One Piece Talent System Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Kokonor Fitz

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Shipwright town harbor.

Three days have passed since Sai and Boo were killed. Kano Country is not far from the Shipwright town, so even if it is a slow ship, it will still arrive at noon on the fourth day.
In Ross training cabin, five sandbags were swinging around Ross. He stood in the middle of the sandbags with his eyes closed as he kept punching the sandbags.

In most cases, Ross could hit five sandbags and occasionally he will hit nothing and he gets hit by the sandbags.

It is more difficult then he imagined to master the Observation Hakis. After three days of continuous practicing, he is able to find a glimpse of the way but it will take time to truly cross that.

Haki is a hidden force that everyone has, but most people are unaware of it or unable to sense it.

The first step in practicing Haki is to sense the existence of Haki and control it and then continue to develop it to strengthen Haki.

The first step is undoubtedly the most difficult.

Just as Ross closed his eyes and tried to grasp the special perception in the dark and his own Observation Haki, the door of the cabin was knocked and Robins voice came from outside.

"Captain Ross we have arrived at Shipwright towns harbor."

"Got it."

Ross exhaled, opened his eyes and stopped the swinging sandbags and stayed at his position for a while. He recalled the training process in his mind. Then he got up and walked out of the cabin.

Coming out of the cabin, he can see the harbor of the Shipwright town. Shipwright Town was not big, much smaller than the Kano Country, and was just a medium-sized island.


The harbor here was much larger than the harbor in the Kano Country and there was a lot of cargo piled up on the harbor.

"This is not Kano Country, pirates may not be welcome here." Robin walked over to Ross side.

Ross said indifferently, "Pirates dont exist so as to be liked by people. Lets go."

As before, they left the handyman on board. Ross and Robin got off the ship and landed on the dock.

In the hope of finding the best Shipwright, Ross found a worker carrying wood on the dock and threw out a gold coin at him and asked straightforwardly:

"Who is the best Shipwright here?"

The worker was frightened to see Ross get off a pirate ship, but when he saw a gold coin thrown over to him, after staring blankly at it his timidity dropped a little.

After hearing Ross question, he pinched the gold coin and suddenly smiled.

"We have very good Shipwrights here. But If you want to ask for the best Shipwright, it should be Old man Fitz. He rarely makes ships for others, but the few ships he made are very famous."

"You said old Fitz is it Kokonor Fitz?"

Robin was shocked to hear the workers words and asked him a question.

The worker nodded. He hadnt built a ship in a long time. Probably not many people knew that he is in our town.

Ross looked at Robin a little strangely and asked: "Who is Kokonor Fitz?"

Robin put her finger on her chin, revealed a thoughtful expression and said. "Well, Ive heard of Red-Haired Shanks ship when I was gathering information before. It seems that he made Red-haired Shanks ship. Red-haired Shanks is"

"New World Yonk (Four Emperors)."
Ross interrupted Robins speech and looked at the worker in surprise. It is speculated that the hometown of Shanks was somewhere in the West Blue. He didnt expect that the Shipwright who had made the ship for Yonk (Four Emperors) would be here.

"Where is he?"

"Go straight along this road, turn right after two blocks, theres a shabby cabin where he lives."

The workers pointed out the way to Ross.

He took Robin along that direction and turned right after crossing two streets. And at once he saw a shabby single-story cabin from afar.
Outside the cabin, a group of seemingly angry people were gathered.

"Captain, are we being cheated, the best shipwright lives in this broken-down place?"

A man with a scar on his face frowned at another man with a broad-edged sword.

The man with the broad-edged sword narrowed his eyes too and said: "Lets call him out and see for ourselves."

Hearing the captains words, a man came up and kicked the door of the wooden house and said: "Hey! The guy inside, get out! Our captain wants to see you!"


The man kicked the door hard again, but there was still no movement in the cabin. Just when they thought that there was no one inside, there was a sudden cough in the cabin.

"Cough! Cough!"

"Really, I cant sleep well even for a nap."

With a coughing sound, the door of the wooden house was pushed open. An old man about fifty or sixty years old with a gray beard and worn out clothes came out from the inside.

Looking at the old mans appearance, the group of people all frowned and some people couldnt help but say: "This guy is really the best Shipwright? How dare that damn bastard lie to us!"

"Hey, if you are looking for the best Shipwright? Then you didnt find the wrong person. My skills are not bad."

Old Fitz covered his mouth and coughed twice, taking a case of wine from the waist and took a sip, which made him feel good.

Hearing the old mans words, all the people present looked at each other, some of them were not convinced. After hesitating for a moment, someone said:

"Our captain wants you to build a ship for him."

Old Fitz nodded and calmly said, "Not doing."

The group of people was stunned. One of them showed irritation and pulled out his pistol and said, "Hey! Old fellow, do you know who our captain is? If you dont want to die, cooperate!"

"Your captain ah"

Old Fitz spoke in a drawl. Suddenly, his wrist shook and a pistol was in his hand. A precise shot pierced the pirates head.
He raised the pistol and blew at the muzzle and sighed: "I really dont want to know."


They apparently did not expect that this ugly old man would dare to start a fight with them. After a moment of stunned silence, they were furious and pulled out their respective weapons before surrounding old Fitz.

But just then, clear footsteps were heard behind them.

"Coming through."

Ross walked behind two people put his hands on their shoulders and pushed them to both sides. The body of the two people rotated and distorted a few times, their bones cracked and they fell to the ground.

The numerous pirates were shocked by the sudden change in the situation. When they turned and saw Ross, their pupil shrunk and revealed panic in their eyes.

"You are"

Kch kch!

Ross kept on walking forward, and wherever he passed, the sound bones cracking and twisting was heard.

A pirate tried to escape in terror but Robin who was following Ross broke his neck with Treinta Fleur Strangle.

Old Fitz didnt care about these pirates, and even when Ross appeared, he didnt care but when he saw Robin behind Ross, his body abruptly froze.

"OlOlivia? No, you cannot be Olivia"

Robin, who has always looked calm, after hearing the name of Olivia was stunned for a moment and for the first time she lost control of her expression.


Full name Nico Olivia, one of the archaeologists of OHara and also the biological mother of Nico Robin!