One Piece Talent System Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Mild Empress
However, she noticed that Ross Haoshoku Haki was far stronger than hers and Hancocks eyes still flashed with inexplicable light.

The wind gale howled centered on Ross and Hancock, swinging in all directions.
In the conflict of Haoshoku Haki, Ross took a slow step and just walked towards Hancock, looking calm without feeling any pressure.

However, Hancock faced Ross coming to her and the pressure on her was increasing little by little. Under such pressure, she finally could not stand up to Ross and tried to fight him.

"Slave Arrow!"

A pink peach heart emerged from her and her finger pulled the peach heart. The peach heart bounced like a bow and arrow, and countless pink arrows swept towards Ross.

However, faced with Hancocks trick, Ross broke the pink arrows with just a wave of his hand.

"Armament Haki "

Hancocks pupils contracted, judging by Rosss strength, he is naturally able to broke her Slave Arrows with his Armament Haki and the Armament Haki just revealed by Ross is no doubt stronger than hers!

This gap is like when she first learned Haki, facing the senior who taught her Armament Haki. This was a gap between a Master and a Novice

A giant gap!


Even though Ross showed her outrageous strength, she still didnt intend to give in, and sweat-stained her forehead and bit her silver teeth lightly.

She didnt believe her charm could do nothing to Ross!

"Mero Mero Mellow(Falling-Down Drunk Sweet Wind)!"

Faced with Rosss figure which was getting closer and closer, Hancock made a peach heart with her fingers, inspiring the most fundamental ability of her Devil Fruit.

As long as the enemy is affected by her charm, they will directly change into stones, unless their whole body is covered with Armament Haki.


What makes Hancock feel incredible is that Ross faced her Mero Mero Mellow attack without any evasion and he walked directly over this wave of attacks and withstood it.

Mero Mero Mellows pink light passed through Ross body, but it did not cause any impact on him.

This is an almost unbelievable scene for Hancock!

After eating the Mero Mero Fruit and escaping from Holy Land Mariejois, her charm has continued to increase with time. She has not met anyone who is completely resistant to her charms, let alone a man, even a woman cannot resist it.

But in front of Ross, he completely disregards her charms and attacks. This attack was not blocked by Armament Haki, nor was it avoided, but it was directly ignored!

No one has been able to do this.

It means that the man in front of her wasnt affected by her at all!
Shocked, Hancock even began to doubt her charms, Ross was normal and he is a man but her charm had no effect on Ross at all, which was a bit incredible!

"Is this all you can do?"

Ross stepped in front of Hancock and looked at her flatly.

He naturally wouldnt explain to Hancock that he used the ability of Distortion to temporarily change his character into a disliked woman state.

Hancock looked at Ross and stumbled a little. There was a great panic and a fear in her heart.

Her mood was completely disturbed by something that was totally unexpected to her.

Ross looked at Hancocks appearance and judged Hancocks current state of mind, which is naturally the most fragile state of her will.


The next moment, Ross pulled out the Cursed Blade Murasame.
The power of distortion was used with the power of Soul-Soul Fruit, the two forces blended together and converged on the sword edge, and turn into a strange light.


In the interweaving of light, Ross quietly said aloud, and the blade in his hand suddenly pierced Hancock as she was too late to escape!

"Snake Princess!"


Elder Nyon and Sandersonia, among others, almost exclaimed when they saw this scene, their faces were full of horror.

Hancock also stood there stingingly, looking down at the blade that penetrated her chest.

Strangely, she didnt feel any pain.

The blade penetrated Hancocks body, but the situation was weird as it did not spill any blood, as if it was not the body but the mind that had been pierced.


The original chaotic mind became completely disordered at the moment when Ross power of distortion poured in and was no longer under Hancocks own control.

This is also the first time that Ross has applied his character change distortion ability to others and after the force had worked, he was a little hesitant to go in the right direction.

After a few seconds of hesitation.

Ross starts and ends the power again, then pulls out the blade.

The blade was pulled from Hancocks chest, leaving no wound, not even her clothes were broken as if the blade had been an illusion.

"Now, whats your choice?"
After Ross pulled out the blade, he dissipated the power of distortion, and the cold sword edge was placed on Hancocks white tender neck again, letting her return from the trance.

Because this is the first time he had used this ability, Ross did not make any big moves and he just suppressed out the superficial character of Hancock narcissism and willfulness.

He didnt know what would happen to Hancock.

Detecting the cold sword edge on her neck, Hancock didnt show any fearful expression but instead gritted her teeth slightly.
"This King needs some time to consider."

Hancock finally said this.

The domineering pride in her heart made it impossible for her to give in, but apart from narcissism and willfulness, she would not take the act of pulling all the people of the Amazon Lily island together with her.

And Ross ignored her charm and influence, giving her a shock that still hasnt gone away.


Rosss Haoshoku Haki receded like a tide.

He looked at Hancock, lifted the blade and took it off Hancocks neck, put it into the scabbard, and stared at Hancock thoughtfully.

He had no mind-reading skills, but the extreme Observation Haki allowed him to roughly capture Hancocks inner mood.

He was also curious about his ability.

When Ross stared at her in this way, Hancock felt a surge of discomfort in her heart. A faint blush appeared on her cheeks, and she turned and said, "Dont stare at this king so rudely."

It was okay for her not to speak but when she did speak, Ross was slightly stunned for a moment and stared at her with a gaze of interest.

What is this?

Is she being Proud or is she being a Tsundere? !!

His new ability does not completely erase the personality of others but can cause enlargement and weakening of some definite traits. After weakening of her extreme willfulness and extreme narcissism traits, he has now formed this Empress?