One Piece Talent System Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Killed

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"The deck is collapsing.!"

"Quickly back off!"
The people of the Happo Navy watched as the cracks on the deck spread all the way to below their feet and panicked, they rushed back toward the rear. Some people even tightly held the guardrail at the edge of the deck.

Boo stood on the side with one twisted arm, and couldnt help but feel shocked as he watched the aftermath of the confrontation between Ross and Sai. On one hand, he hadnt expected Ross to equally fight with Sai and on the other hand, he was surprised that the aftermath of their confrontation was so intense.


Finally, with a roaring sound, the power of distortion and the vibration force completely blew up and Ross fist shook as he took a small step back.

Before Boo and the members of the Happo Navy could become happy upon seeing this scene, Sais foot issued cracking sound of joints twisting and his body flipped over, falling down three meters away on the ground.


At last, the deck could no longer sustain it. With Ross and Sai as the center, it started to collapse. Ross jumped and retreated to the guardrail on the edge of the deck. Sai also jumped with the help of one leg to the guardrail on the other side.

Sais expression was extremely serious. Obviously, his leg that collided with Ross did not appear to be agile and it was slightly trembling. Although it was not completely broken in the previous collision, it was obviously severely twisted.

"Hasshoken that have been passed down from generation to generation in the Happo Navy seems to be pretty mediocre."

Ross had a slightly sour muscle on his arm. He looked calmly at Sai across the deck as he forcibly stretched his, dispelling the feeling of numbness by force.


Having withstood the aftershocks of Hasshoken technique, Ross leaped forward and rushed towards Sai leaving an afterimage with his speed.

"This guy"

Sai didnt expect Ross to withstand the aftermath of his Hasshoken so easily. One of his legs still has no strength.

He lowered his face and stared sternly at Ross who had rushed towards him. He clenched his right fist and punched in the direction of Ross.


When two fists collided, Sais Hasshoken punch was obviously weaker than his leg attack and this attack is not as good as the previous one. Under Rosss punch, the guardrail on the bottom of his feet collapsed directly. His entire body was embedded in the wood.


Sai struggled hard to get out of the wood. He jumped back trying to avoid Rosss second punch but Ross did not give him any chance and rushed up directly.


Ross punched and his single punch suddenly turned into countless fists like an Asura with countless hands, as they fell upon Sais face.

Sai was shocked. Although he immediately captured Ross original punch with weak Observation Haki, he couldnt evade or counter it. He could only lay his arms on his chest and use Armament Haki on them to resist Ross punch.


Ross punched between Sai arms.

Even though the distortion force on his fist would be weaker when applied with Light distortion, it was a solid hit and Sai had no time to perform his Hasshoken!

His weak Armament Haki was obviously not enough to withstand Ross power of distortion and the muscles of his arms were distorted by distortion force.


Sai suck in a breath of cold air. Even though he tensed his muscles and bones with all his might and retreated backward, the muscles on his arm still suffered severe sprains and bruises under the blow, and both of his arms immediately swelled.
Undoubtedly, the terror of Distortion Fruit was revealed.

Only a strong body and Haki are not enough to completely withstand the power of distortion, every time you take a punch you will be damaged. No one can resist it. It is very similar to Whitebeards Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi ).

"This is bad!"

In the distance, Boo covered his injured arm and watched the scene with a sinking feeling in his heart and he ordered the members of Happo Navy who were next to him:

"Everyone attack! Kill that kid!"

Members of the Happo Navy were frightened by the fact that Ross was suppressing Sai, but when they heard Boos order, although their foreheads were overflowing with cold sweat, they gritted their teeth and rushed up with all kinds of swords and artillery in their hands.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The disordered bullets flew towards Ross, and some portable cannon spewed fire, shooting cannonballs towards Ross.

Facing the bullets and cannonballs covering the entire sky, Ross did not retreat. Instead, his eyes slightly flashed, and he opened both of his arms and made a hugging movement in the void.


All the bullets and cannonballs that were fired at him, had their flight trajectory strangely distort under Ross region and shot towards Sais head.

Sais pupils shrank and he tried to retreat, but one of his legs has not recovered yet and his arms had swollen big. His flexibility has already fallen to the bottom, and even though he can use a little Observation Haki, he cant completely avoid all bullets and cannonballs.

As blood splattered out in all directions, Sais eyes widened and he held the guardrail of the deck, barely able to stand.


"I will give you a dignified death."

Ross calmly looked at Sai who was seriously injured and yet still standing. He drew out the Named Sword Happy Spring from his waist and step forward.


Blood gushed out and Sais body slowly fell to the ground.

All the members of the Happo Navy who were rushing up with knives, guns, and artillery in their hand froze in their place and the guns in their hands stopped shooting bullets.

The time seemed to stop. Everyone looked at the scene in front of them and there was almost an expression of horror and disbelief on their faces.

Sai is dead.
They, who had even campaigned in Grand Line, though it was just an ordinary campaigned. No one thought that Sai, the Vice Leader of the Happo Navy would die here, died in the trifling West Blue!

"You you actually killed the Vice Leader"

"This, if this is known by that person"

In the silence, they didnt know whose voice was trembling.

Leader Don Chinjao has many descendants, but the most outstanding and the most he was concerned about is Sai. He has long planned to train Sai into the thirteenth generation leader.

Looking at Sais position as substitute-vice leader of the 13th generation of Happo Navy at such a young age, everyone can see his position in the heart of Leader Don Chinjao. No one knows how Don Chinjao will react to this.

Perhaps the name of the man who has not traveled in the sea for many years has been gradually forgotten by the world, but how could they possibly not know, being members of the Happo Navy.

Don Chinjao The Drill!

Before the Great Age of Pirates, he was an existence that was able to move unhindered in the sea, with a bounty of 500 million Berries!

"How could this be."

On the other hand, Boo looked at Sais fallen body. His breathing was almost stagnant, and his heart almost stopped beating.

Thinking of the scene of his grandfathers anger and madness, the cold sweat on his forehead is constantly dripping, he is afraid that even he may get torn into pieces by the angry old man!

Boo looked at Ross eyes, and his eyes flashed with horror, fear, disbelief and so on.

"You are finished"

"It wouldnt matter even if you hide in the Grand Line."

"You will be chased to the ends of the earth by him"


A sword light flashed and Boos voice stopped abruptly.

Ross gently pulled out the tip of his sword and blood gushed out along the edge of the sword. He looked straight ahead and didnt look at Boos fallen body. He spoke calmly:

"If someone wants to kill me then let him come."

"How can anyone who fears neither the Marines nor the worlds governments be afraid of an old man who has become rusted with time?"