One Piece Talent System Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Hurricane
Time has crossed and the Great Age of Pirates has been going on for nineteen years and entered the twentieth-year. It is less than two years before the time when Luffy went to sea in the original work.

After returning to Totto Land for a month, Rosss will is almost restored, and Cursed Blade Murasame has also adapted to the situation of bearing one soul incarnation and can make the second soul incarnation.
Whether the soul incarnation can eat Devil Fruit or not is the main question now.

Before producing the second soul incarnation, Ross convened Trafalgar Law and Caesar to discuss this issue.

In recent decades, Soul-Soul Fruit has been held in the hands of BIGMOM, and it was not until her death that it fell into Ross hands. Whether Trafalgar Law or Caesar, they dont have any specific understanding of soul incarnation.


The soul incarnation produced by Ross before can replace the personality and soul of others in the form of Personality Transplant Surgery, which is the basis of their judgment.

Caesar pondered: "Since the power of the Devil Fruit can be integrated into the weapon, the integration of soul incarnation should not be a problem."

"I dont think so."

Trafalgar Law shook his head and said, "Its not that simple. The incarnation of Lord Rosss soul is not strictly a specific material, and it has no form itself."

Caesar countered: "But soul incarnation can fuse imaginary flames and thunder, and directly make Homies. It should be easier to fuse with Devil Fruit."

Caesar also knows about Homies, after all, Ross made a bunch of Homies in the base when he experimented.

"Even so."

Trafalgar Law turned his head and said, "But how can you be sure that the produced Homies will not be a talking "Devil Fruit" and not the actual element?


Caesar froze.

There is no doubt that Ross wanted a Hurricane Homie and not a talking Devil Fruit with eyes and mouth.

"If the actual Devil Fruit doesnt work, I can try to extract the power of Devil Fruit " Caesar said to Ross.

Ross said: "Like eating a Devil Fruit?"


Caesar nodded and said: "But there are some differences. The way is to extract the liquid energy of a Devil Fruit. What you need may be something more abstract, which is more difficult, but it is not impossible."

Ross touched his chin and thought: "Then I will try to let the soul incarnation eat the Hurricane Fruit directly, if that doesnt work, then we will use your way."

Ross can give life to the dead and make it into Homies, and he can also extract the soul from the dead, so he is not worried that the soul incarnation will be wasted after it is combined with the Devil Fruit.


It does not matter if the soul incarnation is destroyed.
Cursed Blade Murasame is capable of producing countless soul incarnations, but it can only afford the existence of about six soul incarnations.

A simple explanation is that a fruit tree can produce hundreds or thousands of fruits in decades, but it does not mean that it can bear thousands of fruits at the same time.

Only five to six soul incarnations can exist at a time.

This is the current limit of Cursed Blade Murasame, unless its strength is increased.

After the decision was made, Ross no longer hesitated. He pulled out the Soul Cutting Blade or the Cursed Blade Murasame, and his will condensed on the sword edge of the Cursed Blade Murasame and the power of Soul-Soul Fruit was condensed.
This is the first tie that Caesar and Trafalgar Law had the chance to observe the abilities of the Soul-Soul Fruit up close and both of them were staring at Rosss blade intently.

One second two seconds three seconds

Rosss cohesive will is getting stronger and stronger, and a weird substance emerges from the blade, constantly writhing as if to drip from the blade.

Just when the squirming mass reached its limit, Ross waved the sword, and an invisible sword light flashed, throwing the mass out.

The creeping thing fell to the corner, and grumbled and rolled, turning into a strange dark light slime.

Law had seen the soul incarnation once before, and he has also helped in making the first Incarnation so he was not surprised for long and his expression becomes flat.

Caesar had a great interest in this Slime, but he knew that this was Rosss soul incarnation, and he was naturally afraid to put forward a request for research.


After making the second soul incarnation, Ross exhaled.

The first soul incarnation was an immature work. As for the second soul incarnation, because he already has a certain experience, he deliberately raised it to the limit and only launched the ability of Soul-Soul Fruit and cut it out.

This soul incarnation is at least 30% more powerful than the previous soul incarnation. It brings a heavy burden on Cursed Blade Murasame, but it is also placed by Ross with high hopes.

Ross even wants a Homies that floats next to him at times like Prometheus and Zeus, and it would be best if it is several times stronger than these two.

After exhaling a bit, Ross took out the Hurricane Fruit from his pocket. This Devil Fruit is similar to other Logias Devil Fruit, but the color is cyan, and the pattern on it is a rotating hurricane pattern.

Raising his hand.

The Hurricane Fruit crossed an arc in the air as it was thrown to the slime-like soul incarnation and finally fell into its mouth precisely.

The soul incarnation made a swallowing movement.

Ross looked on expectantly.

But after the soul incarnation swallowed that Devil Fruit, its body suddenly froze, then it began to shrink rapidly to the center and was finally sucked into the inside of the hurricane fruit. Finally, the eyes and mouth appeared.


The surviving hurricane fruit bounced at Ross.
Ross: ""

The last thing he wanted was to see this.

But Ross still had a glimmer of hope in his heart, and said to the Hurricane Fruit, "Can you use the Hurricane Abilities?"

"It seems, no."

The hurricane fruit jumped twice and replied to Ross.

Ross: ""

The hilarious scene makes both Trafalgar Law and Caesar want to laugh, but neither dares to and holds back.

Ross sighed and he waved the blade in his hand, and cut it out towards the hurricane fruit.

The Hurricane Fruit shuddered and the eyes and mouth disappeared, and a weird mass wriggled out of it, turning into the image of Slime again.

Ross walked over and picked up the Hurricane Fruit and looked at Caesar, saying:

"Lets go, we will try your method."


Caesar nodded and took over the Hurricane Fruit and walked towards his laboratory.