One Piece Talent System Chapter 371

Chapter 371 Hurricane Incarnation
In the laboratory.

In front of a delicate instrument.
Caesar put the Hurricane Fruit in and started the machine. After a ding sound, the Hurricane fruit turned into countless pieces and was poured into a beaker.

Caesar, who was already prepared, took the beaker to the test bench and carefully took a sealed test tube from the test bench and poured out the purple liquid in it.


The purple liquid was poured into the beaker, and a noisy sound was immediately heard.

Caesar didnt hesitate as he immediately picked up another object containing the green viscous liquid and he poured it into the beaker and sealed the beaker.


The inside of the beaker seemed to boil, and it started to crackle.

After a while, Caesar opened the beaker, and the contents of the beaker had turned into a thick black liquid and countless debris.

Caesar carefully fetched a piece of cotton gauze.

It is said that the cotton gauze is actually made of Seastone. This is a filter screen that is divided into extremely thin silk threads and reorganized. It belongs to one of the most precious instruments and he brought it from the Scientific Force Base.

After filtering through the Seastone gauze, all the debris is filtered out, and the rest is a thick black liquid.

Caesar dripped a few more strange things in it and then the liquid began to grunt, and countless gases evaporated and dissipated in the air.


Half a cup of cyan liquid appeared in the beaker.

It is a beaker, in fact, the beaker is also made of Seastone as the liquid in it is in a state that can be fused with any matter.

This liquid Devil Fruit can be fused with any matter, but it will not be fused with Seastone, so only Seastone can be used to hold it.

Caesar lifted the beaker with pliers and placed it on the central test bench.

"All right."

Ross, who had watched the production of Caesar this time, had an understanding look on his face, knowing that his chemistry teacher from his previous life would not even be able to hold a candle to Ceasar.

Without hesitation, as soon as Ross waved his hand, the slime-like soul incarnation squirmed over and swallowed that strange liquid.

Buzz !!

This time is completely different from before.

When the strange liquid merged with Rosss soul incarnation, it immediately changed from a thick cyan liquid to a small group of rotating hurricanes.
The soul incarnation slime shrank madly, rushing into the hurricane quickly, and the hurricane became bigger and bigger, and eventually reached the size of a basketball.


As the hurricane got bigger, a strong wind also rolled in the laboratory, just like a tornado, causing countless experimental equipment around to shake swiftly.

"It seems to be working, eh."

There was a smile on Caesars face, but before he could smile any further, the wind suddenly increased sharply, and everything in the laboratory instantly flew up and rotated around it.

Even Caesar himself couldnt get rid of the impact of the hurricane. He was blown into a mass of gas by the wind, and he began to twist into the center while spinning.


Caesar screamed and struggled desperately, but what was terrifying was that, with his strength, he couldnt get rid of the wind of that hurricane!

After getting dizzy by the tornado, when he was almost unable to support himself, Ross yanked and caught a mass of gas, pulling him out of the hurricane.

"Ma Master Ross "
Caesar looked at the messy lab with tears.

Ross smiled as he stared at the hurricane, he didnt look at Caesars expression and didnt look back: "You can have someone rebuild it later. Whatever resources you need, you can ask for them from Law,"

After hearing this, Caesar finally wiped his tears.

At this time, the rotating hurricane was finally getting smaller.

Eventually, a ball of tiny Dragon tornadoes appeared in the air with eyes and mouth, looking at Ross.


Ross has a subtle connection with the soul incarnation, and he can vaguely perceive how huge a force this seemingly miniature hurricane possesses!

This is not Homies made with ordinary hurricanes in nature, but Hurricane incarnation made with Logias Hurricane Devil Fruit!

One must know.

The Hurricane fruit can be eaten by anyone, and it can create a powerful existence. This is a Logia Devil Fruit that is not inferior to Ice and Fire!

"Lets go."

Ross beckoned the Hurricane Incarnation and walked out of the laboratory. The Hurricane Incarnation immediately followed, flying around Rosss head.

Reiju came forward. She heard the movement and thought that something had happened, and hurried over.

Watching Reiju rushing over, Rosss mind was surging for some playing, and he flicked a little towards the hurricane in rotation around him.


A gust of wind came out in an instant, blowing from the bottom up.
Reiju didnt expect that there would be a wind in the base. Suddenly, her clothes were blown. Just when she screamed and subconsciously stretched out her hand to press, her clothes couldnt support because of the strong wind and were torn down by the wind.


Ross paused.

Breaking clothes was not what he had expected. The wind was a bit too strong!

Reiju covered her body with her arms and the transfiguration device hanging around her waist was activated by her. The thick liquid surged and instantly wrapped around her body, turning it into a Battlesuit, blocking the wonderful sight.

After all this was done, she looked at Ross, and asked weirdly, "Master Ross, what is this ?"


Ross turned to look at Hurricane incarnation, and yelled, "Look at what you did!"

The Hurricane incarnation looked aggrieved, "But you ordered me to do it."

Ross: ""

He grabbed the Hurricane incarnation and put it between his hands.

Reiju was still staring at him, she smiled with a playful expression and said: "If Lord Ross has any opinion on my clothes, just tell me, why use this method?"

"I cant resist your orders anyway."

If Reiju had dared to whisper such things in his ear, Ross would have given her a taste of what it means to be powerless, and now

Ross dragged the hurricane incarnation, as if twisting his ears, and took a step forward, the whole person disappeared out of thin air and left the base directly.

Seeing Ross disappear, Reiju shook her head slightly.

She cant help blushing at the scene when her clothes were torn up in a flash just before she was caught off guard. Although she has underwear and Ross hasnt seen anything, she does feel a little embarrassed.

The Hurricane incarnation came to the outside world and Ross directly took him to a height of five kilometers, this location is in the middle of the Sky Island Birka and the Cake island.

He let his hand loose and threw out Hurricane incarnation.

"Boss "

The Hurricane incarnation shuddered.

Ross snorted and coldly said, "Come on, show me what you can do. Show me your power."