One Piece Talent System Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Information

No one noticed that Reiju let out a gentle gasp as Judge uttered the words.
There was still a smile on her face, but no matter how she looked, the smile was a little sad.

She didnt feel surprised when Judge made such a decision. At this time, she suddenly thought of Sanji and didnt know how Sanji is now. Is he still alive?

She has very few feelings for the Vinsmoke family in which she has three brothers without human feelings, and a so-called father who only values strength and interests.


Ross just said it casually, but he didnt expect Reiju and Judge to agree to his words.

Now that this is the case, thats how it is. He had planned to bring Germa 66 over, otherwise he wouldnt let Judge and others set foot on the island.


Robin glanced at Ross but said nothing.

Speaking of the understanding of Ross, I am afraid that no one can surpass her anymore, sometimes Ross and she will suddenly quarrel a few times.

He didnt think through his brain at all, he just came to think of anything, he didnt consider the consequences in advance and she was already used to it.

Its just that.

Why did she suddenly have the urge to use her signature 100 rounds of flower slap technique on Ross?


"This is really the way of life for Germa."

Judge saw Ross agree and although his attitude was a little bland, he still smiled.

The existence of Ross, the dignified Yonk (Four Emperors), his style of conduct is extremely overbearing, and the thing Ross had promised will naturally be delivered.

"From today, Germa 66 is classified as the Eighth Division."

Ross said arbitrarily, "You will be the Captain. Other deputies and the like are up to you, and the management is yours."

Ross also does not plan to intervene in managing Germa 66, nor does he intend to insert his own people into a large group of modified people such as Germa 66.

As long as he can command and move them at any time, thats enough. Ross is an Emperor, he can throw the training of people towards Judge.

"That couldnt be better."

Judge naturally has no opinion on this, and even wants to shake Rosss hand in gratitude.

After Ross spoke, he turned to look at Reiju again, and said, "Then Reiju will stay here, as a liaison between me and Germa, you can report anything to her."
"In addition, the clone troops on Totto Land will also be led by her."

Now that hes decided to keep Reiju, Ross isnt going to waste her talents and he will use her as the go-between between the Ghost Hand Pirates and Germa 66.

Germa 66 would be staying in North Blue for a long time. Only a few clones will be left on the Totto Land sea. The clones on this side will be led by Reiju and she would be responsible for the governance of Totto Landsea.

Her personality also reassured Ross.

People like Shiliew of the Rain are not fit to run a country.
"No problem."

Judge nodded and he was happy to see that happen.

Reiju will lead the cloning forces in Totto Land and can talk directly to Ross. This status is not as close as that of the Captains of Ghost Hand Pirates but it is second only to them.

That way he wont have to worry about what might happen to him in North Blue and he can receive information about the Totto Land.

Ross didnt bother Judge and looked at Reiju, waiting for her answer.
Judge realized this and turned to look at Reiju. "Reiju, what do you think?"

Asking her is equivalent to ordering her, Reiju cant disobey his order, this sentence just reminds Reiju to answer.

"Thats fine with me."

Reiju calmly responded, "Its my honor to be the liaison and the head of this side."

Ross glanced at Reiju. Although she didnt reveal anything on the surface, Ross could detect the change in her heart.

This is the partial perception of the emotional aspect after Observation Haki reached the extreme state.

Ross doesnt know if this is the legendary Voice of All Things, but even if it is, it is probably only at the Basic Level stage, because he cant interpret Poneglyph by Observation Haki.

At best, it is a slight capture of other peoples inner emotions, such as anger, sadness, and pain.

"Then we are done here."

"Ask Laffitte for the resources you need," Ross says to Judge and others. "I want to have a clone army in Totto Land that is good enough for me within half a month."

"You can rest assured."

Judge laughed: "Science cant go wrong, as long as there are enough resources, such a perfect army can be produced at will."

As he talked, he gazed at Ross and said goodbye, and at the same time gave Reiju instructions calmly.

This order naturally allowed her to stay here with Ross. While obeying Ross, observe more of the situation here and report to him at any time.

Without waiting for Reijus response, Judge took Niji and the other two out of the palace.

Reiju sat there, holding the teacup and sipping the tea gently, as if she hadnt received her instructions from Judge, or didnt want to bother.

Robin looked at Reiju and shook her head slightly.

She felt a little sympathy for Reiju at this moment. After all, Germas intelligence was in her hands, she knew the origins of Reiju and others and knew about Judges personality. Now Reiju is equivalent to being traded as an item.

Anyone who encounters this situation will not be very happy.
Ross looked at Reijus lowered brows and walked past her naturally, whispering in her ear.

"Want to know what happened to Sanji?"

Reijus eyes froze and she looked up at Ross.

Ross straightened up and smiled faintly at her. "Come with me, Ill tell you."

With that, Ross moved forward, not looking back to see what Reiju was doing.

Reijus face flashed with surprise, disbelief, and so on, but she eventually followed Ross and followed him out of the palace.

"Sanji? The third child who died?"

There was a flash of surprise in Robins eyes.

With Observation Haki, she could hear what Ross said to Reiju, and Ross didnt try to hide it from her.

Of all the information she has gathered about Germa, only a few words were written about Sanji The third son of the Vinsmoke family died young in the war.

A normal person would probably ignore this sentence, but because she had such a strong memory, it came back to her in a flash.

Listening to Rosss tone.

It seems that Sanji is not dead? There is something else hidden in this matter?

Thinking about this, Robin was even more surprised and she wondered where Ross had gotten this news from.

This has been the case for a long time. Ross always knows a lot of things. Now she is in charge of the entire Ghost Hand Pirates intelligence unit. All intelligence must pass through her. She is also the only source of intelligence for Ross.

She doesnt know this intelligence, how did Ross know?

The more she worked with Ross, the more she learned about him, the more she felt that Ross was hiding something else from her.

But if Ross doesnt say something, she wont ask. Shell guess and do her job. Its her responsibility.