One Piece Talent System Chapter 346

Chapter 346 Ace Vs Laffitte
New World.

Somewhere near the surface of the Red Line.
Suddenly the sea surged, and a huge bubble emerged from the water, enclosing a ship inside, and as the hull completely floated to the surface, the bubble also broke and cracked.

"Oh, we are finally out."

On the ships deck, a young man in a fur cap stretched his arms vigorously.

He stretched out a finger to help the crooked fur cap, and there was a ray of flame on his finger, and his identity was self-evident.

Flame-Flame Fruit ability user, Fire Fist Ace!

"My body is fire. I feel uncomfortable surrounded by water."

"Boss, where shall we go next?"

Aces crew came over, experiencing the sea breeze of New World, and asked Ace.

Ace glanced at the distant sea and a gleam of light flickered in his eyes and he smiled, "I want to go to and find Akagami (Red Hair) first, and then "

Two months later.

About 12,000 meters high.

Ross is exercising his body by using Geppo (Moonwalk) and exerting Gravity Distortion, pressing it on his body and stomping on the air with his feet.

Because of the Strengthening brought by the Talent System is an additional bonus, his physique can still continue to improve, and it must be improved.

If not.

Even if he had enough talent points, he would not be able to increase his power of Distortion with a Distortion Fruit, for his body would not be able to bear it.

Rosss Gravity Distortion is now fully activated, and even though it is not as good as Fujitoras in terms of Gravity, it is extremely terrifying. And to perform Geppo(Moonwalk) in such conditions is putting an extremely terrifying pressure on his body.

And this is a height of 12,000 meters, the air here is thin!

The CP9 guys would have been unable to stand up straight, let alone walk, under the pressure of gravity, and performing Geppo (Moonwalk) would have been impossible for them.


As Ross continued to use Gepp (Moonwalk), his clothes soaked with sweat, the Den Den Mushi sounded.

Ross lifted his feet and stomped and the empty space was struck by a loud explosion, leaving a layer of visible waves in the aftermath.

At the same time.
He conceded the pressure of gravity and stopped using Gepp (Moonwalk) and remained suspended in the air, and took out the Den Den Mushi.

"Whats up?"

Ross asked in a deep voice.

Coming to the sky to exercise is a compulsory class every day and everyone is forbidden from disturbing him for ordinary small things.

"Fire Fist Ace entered the Totto Land."
Robins voice was heard from the other end of the Den Den Mushi as she gave out an extremely brief report.

Rosss expression paused for two seconds, he rubbed his neck making a kch kch sound and turned the Den Den Mushi off.


He turned his head and headed down, he raises his foot and stomps the air that created a sonic boom.

He charges into the Sky Island Birka at a very fast speed.

Just like a falling meteor, the distance of two kilometers is just around the corner. At the moment of landing, Ross changes the direction of gravity and lifts his feet to release the force.

Eventually, he fell into the huge cloud-paved courtyard in the island and the island cloud at his foot rippled.

Walking across the courtyard to the palace.

Robin was already waiting here, holding a clean dress in her hand.

Ross walked into the bathroom and took off his sweat-soaked clothes and rinsed briefly, then he walked out of the bathroom and took over the clothes in Robins hands.

"Did we fight with our people?"

Ross asked Robin as he dressed.

Robin tilted her head and said, "Well, it seems that he is trying to challenge you."

"Fire Fist is not weak. The average person is not his opponent. Laffitte has gone there."

Ross buttoned a button as he heard Robins report and said calmly, "Laffitte may not win against him."

"He may not win, but he wont lose either."

Robin holding a black cloak came to Rosss behind to drape the cloak over Rosss back, and said, "Shiliew of the Rain is planning to go over."

"Shiliew will be able to defeat him."

Ross shook his head and said, "Ill go by myself."

Robin responded neatly and picked up the Den Den Mushi to inform Shiliew of the situation.

Shiliew, who just wiped his blade, heard that Ross was going to go in person and he couldnt help shaking his head, and put the blade down again.

He wanted to have some fun but Ross has grabbed the opportunity.

But there is no way.

Ross is the boss.

Totto Land.

Somewhere on a medium-sized island, the original cookie Citytown.

In the streets of the little town, a figure bathed in flames confronts Laffitte dressed as a magician.

"Boss, that guy is a Division Captain of the Ghost Hand Pirates."

"Demon Sherrif Laffitte!"

Behind Ace, his crew reminded Ace gravely.

"Captain "

Aces hat was burning with a flame and a somewhat confident smile appeared on hIS face as he said, "Before dealing with your boss, let me practice on you first."

"Ho ho ho ho ho, how young."

Laffitte wasnt angry and instead, he showed a smile and slightly raised his head before saying, "There are many people who challenge our Captain, but a large part of them cant even see Captains face."

It s been a while since the Ghost Hand Pirates had become Yonk (Four Emperors). Occasionally, some Supernova, who conquered the first half of the Grand Line would come to challenge them.

However, most of the newcomers cant even pass the level of Deputy Captain. Sometimes they cant even see the Division Captains, let alone challenge Ross.

Because of Aces reputation in being the strongest Supernova in recent years, he is a very powerful newcomer of this generation. All other pirates in the same generation must be overtaken by Ace.

Coupled with his Logia Devil Fruits ability, Laffitte chose to come over in person instead of sending a deputy Captain.


Ace smiled and said, "But there will always be someone who can break it all."

Fire Fist!

The moment his voice fell, Aces eyes flashed and the flame of his right fist burst, waving at Laffitte.

A blazing flame swept across the street at once, slamming against Laffitte.

"It is indeed Logias ability "

Laffittes eyes narrowed slightly as he jumped decisively to the top of a roof, avoiding Aces frontal attack.

At the same time, he pulled out his handguns around his waist and fired at Ace continuously.

Si! Si! Si!

Three bullets wrapped ain Armament Haki flew out.

As a Logia user, Ace is almost invincible in the first half of the Grand Line and he often ignores the attacks of others directly.

But in the New World, he had already come in contact with Haki and it was clear that New Worlds people were very different from his opponents in the first half.


Ace did not hesitate and decisively chose to dodge.

However, the angle of Laffittes bullet shot was tricky, and there was still a scratch on Aces shoulder, tearing his clothes, leaving a scar on his skin.


If this had happened in the first half of the Grand Line, Ace would have been surprised when this happens, but it is not a surprise in the New World.

His face sank slightly and his fingers moved in a gesture of guns.

"Fire guns!"

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The fingers instantly turned into flames, like the guns of the hand, shooting flames toward Laffitte.

Laffitte shook his cloak and took out his red wooden cane and wriggled like paper through the flames, avoiding them all.

"Was that Observation Haki "

Aces eyes flickered slightly, but it seemed that he had already expected this and a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Like Luffy and others, he is a clueless person, but in the process of battle, he doesnt know whether its a talent or something else, but he can often grasp a lot of details.


As Ace read the situation, a slightly different flame suddenly burst out as it passed by Laffitte.

The flames instantly turned into a raging fire.

Laffittes complexion changed slightly, he jumped decisively and escaped towards the distance, and immediately tore off his lighted cloak and threw it onto the street below.

"Can sense my attack, or am I being careless?"

Ace said and waved his arms and the two flames waved away as if the two sword energy hit Laffitte.