One Piece Talent System Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Manufacturing Homies
Leaving Caesars laboratory.

Ross came to the place where the criminals were detained but saying that they were detained criminals were a bit too much as, In fact, most of them were those who were too brave and invaded Totto Landsea. Those who were left after being slaughtered by Shiliew of the Rain were used as Laws test props.
"It is Ghost hand!"

When Ross showed up, a lot of criminals showed their fear.

Some of them come here thinking that Ross didnt deserve his Yonk (Four Emperors) title and he wasnt that strong and was only a lawless pirate, but the result was that they couldnt even defeat a Division Captain of the Ghost Hand Pirates and their defeat was devastating.


There are also those who are not afraid of Ross, and they looked at Ross with eyes filled with anger.

Ross came to a fearless person and took out the Cursed Blade (Yt). He didnt ask What are you looking at? He raised his hand and stabbed the blade into that persons body.

The man apparently didnt expect Ross to start hacking people, his face suddenly changed, but because he was shackled and tortured there, there was no room for him to move, he could only watch as the sharp blade cut across.


Rosss sword didnt cut him, but passed him, sweeping the space and splitting the cage in two.


"This is "

Some of the people in the cage next to him looked over in disbelief, their faces changing as they wondered what Ross was going to do.

The prisoner in front of Ross, though he was not struck by the blade, something rises from his body in a weird, soul-like mass.

"Sure enough."

There was a trace of a smile on Rosss mouth, and Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand waved again.


This one swept straight through the strange mass, cutting it open in an instant, and at the same time the prisoners eyes turned white and he fell back.

This is one of Soul-Soul Fruits abilities. Soul Pocus, BIGMOM used this ability to speak directly to the human souls attachment to life, while striking fear into her opponent. She will demand that the person either give her what she desires or gives her their lifespan. If the person fears death for even a moment, Big Mom will be able to take their lifespan in any amount that she chooses; she can even take a persons entire remaining lifespan, instantly killing them. Once the fear appears, the life span will be overflowed with what is visible to the naked eye and will be stripped by the will of the Soul Soul Fruit User.

The Cursed Blade, which combines with the Soul-Soul Fruit and turns into the Soul Cutting Blade, naturally has this ability.


Ross took a look at the Life, or Soul, that was around the Cursed Blade and after some time, he swung his sword.

Under the control of Ross, the soul flew into a prison cage and merged with the cage, which also emitted light and underwent weird changes.

When the light is gone.
Eyes and mouth appeared on the cage.


When the cage came alive, he became a living cage, and spoke respectfully to Ross.


While possessing the ability to strip soul and life, Ross also has the same ability to make Homies as BIGMOM did, giving life to something that isnt alive.
"What! The cage is alive!"

Several prisoners in the cage screamed strangely, watching the cage that had suddenly become alive, they looked at the talking cage, showing a bit of fright.

Ross stared at the Cursed Blade Murasame for a few seconds, and then glanced at the living cage. "Keep an eye on them, dont let the prisoners escape."

"Yes! Boss!"

The cage responded respectfully to Ross.
The existence of Homies will be determined by the personality of the Soul-Soul Fruit user. Rosss personality is calm and the Homies created will also possess this trait.

"It looks like Soul-Soul Fruit No, Cursed Blade Murasames Will has become a part of me and had completely turned into my vassal."

Ross murmured as he looked at the Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand.

He has also noticed that it is not simply a sword with the ability to eat Devil Fruit, but it is him with a situation similar to eating double Devil Fruits!

However, the power of Soul-Soul Fruit is completely attached to the Cursed Blade (Yt). It will not increase or weaken and is completely fixed by Cursed Blade Murasame.

This was obviously something Ross was happy to see.

The Cursed Blade Murasame that obeyed his orders and the Cursed Blade Murasame which became a part of himself were clearly different.

If it was the former case, then the Cursed Blade Murasame can be taken away by others. As long as others can suppress Cursed Blade Murasame, they can use the ability of Cursed Blade Murasame.

But now.

Even if other people take Cursed Blade Murasame, they will not be able to use its ability. Unless Ross is killed, the owner of Cursed Blade Murasame is only one, that is Ross.

After confirming this, Ross looked at the prisoners in the cage and experimented, he stripped them of their souls and gave the souls to the cages and chains.

During this process, Ross also gradually discovered the essence of Homies.

The essence of Homies is life.

He stripped off a prisoners 30-year life span, which would give the cage 30 years of life, or evenly distribute it to the two cages, each of which would have 15 years of life.

This kind of life span does not come out of thin air, it does not become more or less, it is a kind of transfer of soul.

And by this time, Ross had some inkling of why the retrograde fruit, the fruit that causes the body to age backward, was not so valuable.
In this world, the life span of a person is related to the soul.

The regressive fruit can only regress the body, but it cannot prolong the real life of the soul. Even if an old man were to regress to a few years, he would still die due to the exhaustion of his life.

Only the Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit can really extend someones life!

Not even Soul-Soul Fruit can extend someones life. Soul-Soul Fruit can strip other peoples lives, but it cant be integrated into living things.

Ross cant extend his life by depriving others of theirs.

"Soul incarnation "

Ross said after doing several experiments with taking someones soul, he began to study another ability of Soul-Soul Fruit, that is, the ability to make his own soul incarnation.

Soul is related to longevity, but it is an exception for the Soul Soul Fruit user.

Making his own soul incarnation does not need to deprive Ross of his life.

Ross recalls that BIGMOMs soul incarnation can be more than one or two. Those things that collect life in Cake Island every day are also BIGMOMs soul incarnation.

There is no doubt that those things can also produce High-Level Homies like Zeus and Prometheus.

In this case, Soul-Soul Fruit is indeed an extremely powerful Devil Fruit!

If BIGMOM produces Homies with Hurricane, Ice, and other elements, it would be almost like taking charge of endless natural disasters with one persons power!

Just think.

Wherever BIGMOM went, thunder, howling flames, hurricanes, and frozen winds, and various elements will interweave and collide, I am afraid she would have been the strongest Yonk (Four Emperors) or even the Pirate King!

You must know that High-Level Homies, such as Zeus and Prometheus are full of power, and their power is close to the level of Three Disasters, and they are immortal!

After all.

BIGMOM is just a creature born with a body like a monster. In many ways, she does not have the will of a real emperor, because she does not walk to the top one step at a time with her own efforts.

If the Soul-Soul Fruit was in the hands of Whitebeard and Red Hair Shanks, they would have been more powerful than BIGMOM.