One Piece Talent System Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Harves
Ross was angry and the power of distortion broke out desperately.

The black gravitational ball was blasted hard by a Distortion Fist and the numerous lifted rocks and mountains fell towards the ground.

At the same time, Rosss right hand jerked and the force of gravity was ripped apart, holding on to parts of each other and separating the top from the bottom.


Because Ross occupies the initiative, the direction of his tearing is in the direction of the Devil Fruits, and the Saij Wazamono swords and gems can only be left with the World Government.

After the World Government is destroyed, these things would naturally become his.

There are four Devil Fruits in total.

Counting the Soul-Soul Fruit, there are a total of five. If each one is at the level of Air Fruit and Attraction Fruit, then this is undoubtedly the most vicious way to cut the fattest piece of meat on the body of the World Government!


Wrapping the four Devil Fruits in a robe, Ross didnt speak and flew towards the sky.

"Steel Bone" Kong roared and set off after him using Gepp (Moonwalk).

However, Rosss power of distortion was excited and after a few steps, he became a black spot in sight, and soon "Steel Bone" Kong was left far behind.

"Damn it"

Standing in the sky, watching Rosss figure disappearing, "Steel Bone" Kong clenched his fist, there has never been a moment where he was so angry!

At the same time, he couldnt help but think that when this matter was known by Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) and what kind of consequences would follow and he began to feel a pain developing in his head.

"We cant catch up."

CP0s new Chiefs mouth twitched.

He knows how terribly powerful the previous Chief was and now there were three of them here and nothing needs to be said about their strength. Their combined strength is definitely the top in the sea, but they still couldnt stop Ross!


The last Attraction Fruit ability user was also suspended in the sky. Out of the three people except for Kong who used Gepp (Moonwalk), the other two had the ability to fly.

He looked up in the direction where Ross was disappearing, and then glanced back.

"Black Prison, why are you here?"

"Steel Bone" Kong looked at the unknown persons face and couldnt help but groan.

"Black Prison" is the same as "Steel Bone" or "Iron Fist", both of which are titles used by people to call them. It is similar to Aokiji Akainu Kizaru who also has nicknames that are not linked to their real name.

This person was an Admiral, who was with him for an era. When he was promoted to Marine Fleet Admiral, the other chose to retire and then disappeared.

He did not expect him to appear in Holy Land today.

"Go ask Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) if you want to know."

Black Prison responded with a stern expression and flew towards the Red Line below.

Royal court guard.
This is his current identity, he is directly under Im and he is his guard, he is above CP0, and only known to the Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) but they cant command him.

"Steel Bone" Kong knows that there are many hidden things inside the World Government. With his current status, few things can be concealed from him.


Because he is not a Tenryubito and has no aristocratic identity, he still cannot reach or cannot touch some of the most core things.

Just like a country, the general was promoted to the Admiral Army and promoted to Fleet Admiral, but it was impossible for him to be promoted to the Emperor. The overall Commander-In-Chief position is the highest he would reach.
"Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) "

"Steel Bone" Kong shook his head.

He knows some things, but he doesnt want to consider it so much. His position is in the World Government, standing on the governments side, protecting the world, and nothing more.

After learning of the loss, Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) was naturally furious.

For a moment, five people almost lost their minds and ordered Marines to attack the Ghost Hand Pirates but they finally resisted.
At this time, if Marines are dispatched to deal with the Ghost Hand Pirates. There is no doubt that they will be destroyed. It was not enough to just to go with one or two Marine Admirals and bring Momousagi and Tokikake, They have to bring their entire force with them.

If they do this, the risks involved are too great.

Just in case.

If other Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates knew about their plan then it will lead to various unfavorable situations like one of the Yonkos can attack the Marine Headquarters or the Holy Land, which would lead to an uncontrollable situation.

And the biggest problem is that Rosss presence presents too much trouble.

His personal combat power is the strongest in the world!

"Steel Bone" Kong has personally verified Rosss power. If he was at his peak power, he can fight Ross, but now he is a bit worse than Ross because of his age.

And Ross also has the best escape ability in the world!

He retreated calmly under the four Admiral combat powers and this time, In front of the three major combat powers of "Steel Bone" Kong, CP0 Chief, and Black Prison, he was able to grab a few Devil Fruits before leaving. With this ability, it is possible for him to visit the Marine Headquarters again one day if he escaped.

At the same time, his survival ability is also the strongest. He is like the combination of Kaido and Whitebeard, he is a very tricky and powerful character to deal with.
"What about the warehouse."

Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) asked the other officials after converging.

The official in charge of the core warehouse had cold sweat running on his forehead as he said with some fear:

"Fourteen Devil Fruits are missing, Six Ancient species, three Paramecia, two fantasy beast species, two Logia "
Listening to the report, a Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) had blue veins overflowing his forehead.

There are many ordinary Devil Fruits, and even tenryubito sometimes buys them for their entertainment and let their slaves eat them.

But ancient species, Logia, and fantasy beasts, each of them are rare and precious items and the World Government has collected them after many years of hard work!

Especially Logia and the fantasy beast species, it is easy to create a CP0 Chief-level fighter with those fruits.

Fortunately, they have heard a rough report from "Steel Bone" Kong before, and they knew that Ross had packaged the Devil Fruits of the core warehouse and ran out with them so they did not lose their cool this time.


Under the carpet search, some of the broken Devil Fruits pieces were still found, naturally, these pieces were only a part of it.

This can be considered as making up for some losses. After all, as long as no one eats the other parts of the fragments, then these fragments are also effective.

Half a day later.

Sky Island Birka.

Inside the palace, a few Devil Fruits were placed silently on a table. Robin was holding one in her hand and observing it. After looking at it, she put it back.

Ross put on a loose bathrobe and walked out.

"How about it?"

"Two ancient Zoan species, one fantasy beast, one Logia, and one Paramecia," Robin said to Ross.

Ross picked up the Soul-Soul Fruit and asked, "This is Soul-Soul Fruit, right?"

Robin confirmed: "Yes."

"Thats good."

Ross nodded, the other Devil Fruits are also important, but for him, they are not as important as the Soul-Soul Fruit.

Putting the Soul-Soul Fruit in his pocket, Ross looked at the other four Devil Fruit and asked, "What is the Logias ability?"

The Ancient Species Devil Fruits are also very strong, but they are nothing compared to Logia Devil Fruits and the Fantasy Beast Species Devil Fruits.

"It the Hurricane Logia Fruit."

Robin didnt expect Ross to get four precious Devil Fruits besides the Soul-Soul Fruit, especially a Logia and a Fantasy Beast Type.

Hurricane Fruit!

It is also one of the top Devil Fruits, which can easily create storms.


Ross thought of the broken Devil Fruit, and could not help but have a headache. After rubbing his eyebrows, he continued to ask, "What about the Fantasy Beast type?"

"Zoan, Fox fruit, Fantasy Beast Medel: Nine-Tailed Fox." Robin picked up the Nine-Tailed Fox fruit with nine tail-like patterns on the fruit.


Ross almost spit out the water he was drinking and said, "Nine-tailed fox? Is there really anything like that in the world?"

Robin looked strangely at Ross, saying, "The Fantasy Beast Species is originally a fantasy species, regardless of its existence or myth."


The corner of Rosss mouth twitched slightly.

Mainly this Fantasy Beast Species reminded him of the Nine Tail Fox from the Naruto world. Even the Golden Buddha, the Pheonix, and the Vampire Fruit and the Nine Tail Fox fruit was nothing strange.