One Piece Talent System Chapter 352

Chapter 352 Violent Break
"Core warehouse."

Rosss eyes flickered and he soon came to the underground area of the Holy Land Mariejois.
Both the open warehouse and the core warehouse are located in Mariejois Underground area, except that the location of the core warehouse is more hidden and it has more defenses.

Mariejoiss Underground.

What emerges here is the very ugly side of the so-called Holy Land, those so-called Self-Walking Trails are all pulled by humans.

Ross knows that the World rulers are an existence that wants to express the darkness hidden under the light, but in this world, it is a real thing.

For World Government, it is not difficult for Vegapunk to study a mechanically-powered self-propelled trail, but they are willing to use an artificial pully system using humans because it looks more interesting to the Tenryubitos, and it also gives the untouchables something to survive upon.


Ross body slipped into the darkness.

After using Light Distortion, he became completely invisible. No one would be able to capture his existence unless his location was swept by Observation Haki.

Mariejois Underground area consists of a huge space, but Ross already has intelligence on the map, and soon found the huge warehouse.

There were four guards at the gate of this warehouse, and two guards were patrolling back and forth, but they didnt find Ross.

Ross came to a wall of the warehouse.


Ross reaches out and presses his palm against the wall and used a little of his Space Distortion power upon it. The wall grunted like mud and became embedded upon itself, and Ross crossed the wall in this step.

After Ross entered, the wall was restored to its original state. Obviously, it was not the wall but the space that was distorted.

Inside the warehouse.

There was a dim light and a magnificent and wide scene presented itself to him, numerous standard swords and guns were neatly arranged here and they went on until his eyes can see.

Although Marine Headquarters also has an arsenal, it is far from being comparable to the World Government. Whenever there is a lack of firearms on the Marine side, the government will move some of this stuff to fill the vacancy.

Step, step, step.

Ross was walking in the warehouse. Although he knew that there was monitoring in the warehouse, he didnt care. After using Light Distortion, the monitoring Den Den Mushi wouldnt ve able to capture his figure.

Each step fell with a flash, and about a minute later Ross crossed the huge hall in front of the warehouse and went to the rear.

Its here.

There is a house like structure built by Seastone.

The house is not large. Compared to the outer warehouse where the standard swords and guns are placed, it is much too small. This is undoubtedly the core warehouse.
"Seastone "

Ross frowned and reached the outside area of the core warehouse.

This core warehouse is surprisingly thick in thickness and is likely to be made of a layer of Seastone, a layer of high-strength steel, and so on.

Because the outer wall of the Impel Down is made in the same way as the core warehouse, it is not worse than the huge Impel Down in terms of defense.

Although this kind of outer wall is not unbreakable like Pognlyph stele, it is not easy to break it either, because it is too thick and it is also divided into multiple layers, which can bear the force uniformly as a whole.
"Perhaps I can get inside using my abilities."

Ross watched the outer wall of the core warehouse groan slightly.

Although the inside and the outside are completely isolated, the power of space should be able to connect the inside to the outside, and he can directly penetrate into it in a way that crosses the space?

Ross tried to use Space Distortion.

This is the core warehouse, which is completely enclosed from inside and outside by Seastone and it is not so easy to cross. Seastone is like a magnetic field, which interferes with the radars position scan.

And Ross s space movement has always shortened the long-distance space to a short distance, which is similar to the ability of walking thousands of miles in a single step. One step is equivalent to a long walk.

This ability is not teleportation.

It is fundamentally different from Laws Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit ability Shambles which does teleport things in the space.

Ross has also been working on how to teleport himself directly from one space point to another but he has not been successful so far.

"Cant do it."

The Distorted space in front of him finally recovered.

"That being the case "

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes, and he walked towards the thick wall. He clenched his fist and punched the wall.


This punch is incredible.

This is the punch that Ross as Yonk (Four Emperors) and as the worlds strongest man, went all out to make and in terms of the positive attack power, it can rival Whitebeard at his peak!

Bang Long!

The tremor of this punch shocked the Underground warehouse like an earthquake, sending weapons crashing down.

The guards outside the warehouse also became unstable, their figures were shaking and swaying and they almost fell down.

"What what happened!"
"Is this an earthquake ?!"

The guards managed to steady themselves and looked at each other in some kind of shock. They had never heard of an earthquake on the Red Line.

Just when they were in doubt.


There was another bang that shook the earth.

This time it wasnt just the Underground, it was the Red Line on the ground, too, and there was the sound of crashing teacups inside the Pangaea Castle.

"What is happening!"

Fleet Admiral "Steel Bone" Kong stood up and shouted.

Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), located in the middle of the highest level of power, also nearly toppled along with the sofa and stood awkwardly looking at the broken teacups on the ground.


All of them were stunned.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Just as their expressions changed, a continuous stream of Bangs started to sound out and the entire Holy Land Mariejois shook with it!

In the tenryubito residence behind the Dragon Gate, countless tenryubito screamed in horror and ran out in chaos. Some people were riding the slaves, and they screamed the slaves to climb quickly. As a result, they fell off the slaves back and were directly hit in the face by the overturned table.

The whole Holy Land looked like it was full of chickens and dogs as the highest humans behaved like them.

At the same time, on the outside of the Underground core warehouse, Ross was punching the wall, he punched again and again without holding anything back, hitting the outer wall of the core warehouse.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Under Rosss continuous punch, the outer walls of the core warehouse were already visibly deformed and cracked, with steel layers barely visible inside.

Under successive punches, the steel layer also shattered, revealing a special layer of ore further down.

I dont know how thick the walls of the core warehouse is, how many floors it has, and what kind of relief frame it was designed with, but there is no doubt that it is not as hard as the Poneglyph stone.

Seastones outer wall had little effect on Ross.

Now, even if Ross doesnt use his Devil Fruit powers, he can literally shatter the average Seastone with one punch formed by Armament Haki alone.

Seastone layer, steel layer, cotton black ore layer

Layers of outer walls, hammered by Rosss fists, crack one after another and spread deeper.

No one knows how long it has been.


A loud Bang sounded and the entire outer wall was completely smashed, and Ross smashed a big three-foot hole in the wall!