One Piece Talent System Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Soul Incarnation
"Lets make an incarnation of my soul first." After a moment of contemplation, Ross turned back and looked at the Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand, his eyes flashed lightly.

After being familiar with the power of Cursed Blade Murasame, he already knew how to make his soul incarnation, that is, to fuse part of his will with the power of Soul-Soul Fruit, and cut it out with Cursed Blade Murasame.
Its here.

What blends with the will of Ross is the power of Soul-Soul Fruit, not the soul and life, so for Ross himself, making this soul incarnation will not consume his life, but he only used Soul-Soul Fruit and Cursed Blade Murasame power.

After deciding, Ross took a deep breath and calmed his mind and fused his will with Cursed Blade Murasame, and launched Soul-Soul Fruits ability.


Cursed Blade Murasames blade gradually shed a ray of dim light.

This light grew stronger and finally reached a certain level, Rosss eyes flashed, and Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand flickered.

Buzz !!

The light was thrown out by Cursed Blade Murasame and it landed on the ground ten meters away, and after squirming, it turned into a black slime-like thing.

There are eyes and mouths on the black thing, but they dont seem to speak.

This is Homies, produced by Rosss will. It belongs to the soul of his incarnation. Even if it does not speak, he can perceive the consciousness of the other party.

Obviously, this consciousness cannot be compared with Ross itself. It is like Ross dropping a drop of blood. Although this drop of blood has life, it is far from being comparable with Ross.

"It doesnt seem like much either "

Ross looked at his soul incarnation and frowned slightly.

He doesnt think how strong the Will of this Homies will be, compared with himself. Will this Homie be able to control the body of a character like Katakuri?

After frowning and thinking, Ross could not help but shake his head.

In any case, he has to try it.

"Captain Ross."

At this time, Trafalgar Law finally came after hearing the news. He called Ross more casually, he sometimes called him Lord, and sometimes he used Captain habitually.

Ross doesnt care much about symmetrical calls.

"It seems to have succeeded."

Trafalgar Law naturally knew that Caesar was responsible for the integration of Cursed Blade Murasame and Soul-Soul Fruit. Seeing those living cages in the cell, he knew that Caesar should have been successful.

He was also present when attacking Cake Island before. He is no stranger to this kind of Homies, and it is clear that this is BIGMOMs Soul-Soul Fruit ability.


It is now Ross ability.

"The fusion of Cursed Blade Murasame and Soul-Soul Fruit is indeed successful, but whether my incarnation can drive Katakuris body, I am not quite sure "

Ross watched the dim dark slime and shook his head.

Trafalgar Law also looked in the direction of Ross and saw the slime and he had a little uncertain expression on his face.

He didnt even know if he could use Personality Transplant Surgery on this.
"Lets go and give it a try. Can you strip Katakuris will now?" Ross asked Trafalgar Law.

Trafalgar Law nodded.


Its been so long, hed be a bit of a waste if he couldnt strip Katakuri of his will.

Now hes not far behind the likes of Fujitora, Shiliew of the Rain, and even Ficheux Erman in terms of power.

They soon arrived at the lab.

Katakuri has been kept in the lab, but he doesnt look much different now than he did six months ago.

The strong people of this rank cannot be imprisoned for a year and a half to wipe out their consciousness. Otherwise, the Eternal Hell on the sixth floor of Impel Down would be a joke.


Sensing Rosss arrival, Katakuri opens his eyes.

And he just kept looking at Ross.

However, Ross has already reached the peak of the sea, and naturally, he will not be affected by Katakuris murder filled eyes, even if his killing intent is ten times more powerful, it would still be ignored.

After Katakuri stared at Ross for a few seconds, he suddenly changed his gaze and looked at the dimly colored slime behind him.

"This is"
He is the original Head of the Four Sweet Commanders, and he is naturally very clear about BIGMOMs ability. This thing is obviously a Soul Incarnation.

But BIGMOM has fallen into Rosss hands and the Soul-Soul Fruits abilities have all been lost, Homies and soul incarnation have died.

That is to say that.

Ross got the Soul-Soul Fruit!

"Lets Start."

Ross didnt think of talking to Katakuri. Long ago, he had already said what to say, and now there is nothing good.

Trafalgar Law nodded and his right hand moved.

The translucent dome opened instantly, covering the entire room.

Immediately after Trafalgar Law raised his hand and Katakuris brows creased, his will and Laws ability confronted against each other.

Compared with the time when they had just defeated the BIGMOM Pirates, Law has grown a lot. In terms of the ability of Personality Transplant Surgery, it has also reached the level of proficiency, which is no longer what Katakuri can resist.

Even if Katakuri concentrated all of his Will, a heart-shaped thing was still stripped from his body little by little.

At the same time.

The slime-like Homie was constantly shrinking under Laws ability and finally turned into a heart-shaped thing.


Trafalgar Laws eyes flashed, and the Homie, who turned into a heart shape, penetrated into the inside of Katakuris body.

At the same time, Katakuris soul flew towards Rosss body.


Ross pulled out the Cursed Blade Murasame and stabbed it. Katakuris soul was pierced by the Cursed Blade Murasame and turned into a weird mass, surrounding the blade of the Cursed Blade Murasame, and finally absorbed by the Cursed Blade Murasame.

After all of this, Ross and Laws eyes fell on Katakuri, and the eyes of both of them showed their interest.

I dont know how long it has been.

Katakuri, who was in a coma, opened his eyes slowly as if he didnt feel well, he twisted his neck and twisted his arms.


After looking around for a moment, his eyes quickly fell on Ross body and he opened his mouth calmly at Ross.

Ross was slightly relieved to see this.

The Soul-Soul Fruit cut-out soul incarnation was used to replace other peoples souls to complete the Personality Transplant Surgery. It was obviously a success. Today, Katakuri has become a Homies under his control.

The next problem is, Will this Homie be able to use Katakuris strength.