One Piece Talent System Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Strength Air
"Put down those things, Ghost Hand."

"Steel Bone" Kong coldly looked at Ross. Although he didnt know what Ross had taken, everything in the core warehouse was extremely valuable and it was impossible for them to let Ross take any of it away.
Ross was carrying a cloth bag, like a long-distance traveler, and he took a casual look at "Steel Bone" Kong, saying:

"Oh, its the previous Fleet Admiral."

As the previous Marine Fleet Admiral and the current Commander-In-Chief, "Steel Bone" Kongs strength when he was young is beyond doubt and he is also a terrifying presence that shocked the sea.

Before the Great Age of Pirates, the only one who had defeated him was the only old bat Patrick Redfield who had eaten a Zoan Devil Fruit Model Vampire, and no one else had beaten him.

And the strength of Patrick Redfield better known as Red the Aloof does not need to be said, he did not have any crew members and he alone was strong enough to contend against Roge Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates and have similar strength to their Captain Whitebeard and Gold Roger!


These are the things of the last era.

"To tell me to leave these things here do you still have the ability to say that?"

Ross casually opened his mouth and replied while his eyes swept across the several CP0 members. As his voice fell, he took a step forward and his figure rushed out in the direction where there was no one.

If it werent for Holy Land Mariejois and if he wasnt carrying a parcel on his back, he wouldnt have minded playing around with "Steel Bone" Kong.

Now, he doesnt have any interest in fighting right now.


Almost instantly, Ross appeared hundreds of meters away.

But just as Ross was about to continue to walk away, a figure rushes through with terrifying explosive power, with pure physical speed, and smashes Ross in the back with a violent punch.

Before the fist fell, the shock of compressed air roared in.

Ross turned around and punched back.

Fighting fists, he was not afraid of anyone.


The fist wrapped in the power of distortion and the dark Armament Haki fist of "Steel Bone" Kong slammed against each other.

It was as if a bomb has gone off in the area as the sound made after two fists collided against each other finally explodes.

The aftermath swings away.

Ross remained motionless while "Steel Bone" Kongs arm trembled and he was forced to take a step back.

Even the Commander-In-Chief "Steel Bone" Kong, who had terrified countless pirates and defeated many strong pirates was inferior to Ross!
There is no doubt.

For example, Ross, who is less than thirty years old, and is at the peak of his power, he is almost invincible in one-on-one combat!

His single punch was enough to force "Steel Bone" Kong back but Ross fist was slightly tingling, because "Steel Bone" Kongs Armament Haki was stronger than his, but because of his bodys strong resilience, it was basically nothing and the effects will be gone momentarily.

"Strenght Fruit? Or is it something else? Why did this man even retire when he had this much strength."

Pulling back his fist, Ross glanced at "Steel Bone" Kong.
The power of that punch just now was not normal and it is a bit too prominent in terms of Strength. Its almost the same as Whitebeards full-strength attack. It is estimated that even Garps fist will be slightly inferior to it.

Its a little strange to have such a fist power just because of the amount of physical powers. There are Devil Fruits that can only increase speed, but there are also Devil Fruits that can increase speed, strength and physical abilities at the same time. Then there must be a Devil Fruit that can enhance strength alone.

Increase your strength to the limit.

This is the ability of "Steel Bone" Kong.

The name of Steel Bone must be because he has Steel-like bones that can withstand the explosion of such terrifying strength.

"Steel Bone" Kong didnt speak, but he was astonished seeing Rosss strength.

Although he is old and weaker than when he was young, his strength has not actually dropped much because of his physical fitness.

Even if Ross won against Whitebeard, he doesnt have any fear, because when he was Marine Admiral, Whitebeard didnt have the strongest title in the world.


The reality is that Ross in front, even if he hits him with all his strength, he can stop it, and make him fall back!

"Sure enough, you have grown to an extent that was impossible to estimate."

"Steel Bone" Kong sighed in his heart. He knew things about Ross relatively late, but he was also one of the insiders. He only felt one thing about this matter and that was a pain in the ass.


After "Steel Bone" Kong was forced to retreat, Ross lifted his foot and flew into the air using Gepp (Moonwalk). His right fingers gathered to make a fist.

But at this moment, a strange power suddenly came towards Ross who e=was using Gepp (Moonwalk) and he stumbled.


Ross blinked.

Even if the air was thin at a height of 12,000 kilometers, and he added the strongest gravity to himself, it was impossible for Gepp (Moonwalk) to fail.

And the weird power that enveloped him was also strange as it had taken all the air out of him in a moment, not only making him unable to breathe, but also tearing at his body to get all the air out of his lungs.

"Absolutely Vacuum!"
CP0s new Chief appeared under Ross, his eyes stared at the sky indifferently and then he punched towards Ross.

"Air cannon!"


A terrifying air column burst out violently, directly covering Rosss whole body, engulfing him in its power.

The air hit the ceiling, and crack-like marks appeared on the extremely thick rock wall above!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

CP0s new Chief didnt pause at all. After releasing an air cannon, he flickered in several directions and punched out successively, hitting out several terrifying air columns in succession, enveloping Ross in the center.

This power finally condensed and exploded, blasting the ground up and down, exposing the blue sky outside!


When the compressed air erupted and the aftermath completely dissipated, Ross body appeared in the sky. He remained floating there and there wasnt even a scratch mark on his body!

"Space Barrier "

He pressed the Void in front of him with one hand and the empty space showed the shape of distortion.

Even if the air is compressed even more powerfully and no matter how strong the impact is, it cannot break the space. this is the limit of the ability of the fruit.


Rosss eyes narrowed a he looked at the CP0 Chief and murmured: " Logias Air-Air Fruit The World Government sure has many good things."

Logia Air Fruit!

There is no doubt that this is also a top-level Devil Fruit.

The Vacuum Field attack alone is tantamount to a big killer. Anyone with insufficient physical strength will be killed by it.

Not to mention the air cannon that compressed the air just now, I am afraid that it is more powerful than the bear paw attack of the Shichibukai Kuma, after all, this is the ability to dominate the air!