One Piece Talent System Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Attraction
For the World Government.

They just need to find a CP0 Captain or Vice Chief who can pass their tests in all aspects, and then give that person give the other party such an Air Logia Devil Fruit, and they would immediately create an existence comparable to a Marine Admiral, which is the foundation of World Governments strength.
But now, much of it is on his shoulders.


Ross had no intention of fighting them right now and after blocking CP0s new Chiefs air cannon, he directly flew towards the sky.

Although the air was still in a vacuum, making him unable to use Gepp (Moonwalk), he could still fly by using Gravity Distortion. Without air resistance, the flight could accelerate even more.

"Dont you dare run away!"

"Steel Bone" Kong roared and stomped towards Ross.

With the strength of his foot, he stepped on the ground and directly caused spider-like cracks on the ground.

It was also this explosive power that made him fly out towards the air in an instant. His figure seemed to have exceeded the speed of sound and he caught up with Ross in the sky and attacked him.

"Get out of the way!"

Ross had a bag in one hand and he could only use one hand. At this moment, he roared and turned his elbow towards "Steel Bone" Kongs fist.

Armament Haki was attached to his elbow and Haoshoku Haki was emitted from his body.


"Steel Bone" Kongs body shook. Because he was in the air, he could not step on the ground to release this force and he couldnt help fly sideways.

"You bastard, damn it."

CP0 Chief yelled and was forced to put away the vacuum field, otherwise "Steel Bone" Kong would suffer, Ross could use Gravity Distortion and could fly, but their side couldnt use Geppo in the empty air and they were in a bad situation.

Withdrawing from the vacuum realm, "Steel Bone" Kong immediately used Gepp (Moonwalk) and displayed the top-level Gepp (Moonwalk) and his figure left residual image as he chased after Ross.

Whiz! Whiz!

Ross doesnt care about "Steel Bone" Kong following him and continues to run away.

He has the ability of Distortion space and he can appear a few kilometers away in an instant. Although not as perverted as using Teleportation, not many people can catch up with him at close range.

Although Distortion space shortens the distance on the spatial scale, it takes time to launch, but it is faster than "Steel Bone" Kongs Geppo which is the strongest he has ever seen!

Whiz! Whiz!

Within a few steps, Ross had already left "Steel Bone" Kong behind.

But just as Ross was about to shorten a longer space, and reached a few kilometers away in one step, a strange force suddenly enveloped him.
"Black Jail!"

This power seemed to be some kind of strong attraction, which instantly caught Ross figure and he was to be dragged back to the ground.

Ross frowned slightly and his body shook, he forcibly got rid of this ability upon himself but he could not bear the burden he was carrying and they were pulled down by this power.

The contents were sparsely scattered and flew down.

Rosss eyes become red at this time.

With a roar of rage, Ross directly used Distortion space, grabbing everything in his hands and pushing down hard.

"Space Collapse!"


Under Rosss push, the empty space with a radius of nearly a kilometer directly below him collapsed in a flash and pops down.
Today, Rosss control of Space Distortion ability has been improved a lot compared to when he used it against Whitebeard. This is a new trick that he could not perform before, it is pure space oppression!

Its like forming a wall of space.

Unless its a top-level Haki or a Devil Fruit belonging to the space department, the people who faced this attack will either stay out of the way or be crushed into pieces by the collapsing space barrier!

"Tekkai (Iron Body)!"

"Steel Bone" Kong was the first to endure the oppression of space. He immediately folded his arms in front of him and exhibited Armament Haki to resist the coming attack.

His Armament Haki is top-notch, stronger than the current Ross. Naturally, he can withstand the collapsed space or the power of distortion" that caused the collapse of the space.


He could block it, but he couldnt block it in the air while using Gepp (Moonwalk)!

Before Rosss space collapsed on him, he was forced back to the ground from the sky and stood on the ground to resist.

"Air Wall!

CP0s new Chiefs face changed, and he raised his hands up to create an air wall visible to the naked eye to block the collapsing space.

But space and air can be seen at a glance.

How can the air wall stop a Space Wall?


When the two touched, the air wall almost collapsed at one touch, and it couldnt resist in the slightest. Rosss space wall directly crushed the air wall and continued to press downward.

And at the same time.
The third person who exhibited the strange power and shattered Rosss baggage also showed his body. He wore the same black cloak as Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), and his face was unemotional.

Facing the collapsing space wall, he pushed forward with both hands.

"Black Prison!"

A strange force came and twisted before him into a black swirl, and even space was distorted before it!

When the wall finally disappeared, he grasped it in his right hand, and the dark whirlpool suddenly compressed into a small black ball that flew skyward.


With a slight frown, Ross was about to move away when the small black ball suddenly created a terrible gravitational pull, gripping his body and drawing him toward it.

At the same time, the ground on the Red Line began to crumble inch by inch, and mountains of rock rose up, flying toward the black ball as if they had been attracted to it.

"I see "

Ross, who saw this scene finally realized something.

There is nothing wrong.

This is the Attraction Devil Fruit!

It can be said that the Zushi Zushi no Mi(Fujitoras fruit), Fuwa Fuwa no Mi(Golden Lion Shikis fruit) are the real upper-level Devil Fruits related to gravity. But for gravity, Attraction is similar to being a Father to it because without attraction there will be no gravity at all and all the gravity-based Devil Fruit and Attraction fruit have an intercrossing relationship.

Ross doesnt know the abilities of this Attraction Fruit, nor does he know this person, he is not one of the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), he is apparently a hidden character in Holy Land.

So far, only three people have appeared. Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) didnt appear, Im will not come here. Two of the top powers of the World government are not here but they still possess such power.


Ross swings his hand to counteract gravity.

Both of these forces are invisible forces of nothingness and they are in a fierce conflict and confrontation in the Void.


This gravity is a large-scale attack. Even CP0 Chief and "Steel Bone" Kong have been affected, and it is difficult for them to attack Ross for a while.

"Black Jail!"

The Attraction Fruit user raised his hands with a dull expression on his face, grabbing at the pile of Devil Fruits and Saij Wazamono swords, and gems scattered in the air.

Rosss face changed, his right hand was severely pulled, and the power of distortion violently spread out.


Two forces collided in Void.

The Devil Fruits shattered into seven or eight pieces in a split second, leaving Ross bleeding.

The two scabbards of Saij Wazamono swords also instantly deformed and shattered. As for the few gems, their texture was firm, just like Seastone. Although the chain attached to it was broken, the gem itself was intact.


Compared to Ross, "Steel Bone" Kongs was injured in his heart and he almost sprouted out blood.

The CP0 Chief knew about the preciousness of these things, his face is constantly twitching, the Air Fruit he ate was just one the fruits that got destroyed here!

If Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) knew that the Devil Fruits in the core warehouse had been destroyed in seven or eight pieces, Im afraid all of them would growl and the sound of their roar would probably knock down the Pangaea Castle