One Piece Talent System Chapter 364

Chapter 364 Arrival In Amazon Lily Island

Hancock stood up, staring at Elder Nyon with an unfeeling indifference on his pretty cheek, and said,
"What if we plunder their merchant ships?"

Speaking of this, Hancocks frosty pretty face suddenly took on a delicate and pitiful attitude and said, "This kind of thing will certainly be forgiven."


The heartbeats of Elder Nyon and the many female guards present at the scene accelerated because of the expression on their Empresss face, they could not help but fell in love with her even they were both women.

Freed from the charm of the Empress, Elder Nyon showed her teeth and said: "Its not the time for you to act unreasonable, Snake Princess!"


Hancock walked to Elder Nyon and grabbed her hair, the cold and domineering expressions of an Empress were restored on her face. "My ears dont want to hear your nagging anymore."

Holding Elder Nyons hair, Hancock raised her hand and threw her directly out of the window as Elder Nyon let out a strange noise.

"Ah, Snake Princess, how could you treat Elder Nyon like this?"

The next guards were sweating from their foreheads.

Hancock turned her head and two faint blushes appeared on her cheeks, showing a perfect expression, and said pitifully, "If you are not careful "

The female guards present were once again hit by her charms.

"Yes, yes! No one can avoid being careless!"

After throwing Elder Nyon out, Hancock returned to the couch and said in a flat voice, "You all go out, you too Sanda and Mari."

The guards responded and left the room, while Sandersonia and Marigold looked at each other and saw the tension in each others eyes, but at the moment they had to leave the room helplessly.

Time cant go backward, looting a merchant ship is looting a merchant ship, not to mention that the goods have already been consumed, and even if they were not consumed, it does not mean that the conflict can be resolved by sending it back as it is.


They knew too much about Hancocks personality, and there was almost no possibility of her bowing to anyone.

However, when they thought that this is the Amazon Lily Island, located in the Calm Belt, it is extremely difficult to come here, and it is even possible to meet the Super Giant Sea King, their hearts were a little more relaxed.

With this location, the Ghost Hand Pirates may not be able to do anything to the Amazon Lily Island.

After the guard and both of her sisters left.

Only Hancock was left in the room.
With a gentle sigh, she went to the couch. Two smooth white jade arms came out of her bathrobe and hugged her calf gently and she lowered her head.

At this moment, she had only a bathrobe on her body. If someone stood in front of her, they would be able to see everything from her head to toe. The delicate and tender skin was perfect and flawless, plus the extraordinary Charm, and the slightest sorrow of anxiety between her eyebrows.

Not many people can resist such beauty.

Hancock is not stupid. On the contrary, hidden under waywardness and pride, she has a clever heart. She knew the Severity of this situation when she heard that the merchant ship they had robbed the other day belonged to the Ghost Hand Pirates.

But this matter is not as easy to solve as Elder Nyon said.
Shichibukais status is only attached to the World Government and they have provoked a Yonk (Four Emperors). It would be a miracle if the government and Marine send out help even if she seeks it. As for the return of goods, it is also a stupid idea.

Besides, she also has her own pride. It is impossible for her to send back what she grabbed and then bow her head to others, even if she is dead.


It would be impossible for her to have HaoshokuHaki.

"This world"
Hancocks slim fingers squeezed tightly, pinching dents on the skin of her calf, and she bit her silver teeth lightly, showing not tenacity but fragility.

No matter how willful and domineering she is, there is always an unchangeable and most vulnerable place in her heart. This is evident from her past as she didnt want anyone to know that she was a slave.

In fact.

With absolute strength and Haki, how can she not be able to suppress a small island like Amazon Lily?


Because of this, her strength is strong, but it has also stagnated on a level, including her Haoshoku Haki, which is also inferior to Doflamingo.

Just as Hancock was sitting there alone, and all of her feelings were on the surface, a slight panic came from the door.

"Snake Princess! There are enemies!"

Hancock, who was still tightly pinching her calf and biting his silver teeth, took a deep breath the next moment, and all of her expressions instantly converged, restoring the attitude of the Empress Pirate.

She pulled off her robe and threw it over herself. She stepped down from her seat, and as soon as she left the room she saw a nervous guard standing there.

"What enemy?

Hancock asked.

The guards voice trembled slightly. "Its the Ghost Hand Pirates!"

Hancock glanced at her coldly and said, "So youre scared like that? Useless things, get out of here!"

After a shout, she went straight out of the palace.

Hancocks reprimand didnt break the guards mentality but instead changed the guards face a few times as she showed a hint of perseverance and she began to follow Hancock with her weapon.

Amazon Lily Island, Coast.

A sailing ship flying the flag of the Ghost Hand Pirates was docking along the coast, where a fierce clash erupted.

A large number of fighters appeared on the side of Amazon Lily Island, and more people were still coming, but there were only two people coming down from the ship of the Ghost Hand Pirates.
It was Ross and Robin.

Faced with the flood of Kuja Warriors, their expressions were calm, and Ross didnt even make a move but stood there with both hands behind his back.

It was Robin alone, who blocked all the Kuja warriors that had struck, and swept through them in a smashing manner, and no one could stop her.

The current Robins strength has entered a bottleneck.

She doesnt have a strong desire to become stronger, so this bottleneck has almost no possibility of being broken, and she doesnt even want to become stronger so it wouldnt even help to be persecuted by external forces.

Besides, Ross doesnt care much. Her Battle power is enough now, and she doesnt need to be stronger. She is not a Battle member who rushes to the front to kill.


Even so, Robins strength is not something that these warriors can withstand.

In this world, Battle is a catalyst for improving strength. Robin has followed Ross for nearly seven years. From the bottom all the way to now, she is a member of the qualified Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates and her Battle powers are enough for her to get a bounty of 400 Million Berries.

Even if she is not as good as Doflamingo and the Three Disasters, she is just a grade below that. She is still very powerful.

"Treinta Fleur, Hook!"

Faced with the Kuja Warriors, Robins eyes were calm, her arms were folded in front of her and countless arms appeared on dozens of people. Under a twist, their bones and muscles make a crackling sound.

However, Robin did not kill them, because Rosss plan to come over this time was not to destroy the Amazon Lily Island but to insert the Ghost Hand Pirates flag on the Amazon Lily Island.