One Piece Talent System Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Observation Hakis Notes

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After killing Sai and Boo in succession, even though Ross has spent a lot of stamina, he still has more than enough to deal with the remaining Happo Navy members.

As Sai and Boo were hidden under the reputation of Happo Navy and Leader Don Chinjao, the bounty of 30 million Berries and 20 million Berries respectively was only symbolic. They gave Ross 10 points of Talent Proficiency as a reward.
The whole ship was on the verge of crumbling after the big battle, but Ross searched it before the ship completely collapsed.

To Ross surprise, he got an unexpected surprise as he chose to not immediately destroy the ship, and instead chose to search it.

"Observation Hakis training notes"

Sitting in his cabin, Ross looked at the notes which were less than two pages long in his hand with a glimmer of joy in his eyes.

He didnt know whose notes these were, but there is no doubt that these notes will come in handy for him now.

He must possess the power of Haki in this world. Although he knows the existence of Haki, he does not know the specific method to practice it. Now, the training method is in his hands.

If he can comprehend Observation Haki on his own by these notes then he can save 1 Free Talent Point in the Talent System.

The only regrettable thing is that the notes on the practice of Armament Hakis were not found.

"Observation Haki, the sixth perception ability, which is independent of the other five senses is a strong ability which is able to predict attacks from enemies outside the line of sight. The main points of its training are"

Looking at the two pages in his hand, Ross concentrated his thoughts and showed a serious and thoughtful look in his eyes.

Strictly speaking.

These two pages only contain main points of Observation Haki and not a complete practice method but because Ross has a certain understanding of the power of Observation Haki, with these main points, he is able to explore and derive the complete practice direction.

After carefully reading the two pages of notes, Ross remembered them all. After a moment of contemplation, he walked into his training room and began to transform the environment of the room.


Ross hung many ropes from the ceiling of his room and various ball-shaped sandbags of different sizes hung below them.

This is the environment layout of a practice room that was previously found on the Happo Navy ship. It is obviously used to practice Observation Haki and Ross has recreated it in his own ship.

"Observation Haki and Armament Haki are a potential force that everyone has and they are qualified to practice it once they are strong enough."

After arranging the room, Ross went to the center of the room and stood. After recording the positions of the sandbags around him, he closed his eyes and tried to concentrate all his energy and attention. Then he suddenly attacked and hit the nearest four sandbags causing them to fly out.

Whirl! Whirl!

Four sandbags suspended by ropes in the air were flying out. Because of the different sizes and the force and time of Ross hitting, the trajectories of the four sandbags were all different. Some even hit other sandbags.

Bang! Bang!

Ross listened to the sounds coming from sandbags, He closed his eyes and punched two sandbags coming at him causing them to fly back, but he was hit in the head by the other two sandbags because of his inaccurate judgment.

"Its very difficult to judge an attack without relying on vision."
Ross opened his eyes and looked at the four sandbags swinging around. Then he closed his eyes again. "Lets start with these four sandbags."

Although there are only main points of training Observation Hakis and no specific method on the notes, it is not difficult for Ross to figure out the basic practice method, direction, and route according to the layout of the room seen on the Happo Navy ship.

Bang! Bang!

Ross closed his eyes, punched again and hit the four sandbags causing them to flew out, then he concentrate on perceiving the flight trajectory of the four sandbags.

He punched out four times and this time was a little better than the last time. He punched out four times and hit three sandbags, but these three punches are not hit in the right position, there is some deviation.
"Its coming back again."

Ross opened his eyes for a moment and closed them again.

Ross again threw four punches and hit three sandbags. As he gradually adapted to this exercise method, this time he was more precise than last time.

After training for a while, Ross thought of the 10-points of Talent Proficiency he acquired when he killed Sai and Boo.

"The promotion of Agility Enhancement should also be helpful in practicing the Observation Haki."
He called the Talent System and put these 10 points of proficiency to Agility Enhancement. The total proficiency of Agility Enhancement has reached 60.

The improvement brought by Agility Enhancement is not only speed but also response time and more sensitive perception.

These 10 points of Talent Proficiency went up, giving Ross the feeling that a part of weight has been lifted from his body and his body became much lighter.


After adapting to the changes of his body, Ross exhaled and continued to hit the sandbags, practicing Observation Haki.

Kano Country.

Two Battleships were docked at the dock on the South Bank, while the many Pirate Ships on the South Coast had already dispersed and disappeared.

"Only wreckage remains of the Happo Navy Ship?"

Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo stood on the deck and shook his head as he listened to the report by his subordinates Marine.

Happo Navy is the official Pirates of the Kano Country, They are similar to Shichibukai, as they are generally not pursued by Marines.

As one of the subordinate countries of the world government, Kano Country has some connections with Marines. Before that, he had contacted the top authority of Kano Country to let them stop Ghost Hand Ross.

But he didnt expect Ross to easily leave.

"Sure enough, pirates are unreliable."

Onigumo eyes showed a trace of indifference.

A Marine Captain next to Onigumo frowned and whispered: "Rear Admiral, what are we going to do next? Ghost Hand Ross has destroyed the Happo Navy ship, Happo Navy will certainly not give up "
Onigumo snorted coldly and said: "You want to say that we watch at the side and let them deal with him? What else our navy could do if we cant even catch up to him. We cant let this situation continue or we will lose our standing in the Headquarter.


The Captain who was reprimanded bowed his head.

Onigumo looked at the sea in the distance and a cold light flashed lightly in his eyes. He said: "That fellow bought a branch of Treasure Tree Adam. He should be planning to build a new ship. Most likely he is going to the Shipwright Town. Unfortunately, I will not give him the opportunity to ride on his new ship!"
"Relay my orders, each branchs Battleship will divert their course, the target is Shipwright Town, and completely destroy the Ghost Hand pirates."