One Piece Talent System Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Fire Fist Ace
World Government.

Holy Land Mariejois.
"Germa came in contact with the Ghost Hand Ross."

"That Vinsmoke Judge, is he going to turn to a Yonk (Four Emperors)?"

Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) and others received the intelligence of the meeting between Germa 66 and the Ghost Hand Pirates and all of their expression twisted.

Regarding the science and technology mastered by Judge, their attitude is not as desperate as Judge thinks, but they do have an optional attitude towards him.


Vegapunk had fully research Judges technology and Vegapunks research now is much stronger than Judges technology.

Named Pacifista, the mechanical transformation man is extremely powerful and it is only the first generation. Vegapunk is now studying the second generation and even plans to add Kizarus laser capabilities to it.

In the face of Pacifista, Judges clone technology is just garbage.


Although Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) has an optional attitude towards Judges technology, they do not want to see others get this technology, especially the Ghost Hand Pirates.

The greatest threat to them today is undoubtedly the Ghost Hand Pirates.

Although the current Ghost Hand Pirates do not have the ability to directly confront the government, it is already extremely difficult for them to destroy the Ghost Hand Pirates.


He is different from other Yonk (Four Emperors).

The management of the Totto Land by the Ghost Hand Pirates made Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) and others feel gloomy.

Their governance method is completely different from other pirates. It seems nothing to the average person, but to Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), it shows Ross ambition!

Ross is not willing to be a pirate. He wants to build a real government!

"That technology cannot be obtained by the Ghost Hand Pirates."

"We seem to be unable to stop it."

The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) argued with each other with angry and helpless expressions on their faces.

Although the cloning technology is nothing, if it is obtained by the Ghost Hand Pirates, it can still become a little more powerful. After all, it can sharpen the already sharpened fangs.

"Lets give it a try, let our people stop Germa."

Going to Totto Landsea to deal with Germa is obviously whimsical, but if Germa leaves Totto Landsea, they can try it.

Half a month passed quickly.

Within half a month, Germa 66 was attacked by Marine, but Laffitte and Shiliew of the Rain were there, defeating Marines troops.

At this time, the World Government also announced that Germa 66 colluded with the pirates and has been removed from the World Government subordinates.

Judge wasnt surprised about this situation and he was ready.
It is precise because of the announcement of the World Government that Germa has been completely labeled with Ghost Hand Pirates. It didnt take long for Germa to be listed as the Ghost Hand Pirates subordinates of the Eighth Division which was the Scientific Force Base and this news spread throughout the world.

Germa did not become a target for various other forces because it was expelled from the World Government as no one dared to mess with it for a while!

After all.

The Ghost Hand Pirates recently defeated the Whitebeard Pirates. While Ross became the strongest in the world, the Ghost Hand Pirates also became the most terrible force in the pirate world.

Many people are not afraid of World Government because they are in collusion with the officials within the Government, as long as their fault is not exposed to the government and they do not offend Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) the rulers of World Government, the World Government is totally indifferent to minor crimes.

The pirate faction is different.

They dont care about anything and if you provoke them then they may come knocking on your door the next day!

In this way, half a month passed in a hurry and a group of clone troops appeared in Totto Landsea, led by Reiju who is responsible for the management of three medium-sized islands and six small islands in Totto Landsea.

In addition to the expansion of the seven teams during this period, there was no longer a shortage of staff.

Sky Island Birka.

Inside the palace.

"The Shift Devil Fruit, did you gave it to Dean?"

Ross sat there peeling the fruit and casually listening to Robins report.

Dean is one of the giants and he can be regarded as the elite among them. In the previous battle with the Whitebeard Pirates, he also has a lot of merits.

Although he is far inferior to Sand Giant and others, he is far superior to other giants.


Dean also followed Ross long before any of the deputy captains and other members did.

There is no objection to the merit of the battle, the qualification of the seniority, and he gave the Shift Devil Fruit to him.

"Yes, there is another cadre in the Giant Corps."
Robin nodded, she also knew the power of the Shift-Shift fruit, and Dean who ate this fruit suddenly soared a lot through the ranks.

Due to the special nature of the Shift-Shift fruit, his power is close to being stronger when it is stronger. The only thing he lacks is the two-color Haki. However, he is also struggling to improve on it.

"Do we still have no news about the Soul-Soul Fruit?"

Ross threw Sky Islands specialty fruit into his mouth and asked Robin.
Robin shook her head.

"By the way, a newcomer pirate recently refused the Shichibukai invitation from the World Government."


Ross hasnt followed Shichibukai for a long time, but Robin occasionally reports to him.

Shichibukai can still enter his eyes, especially Hawkeye, the Greatest Swordsman in the World, whose strength is still unknown.

"The point is, this newcomer pirate is a Logia user."

The giant pirate group was built with Logia Devil Fruits. This was Rosss plan from long ago, so if someone with Logias ability appeared, she would report to Ross.

This happened to be that both Logia and Shichibukai were involved, and naturally there was no reason not to notify Ross.

Robin took out a wanted poster and put it on the coffee table in front of Ross, saying:

"This newcomer has a 400 Million Berries Bounty on his head, he is known as Fire Fist, Ace!"

"Oh, its him."

Ross had already guessed about the person when he heard about Logia user.

It is now the Great Age of Pirates 19th year. It was in this year that Ace went out to the sea. He quickly broke through the first half and became the Super Rookie of that generation. He even rejected Shichibukais invitation and set foot in the New World.

Finally, he tasted defeat at Whitebeards hands and no longer wanted to be the Pirate King himself and switched to Whitebeards subordinates.

"Where is he now?"

Ross asked casually as he looked at the familiar face on the wanted poster.

Robin said: "He went to Fishman Island, but did not cause trouble in the Fishman Island, and should be able to go to New World soon."

"So "

Ross thought for a moment and said, "Keep an eye on him."

Now that the BIGMOM Pirates has been destroyed by himself, the course of Fire Fist Ace may change.

Just Ace, a newcomer is not worthy of Ross attention, but his identity is not ordinary. He is the son of the Pirate King Roger and grandson of Garp of Marine. He can even involve Akagami (Red Hair) and Rayleigh.


Robin nodded.