One Piece Talent System Chapter 369

Chapter 369 World Shock
A few days later.

Inside a hidden cave somewhere in the mountains behind the Amazon Lily Island.
"I didnt expect that there would really be a Poneglyph."

Ross stood inside the cave, which was supposed to be extremely dark, but Ross used Distortion to change the light from the entrance to the cave, making the whole cave as bright as day.

Bringing Robin to find the Poneglyph stele was just a way for him get her to come with him because in his memory, the Amazon Lily Island did not have such things as the Poneglyph stele, but after searching the Amazon Lily Island carefully, he did not expect to really find one here.

"What is the history of the Amazon Lily Island"

Robin came to the Stone Poneglyph and looked at it.

This is an ordinary Poneglyph. One which has history of the Amazon Lily Island, it is not an intelligence Poneglyph or a Road Poneglyph.


Even if it is an ordinary Poneglyph, Robin still studied it in detail.

In the past few days, in addition to finding the Poneglyph stele, Hancock also finally chose to lead the Amazon Lily Island under the control of Totto Land.

When it comes to attachment, it is actually just hanging a Ghost Hand Pirates banner on the island.

Just like todays Fishman Island and the Dressrosa Kingdom, these two countries are under the banner of Ghost Hand Pirates and are listed under the Totto Land.

At first, Ross thought about whether to get Hancock to Totto Land, but after thinking about it, it was better to let her remain on the Amazon Lily Island, so as not create a lot of trouble.

After half a month.

The Pirate Empress, one of Seven Warlords of the Sea, openly canceled the Shichibukai contract with the World Government and invested in the Ghost Hand Pirates.

The news came and the world shook!

No one expected that the lonely Empress would be conquered.

However, Ghost Hand Ross, who stands in the strongest position in the world, does have this qualification.

Countless people who have dreams of chasing the Empress, after being informed of the news, couldnt help sighing, and quickly gave up their unrealistic dreams.

So far, there have been four Seven Warlords of the Sea accidents under Ross. In addition to Crocodile, Gekko Moria, and Doflamingo, the Empress Pirate also has an accident.

What angered the World Government is that the Empress was not destroyed by Ross, but she gave up her Shichibukai status and joined the Ghost Hand Pirates!

Within the power of the World Government, a Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) couldnt help but curse.

Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) next to him blinked and said: "Pirates are unreliable. When giving her Shichibukai status, we should have considered the current situation in advance."

"Should we destroy the Amazon Lily Island?" A Gorsei suggested angrily.

It would have been fine if Ross had destroyed the Amazon Lily Island but such a flagrant betrayal would undoubtedly be a great blow to the majesty of the World Government.

If this kind of thing happens more often, many people will think that the World Government is not as powerful as the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Ghost Hand Pirates is more terrifying than the World Government.
This idea is extremely dangerous.


When the Pirate Empress joined Shichibukai, Vegapunk had not yet developed the kind of Battleship that could cross the Calm Belt.

It is because of their helplessness of the Amazon Lily Island hiding in the Calm Belt that it was decided to make the other party a Shichibukai and the location of the Island was a very important factor in that decision.

Now, with the Battleship that Vegapunk researched that can easily cross the Calm Belt, there is not much danger even if their forces enter the Calm Belt. The natural barrier of the Amazon Lily Island no longer exists.

"That Ghost Hand guy is not a stupid beast. Since the Pirate Empress had joined him, he must have predicted our next move."

The Gorsei holding a sword stood there and there was a hint of coldness in his eyes.

The next person heard his words and said, "Yes, maybe Ghost Hand Ross is now on the Amazon Lily Island and if we hastily dispatched troops to fight against him, we will suffer great losses."

After some deliberations, there was no final conclusion.

The matter was shelved by the World Government.

After the Amazon Lily Island was listed as one of the affiliates powers of the Totto Land, Ross spent another week in the Amazon Lily Island and had an in-depth exchange with the female emperor Hancock on the future development direction and progress plan of the Amazon Lily Island and he also comprehensively explained the sustainable development methods.

Ross spoke highly of Hancocks role The contribution of the Amazon Lily Island confirms that Amazon Lily Island has independent autonomy. The planning and governance are still decided by the female emperor alone. In addition, when Totto Land is threatened, Amazon Lily Island needs to send troops to help.

A week later.

Ross left the Amazon Lily Island by his ship, Hancock personally went to the dock to see him off, with a little red color on her cheeks, and the sea breeze revealed her legs.

A sailing ship is slowly sailing on the sea.

Robin, holding a newspaper she just bought from Newsbird, came to Ross, who was sitting on the deck, and said:

"500 Million Berries, the government seems to be really angry."

The newspaper published the news that the female Empress had unilaterally renounced the Shichibukai status and has become one of the subsidiary states of Totto Land. The World Government put out a bounty of 500 Million Berries to the Female Empress!
The strength of the Empress is not weak. The reward of 500 Million Berries is not low, but it is not high either.

"Its okay."

Ross took a look at the newspaper and laughed, "Its best to irritate those five old things, World Government is in chaos, and the guy behind the scenes should jump out soon."

Robin hesitated a moment and said, "Isnt it a bit rash for you to let the Empress publicly renounce Shichibukai treaty and join the Ghost Hand Pirates. Now the other Yonko will keep a great vigilance against us, as will the World Government and Marines."

Ghost Hand Pirates are huge.

After defeating the Whitebeard Pirates, they are already ranked first in Yonk (Four Emperors).

It is also because the Ghost Hand Pirates are too powerful. The Germa 66 joined them and now the Female Pirate Emperor joined with them, whether it is Marines or the World Government, or other Yonk (Four Emperors), they will maintain a great vigilance against the Ghost Hand Pirates.

Just think.

It is normal for the Four Emperors with a small strength gap to maintain a distance and balance with each other, but if the strength of one of the pirate groups is getting larger and larger, and gradually open a big gap with the other pirate groups, then this balance will be gradually broken.

"With the intelligence capabilities of the World Government, they will find out about the Empress sooner or later."

Ross calmly said: "Instead of having the World Government take the initiative to announce the withdrawal of Hancocks Shichibukai position and send troops to besiege the Amazon Lily Island, it is better for Hancock to give it up first."

"Totto Land is not afraid of anyone now because neither Whitebeard nor Akagami (Red Hair) will take the initiative to attack it and Marines and the government are the same."

"By making such big news, it is easier to attract strong people around the world who are willing to submit, forming a virtuous circle."

Hearing Rosss explanation, Robin looked thoughtful.

Clearing the table, Robin said with a quizzical chuckle, "Hancock Since when do you call the Empress by her first name?"

"A more intimate title will help to bring Totto Land and the Amazon Lily Island closer together in harmony," Ross says.

Robin smiled and tried to say something, but Ross suddenly reached out and pulled.

Caught off guard, she lost her footing and fell into Rosss arms.

"It doesnt matter who I call by name directly. Its only you who can call my name directly." Ross looked at Robin and said.

Robin wasnt struggling and she looked at Ross with a smile, her eyes were bright, and her smooth black hair fluttered gently with the sea breeze.

Rosss heart stirred and he looked down.