One Piece Talent System Chapter 344

Chapter 344 Potential
Sky Island Birka.

At the very top of this towering Palace, Rosss figure walked up the spiral corridor and reached the highest point, overlooking the entire Sky Island and clouds.
Reijus figure followed Rosss back and slowly climbed to the top of the palace.

"So, Sanji is still alive "

Hearing a little information from Ross, her eyes flashed a tenderness.

Although she hasnt been able to find any news about Sanji for a long time, she has always felt that Sanji might be alive, but now her feeling has been verified.

As for whether Ross was lying to her, she didnt think about it at all. Once because of Rosss identity, and secondly, Ross had known the name Sanji.

Although she didnt know how Ross knew this.

"Well, he is still alive. If nothing unexpected happens, you can meet him again in the future."

Ross stood with his hands behind his back, looking far into the clouds.

If nothing unexpected happens, Sanji will join the Straw Hat Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates will break through the Grand Line, participate in the War Of The Best and arrive at New World.

But unfortunately.

Luffys dream may not be realized, because Ross will not allow a "Pirate King" to appear in this World.

He is Yonk (Four Emperors), being a Pirate King means being above him which is clearly impossible. After he overthrows the World Government, he will calm down the world and will not allow the Pirate King to appear.


Luffy was able to run to Raftel before he overthrew the World Government and find the so-called ONE PIECE.

"Can I really meet him again?"

Reijus eyes flickered and murmured, Ross words had given her enough thoughts.

Ross looked at the clouds in the distance and stared at the golden ray of the sun that is crossing the edge of the white clouds, then looked away and looked at Reiju.

He watched Reiju think a little, and suddenly he felt a little curious about Reijus body and he released his Observation Hakis careful perception.

Lineage factor

This is another scientific product.

Reiju noticed Rosss gaze and Rosss perception. When she turned her head to look at Ross, she did not avoid it, but instead tilted her head and asked:

"What is Lord Ross looking for?"

"Im a little curious about what is the so-called Lineage factor is."
Ross didnt hide his intentions and spoke with one hand on his chin.

Reiju shook her head and said, "I dont know much about this, my father never told us detailed things."

As for the core technology of the Lineage factor, Judge has it firmly in his own hands, and he didnt even disclose it to Reiju and others, or it did not make sense to disclose it.

He doesnt need to train Reiju and others into scientists, he just needs them to follow orders and be a powerful warrior.


Ross touched his chin and didnt doubt Reijus words.

After staring at Reiju for a few more eyes, he beckoned at Reiju and motioned for Reiju to come over.

Undeterred, Reiju came over, smiling gently and letting Ross look at her.

Ross put his hand on Reijus shoulder, his fingers touched her skin, and he applied a little force to feel the hardness of her bones, which was completely different from ordinary people.

Lineage factor modification.
This is not so-called mechanized transformation, but something similar to genetic modification, which is the root of the Strengthening.


Reijus eyes frowned as she felt a little pain, but she did not avoid it.

Ross didnt press harder anymore either. He let go of his hand thoughtfully and ran his fingers across Reijus skin again, and finally looked in her eyes.

There is a little mucus on his fingers.


Ross frowned slightly and asked Reiju.

Reijus ability is poison and he still knows it well.

Reiju shrugged and said innocently: "Instinctively, accidentally Do you need me to detoxify you?"

"No need."

Ross shakes his head and clears the mucus from his fingers with a pinch of power of distortion.

Reijus poison is so ineffective for his physique today that it cant even numb his fingers.

One only needs to know that he is not inferior to Hundred Beast Kaido today, even if it is Magellans poison, it would only be able to numb him.

"I should say as expected of a Yonk (Four Emperors)"

Reiju looked at Rosss finger and her eyes flickered lightly, she could naturally see that her poison had not affected Ross at all.

Although the poison was not used by her in full force, it was just an instinctual reaction, but Ross could ignore the toxin, and even if she ignites it fully, I am afraid that it will not affect Ross.
"Your constitution is interesting."

Ross smiled slightly at Reiju.

He knew something about Reijus constitution, but he could not know it in such an external way in more detail.

"So does yours."
Reiju also smiled.

Ross stroked his chin and thought for a moment, saying, "Things like bloodline factors, although they can give you extraordinary strength from birth, it also curbs your potential, how unfortunate."


Reiju looked at Ross without understanding.

Ross explained calmly: "Everyones potential is the same. Those who are born with strong physiques are just born with a lot of potentials."

"Marines Vice Admiral Garp and Whitebeard, they are really strong people who are pushing their potential almost to the limit."

"And the way you use the lineage factor, although you are born with great power, the potential of belonging to humans is also curbed. It will be more difficult for you to develop and it will not even be possible to reach the limits of humans like Garp or Whitebeard. "

Reiju looked thoughtful and said: "I see."

This lineage factor sacrifices the future to shape the present.

Although it is almost impossible for the average person to fully develop their physical potential, it is even more difficult for them after being transformed by lineage factors!

The way forward has been fixed, and the limits of strength have been fixed. She can feel that since the age of sixteen, her strength has not improved in a long time.

"Dont you feel discouraged?"

Ross looked at Reiju and asked with a smile.

Reiju smiled and said, "Heroes like Garp and Whitebeard are just a few in the world. If there was no transformation of Lineage factors, maybe I would not be any better than ordinary people now."

Not everyone has the idea to be the strongest in the world.

Many people have never had this idea, and it is even more impossible to become the strongest, after all, they have denied this themselves.

"Its hard to say."

Ross shook his head.

If Reiju didnt have her Lineage transformation, she might be as good as the current Sanji, who is still a chef at a sea restaurant.

But this is also inaccurate. Maybe she can continue to break her physical limits and make rapid progress all the way and may have stronger strength than now.

Reijus current strength is inferior to Laffitte, Robin, and others, and it is not much different from the deputy Captain of various teams.