, Laffitte waved at Judge and others, leading several people to board Birka.

Along the way, they encountered some Sky islanders with wings who saluted Laffitte respectfully.

In Birka Island, Laffitte and other Captains are second only to Ross. As for the deputy Captains of various teams, most of them have not been to Sky Island, or they are not qualified to set foot in Sky Island.

"Even if it is a Captain, it is forbidden for them to set foot here without the permission of Lord Ross.

Laffitte led the crowd to the grand palace in the center of Birka, and smiled at everyone as he spoke.

This sentence was a bit of a serious reminder, which made Judges mind a little surprised, and his expression became solemn.

As for Niji and others, because they are special transform humans, there are no human emotions in them such as fear, and their expressions have not changed.
Walking into the palace.

A Sky island girl with a delicate face, blond hair, and bi-colored pupils came face-to-face to them and smiled at them and beckoned everyone to come in, she would lead the way.

"Oh oh Angel?"

Niji and his two brothers saw the appearance of that Sky Island girl and they were all amazed by her looks and revealed an exaggerated expression.

There was a hint of helplessness in Reijus eyes.
"Keep it down, you three."

Judge coolly reprimands his sons, who are perfect warriors in every respect except one, they have a lustful personality.

In this respect, they are almost identical to Sanji.


Niji and others are naturally fully obedient to Judges orders. This is because they have been formulated to follow them from birth. They must not violate Judges orders. In any case, they must protect Judge.
In fact, Judge has never treated his sons with love. For Judge, it is equivalent to training a close believer.

Under the guidance of the girl from Sky Island, several people went deep into the Palace and passed through a delicate and magnificent pavilion, and came to an inner palace.

"Well, here they come."

Ross had his hands crossed in front of him as he stood at the window on the side of the palace, and looked at the scenery on the Sky Island. He realized that Judge and others were coming and he turned his head and glanced at them calmly.

Buzz !!

The look wasnt harsh, it was calm and unruffled, but a sudden burst of Haoshoku Haki came over Judge and others.

Wherever the Haoshoku Haki went, the ground made of white cloud in the palace was faintly cracked.

However, because the palace is built by island clouds, it has a strong toughness, and it recovers quickly after cracks, just like water flow.


Under the pressure of Ross Haoshoku Haki, Judges face changed and he began to feel that his breathing suddenly became heavy and he felt as if he was carrying a heavy giant mountain peak.

At the same time, Niji and others faces changed. Although they did not retreat because of this, there was a trace of cold sweat on their forehead.

"Haoshoku Haki "

With three sweat stains on his forehead and a low murmur in his heart, Judge once again has a new definition of Rosss powers in his heart.

Without any movement and just with his Haoshoku Haki, they were already run to such a point that they almost lost their Battle power!

This is the most powerful man in the world Ghost Hand Ross!

The coercion of Haoshoku Haki didnt last long and just a few seconds later, it disappeared silently and was taken back by Ross.
By this time, Judge and others were already sweating.

Especially Reiju, she is a very special existence as she is somewhat between Sanji and Niji and so on, while possessing human feelings, she also has a special physique and strong strength.

It is also because she has the feelings of a normal person. When facing Rosss Haoshoku Haki, she was more affected than Niji and others, and her clothes were soaked with sweat.

"That man "
Reiju looked at Rosss figure, took a deep breath, and did not show any fear because of it. Instead, after Ross withdrew his Haki, she smiled softly.

I like this Haki.

"Sit down."

Ross walked over the window and motioned for Judge and others to find a place to sit.

Judge slowed down and said, "Your spirit and powers are really extraordinary, I apologize for the disturbance.

"Dont care."

Ross casually came to the main seat and sat down.

As a dignified Yonk (Four Emperors), he naturally had to show his powers a little bit. Akagami (Red Hair) went to Whitebeard and used Haoshoku Haki first. He thought this method was very good, and one burst of Haoshoku Haki was enough.

Because Niji and others are transformed people, they have no fear of Ross but Rosss Haoshoku Haki still put a lot of pressure on them.

However, even if there are no feelings of fear, it does not mean that there are no other feelings. They still feel solemn about Rosss existence, and no one has made any presumptuous actions.


The Sky Island girl who had previously led Judge and others appeared with a tea tray in her hands and put down a few cups of freshly brewed Sky Island specific brewed tea on the table.

Judge saw this and his expression slowed a little, and the tension in his heart subsided slightly.

The strongest man in the world, and the identity of Yonk (Four Emperors), plus the Haoshoku Haki just now, they are all the things which are very stressful to his heart, but this cup of tea is served, it shows that Rosss attitude is not so cold.

"Is the tea unique to Sky Island? It tastes great."

Reiju took a sip of tea and smiled at Ross. Things that were previously affected by Haoshoku seemed to be nonexistent.


Ross nodded and faintly smiled at Reiju and said: "It is Sky Islands specialty, it is difficult for ordinary people to drink it."

It must be said that Reijus elegant manners and generous personality won her a little goodwill.

At least its better than Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji.

Reiju smile: "Then I must cherish this opportunity to drink."

Ross took a sip of tea and said, "Its not something rare. If you stay here, you can drink it every day."

Reiju smiled, "Is that okay?"

Judge sat beside her and drank tea but he remembered something for Reiju. He was still thinking about how to get closer to Ross, but he didnt expect Reiju to do it easily.

Of course, he was happy as he looked at this situation, and it was much better than talking to Ross directly.

Ross smiled faintly, just as he was about to say something, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

"The eldest daughter of the Vinsmoke family, Vinsmoke Reiju if I remember correctly, your ability seems to be poison?"

"Its a really good ability to deal with the enemy."

Robin came over and said with a smile.