One Piece Talent System Chapter 366

Chapter 366 Rosss Attitude
"Its fine if we dont pursue it."

Robin took a deep breath and pressed down the restlessness in her heart and said calmly: "As long as you give up the status of Seven Warlords of the Sea and lead the Amazon Lily Island to join us, the stolen goods are equivalent to internal consumption, so there would be no need Investigated."
Hearing that the other party wanted her to give up the Shichibukais title and lead the Amazon Lily Island to surrender to Ghost Hand Pirates, it is naturally impossible to make such concessions with Hancocks personality.

"The title of Seven Warlords of the Sea, I like it very much, and I dont like to be obedient to others. Look at it this way, your ship suffered a weird accident, and all the members turned into stones "

Hancock spoke softly, still emitting her charms while looking weak. Under the ability of Mero Mero fruit, her charms are equivalent to a hidden attack.

Robin coldly said: "Do you think it is possible?"

"Then dont blame me."

Hancock lifted her chin slightly and suddenly turned into an afterimage. She rushed towards Robin and stretched her beautiful legs to draw a perfect arc in the air.

Even if Robin had heightened her vigilance, when Hancock launched the attack, she could not help but look at the exquisite and fair skin at the base of Hancocks legs.


It was this loss of mind that made Robin unable to attack and she could only wave her arm to resist the kick, and with a crosskick from Hancock, she was pushed away.

Hancock didnt pause for a moment and continued to move forward, kicking continuously, the hem of the cheongsam fluttered with her side kicks, and from time to time, she exposed some captivating images.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the influence of Hancocks charm and her attacks, Robin was forced to resist continuously.

After blocking several attacks, she leaped backwards, folded her arms in front of her, and released her ability to deal with Hancock.

But at this moment, Hancocks eyes flashed slightly, and a wave of Haoshoku Haki suddenly rushed out towards Robin.


Under the influence of charm, her strength was greatly interfered with. Now, under the influence of Haoshoku Haki, Robins Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi) ability suddenly failed.

Apart from charm and Haoshoku, Robin at the moment is no less than Hancock in terms of body art and double-color Haki. There is not much difference between them.

But add Charm and the dual influence of Haoshoku and the gap opens up.

This is also the case where Robin is a woman herself and has followed Ross for years and seen all kinds of Haoshoku Haki.

If not, a single charm or Haoshoku Haki influence can make a big enough difference.


The fruit ability failed to launch, and Hancocks sidekick pushed Robin back. Although Robin had used Armament Haki on her arms, that Haki was also showing the signs of being scattered.

If her Armament Haki is blown away by Hancock, the area hit by him will undoubtedly turn into stone fragments, which is extremely dangerous.

Finding that she was not Hancocks opponent, Robin could not help exhaling.

When she chatted with Ross before she came here, he had laughed and said that she could go and play with the Emperess of the Sea to see if she would be affected by her charms.

It turned out that she was really attracted to her and she was clearly a woman Robin felt a pang of annoyance in her heart.

At the very next instant, Hancock kicked off from the ground and continued to land a foot on Robins chest to completely defeat Robin.

But just then the ground suddenly rolled over.


A huge piece of earth was suddenly lifted up, like an earthquake, which made everyone on the scene unstable and shaken for a while.

Hancocks kick kicked the tumbling rock and shattered it, but Robins figure had already receded to a safe distance.

Hancocks eyes changed slightly, and she stared at the shore.

There stood Ross with his hands behind his back, his eyes calmly looking at her.

Robin was fighting her subordinates when she came here just now, and she focused all her attention on Robin while ignoring Ross on the shore.

At this moment, she finally noticed Ross. It was obviously not Robins ability just now, and the perception of her Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki also told her the same thing.

"Being able to win against Robin, you are as strong as rumors made you out t be, you are fully qualified for the position of the Division Captain of the Totto Land Ghost Hand Pirates What do you think?"

Ross walked forward calmly.

No momentum was revealed and he didnt even unleash his Haoshoku Haki, but as Ross walked step by step, the atmosphere in the field became suppressed.

Hancocks eyes rarely reveal a trace of glimmer, leaving aside things like identity. In her perception, the man in front of her is,

Very strong!

"Are you Ross ?"

Hancock asked Ross as he came over.

There was no disgust in her tone, but there was a hint of inexplicability, which made Ross slightly wonder if his own charm had come back to affect Hancocks attitude.!

"Snake Princess, promise him."

Elder Nyon came over with a snake stick from the back and said, "If you join up with the Ghost Hand Pirates, even if you give the Shichibukais name, the government and Marines will not act lightly on the Amazon Lily Island.

Looking at Ross who was standing at the same age as Hancock, Elder Nyon could not help but sigh. Hancock was already a rare Emperor of the Amazon Lily Island in a century in her eye, but Rosss existence still surpassed Hancock.
At this age, this person standing in front of her is one of the Yonk (Four Emperors) and he had also dethroned Whitebeard and had taken the Strongest in The Sea title.

On the strength of qualifications, Ross is undoubtedly the most dazzling existence of this era!

As for Hancocks attitude towards Ross, she knew what was going on. Ross had killed some Tenryubito before.

These incidents were widely popular and the news has even reached Amazon Lily Island.

After Hancock got the newspaper, she lingered on it for a long time, and then she learned that one of Tenryubitos killed by Ross happened to be someone who had forced Hancock to eat the Mero Mero Devil Fruit.

So far.

Hancock only had a different attitude towards two people.

One was Fisher Tiger, who saved her from a life of suffering, and the other was Ross, who directly killed the Tenryubito who had enslaved her.


Hancock didnt speak.

She seemed calm on the surface, but her heart was constantly rising and falling.

Her attitude toward Ross is complicated. On the one hand, she is happy that Ross killed the Tenryubito and her hatred was vented. On the other hand, she does not want Ross to know about it, knowing that she was once a slave of Tenryubito.

When it came to dealing with Ross, she didnt know what to do with him.

Is he a Benefactor? Or the enemy?