One Piece Talent System Chapter 365

Chapter 365 Robin Vs Hancock
"Stand back!"

Just when Robin defeated many Kuja Warriors and defeated them, Hancocks two sisters Sandersonia and Marigold finally arrived.
Originally, they also had the idea of avoiding conflict with the Ghost Hand Pirates as much as possible, but seeing the conflict on the coast was overwhelming, and the people on their side fell to the ground one after another under Robins hands, they could not help yelling at them.

"Cien Fleur (Hundred flowers) Doppelgnger."

Robins face was light as her arms staggered in front of her and as the petals flew, two doppelgnger emerged to meet Sandersonia and Marigold who rushed over.

Sandersonia and Marigold were surprised by Robins doppelgnger but they did not pause, each wielding their weapon and slashing down.


On Robins thin jade arm, a dark Armament Haki emerged. Both doppelgngers staggered their arms and blocked the attack of the two.


"This level of Haki "

Sandersonia and Marigold are also strong women who can use Haki. From this hit, they were able to determine the intensity of Roins Armament Haki, which is far above them!

On the Amazon Lily island, I am afraid that only their sister Hancocks Armament Haki can fight this person in front of them!


At this point, even if the two women knew that it would be difficult for them to defeat Robin, they still choose to continue with their attacks.

Robin smiled as she controlled the two doppelgngers to directly restrain the weapons of Sandersonia and Marigold, and her hands twitched.


A crisp and tense sound sounded.

The weapons in their hands were broken by Robins strangulation!

Then, with a wave of her hands, Robin produced countless arms and turned them into two huge palms. With a single stroke from left to right, she took Sandersonia and Marigold out.

"How can this be, even Sandersonia Sama and Marigold Sama "

Many nearby female warriors could not help but tremble when they saw this scene. Their strength was much weaker than Sandersonia and Marigold, but now Sandersonia and Marigold are also defeated by this women!


The most terrifying one is not the woman in front of them, but the man who stood on the shore from beginning to end without moving.

Most of them do not know Robin, but many people recognize Ross, Yonk (Four Emperors)!

Even if the Amazon Lily Island is isolated from the outside world. It is necessary for them to go out and plunder from time to time, and they occasionally get some newspapers or wanted posters. They have learned about the terrifying existence that is Ross, who stands at the peak of the sea.

Sandersonia and Marigold, who were slapped out, had bloodstains on the corners of their mouths and they stared at each other, seeing the discoloration in each others eyes.

They have provoked the Ghost Hand Pirates and they had already guessed that the other party might not give up, but they did not expect for them to come to their door so soon.

And the most important thing is.

Ghost Hand Ross himself didnt do anything at all. It was just a woman who had taken them all out. The Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates are really terrifying!
"The rumored Amazon Lily island of Female Warriors. It doesnt live up to its reputation."

Robin saw some people in the vicinity wincing but they did not rush up again. She couldnt help but stop and gently smile.

Ross stood on the shore but his gaze was on Robin. He had never seen the scene where Robin easily defeated the enemy and scared the opponent.

Speaking of which.

Although Robin was kind in her heart, her external appearance was somewhat bitter and black.
Naturally, the most important thing that makes Ross difficult to give up Robin is that this woman is too smart, she always knows when to do something and she occasionally gives Ross a wicked look to express her dissatisfaction.

And when Ross needs something else, Robin can always quickly detect what he needs and there are not many people who can do this. At least Kalifa and Reiju are worse than Robin.


Hearing a few sloppy words coming from Robins mouth, many female warriors were a little annoyed and gritted their teeth.

Some people with a hot personality, under the stimulation of Robins words, charged toward Robin, trying to continue to fight against Robin.

Boom! Boom!

Robins face remained the same and with a slight smile on her face, she also came forward to meet the charging crowd.

She doesnt have many skills in Close-Combat Fighting, but she is the person closest to Ross so no matter how bad, her body movements are light and flexible.

Ross smiled as he watched the scene in front of him.

Admiring Robins Battle powers as it does has a unique taste.


Just as Robin wandered through the crowd and everyone fell to the ground as no one could resist, a figure suddenly appeared behind the crowd.

Wearing a bright red cheongsam, exquisite earlobes wearing snake earrings, long black hair flying in the air as the limbs move, showing their suppleness.

"Perfume Femur!"

Boom! !! !!

Hancock kicked out with the Mero Mero Fruit ability, breaking Robins doppelganger and spreading it out into numerous petals.
Robin made a slight movement and looked over.


No introduction was needed, just a glance was enough for her to know that the woman in front of her was the Pirate Empress, the one that most people would dream of but would not dare to offend.

Even with Robins current vision, she has to admit that the woman in front of her does indeed have the temperament in line with the name of the Pirate Empress.

"Are you the Ghost Hand Pirates?"

After breaking Robins doppelgnger, Hancock didnt continue to fight against Robin, but stood there, asking in a slightly soft and proud voice.

If Robin was a man, Im afraid she wouldnt even need to bother to say a word, but since its a woman, she wont be able to turn her into stone at first glance.

"Sixth Division Captain, Nico Robin."

Robin looked at Hancock and examined the other side. She supported her chin with her finger and said, "You looted the Charfields merchant ship. I think we should not be in the wrong here."

Hancock expressions remained calm and she suddenly raised her had and said, "I was very interested in their goods, so I took it over, did I made you angry?"

The first half of the sentence was normal, but in the second half of the sentence, she has already used the ability of the Mero Mero Fruit and coupled with her own charm, even Ross who is standing on the coast cant help shaking his head, his thoughts were almost hooked.


Robin also had red cheeks and she immediately wanted to forgive the other party, but she immediately reacted and pressed down the discomfort in her heart.

On the way, Ross talked about the Empress, saying that the charm of the Empress was strong, and coupled with the power of Mero Mero Fruit, it was a killer for men and women.

She just smiling then as she didnt completely believe it.

Now when she had confronted her herself, she knew that Ross was right and she was now getting a headache with an heartache and both were for different reasons.

While she was figuring out what to do, Hancock spoke again, still uttering irresistible charm.

"Those goods are important to me can we not hold them?"

The second half of the sentence was said with a pitiful tone, and even with the light and dark character of Robin, she couldnt help it.

Hancock charm power has an influence on anyone, plus her Haoshoku Haki, which can cause a sweeping effect under the double stack.

If someones Will and Strength are below a certain range, they will not be able to show any resistance in front of her, and even if their Will and Strength is above, they still wont be able to exert all of their strength because of the initial impact.

One must know.

Even Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral stabbed himself in the leg to resist Hancocks power.

Imagine if Hancock had stood on the top of the harbor during the war and unleashed her powers. If she had said, could you please stop beating me? Im so scared!, I am afraid it will sweep the audience immediately.