One Piece Talent System Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Princess Vivi
It is difficult to fight against two Marine Admirals at the same time.

Especially this generation of Marine Admirals as all of them are Logia users and once they cooperate with each other, although their Battle force will not be doubled but their cooperation will increase their power.

For example, Aokiji can fully release Ice Age and Hundred Beast Kaido and other Yonk (Four Emperors) can rely on Armament Haki to resist this attack but the speed at which they can utilize Haki will be affected.

In this case, if Kizaru came and attacked them. Even Hundred Beast Kaido would not be defeated and he cannot be killed, it would also be impossible for Kaido to do anything and he would be completely suppressed.


The current Ross, due to the special nature of the power of distortion, can use Distortion space to ignore the attacks of Kizaru Aokiji and others, but in this way, Ross also does not occupy any advantage.

But now with this Hurricane Incarnation, things are quite different.

The Hurricane Incarnation is the wind in itself and because there is no physical restraint on it, the power of hurricane contained in it is almost endless. There is no concept for it to become exhausted!

And as long as Ross does not die, it will also not die no matter what kind of attack it faces, they will not have any effect on it. This is the terrifying ability of the Hurricane Incarnation.

What is a three-day, three-night battle, even a ten-days, ten-nights battle would be nothing for the Hurricane Incarnation.

As long as Ross is willing, the Hurricane Incarnation can fly over the Marine Headquarters and blow up the Marine Headquarters for ten years in a row.

"This trick will be called Multiple Wind Blades."

Ross doesnt even bother to name these attacks with some complex sentences like Eight Shaku Curved Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama), he just named it Multiple Wind Blades, simple and clear.

After a few seconds.

The Hurricane Incarnation returned to a small Dragon tornado.

For the Hurricane Incarnation, this is an extremely powerful large-scale attack that cannot be used continuously, but after it is released once, it only needs to wait ten seconds before it can be released immediately, and there is no concept of fatigue and it can release these attacks in an unlimited Cycle.

Now the Hurricane Incarnation has a single-area attack and a large-scale attack, so what it is lacking is a long-range attack.

The Hurricane Annihilation must be released quickly after the Wind Ball has been formed. It cannot be delayed, and it cannot fly far enough to form a long-range attack.

As for the Multiple Wind Blades, although the flight distance is far enough, the damage and power will decrease with the distance, and it is not a single burst attack.

Buzz !!

Ross pulled the Hurricane Incarnation.

Under his control, the force of the hurricane gathered wildly, gradually emitting a bright light and turned into a cyan silk thread, held by Ross in his hands.

When the power of the hurricane condensed to the limit, Ross grasped the silk thread and swept it at the sea.


The thread passed by.

The undulating sea suddenly became strangely silent, as if time was fixed here, and the waves of the entire sea stopped.

And in the next moment.

The sea directly in front of Ross was divided into two by a violent power and creating an abyss that stretches all the way to the end of the line of sight!!

"This attack will be called Mist Blade."

Rosss nodded satisfaction. The three attacks he simply developed are all perfect applications of the power of the hurricane without much loss.

After creating the three attacks namely Annihilation, Multiple Wind Blades, and Mist Blade, the next time step is to train the Hurricane Incarnation in them.

Letting Hurricane incarnation remember three tricks at the same time is like asking Ross to recite three different English words at the same time. It is like pronouncing one thing while forgetting the other.

Fortunately, Ross has a strong character.

During the Hurricane Incarnation training, he was also practicing, but he just continued to practice what he does daily.

After spending almost three months, Hurricane Incarnations simple thinking process finally remembered these three attacks and it was able to be released them without relying on Ross.


Ross also experimented with the fusion of hurricane power and the power of distortion to develop a higher-level version of Hurricane Annihilation.

With the power of distortion as the core, the force of the hurricane surrounds it, and the center is filled with white light, while the outer ring is the hurricane blade that rotates constantly, like a fan.

It looks a bit like a Rasenshuriken, in fact it is a Rasenshuriken.


Compared to the Rasenshuriken, the power of this attack is even greater. If it breaks out, the area of a hundred meters will be shrouded in it and nothing will remain.


This is the forefront of the first half of the Grand Line. Since Crocodile was killed by Ross, Alabasta has remained safe until now.

But this safe and sound thing is only relatively speaking concept. In fact, this is a country on the Grand Line and there is no such thing as a completely safe thing.

Not far from the coast.

A Pirate Ship is docking here.

On the deck of the Pirate Ship, a girl with sky-blue hair, about 14 or 15 years old, was tied to a mast by a rope and a white cloth was stuffed in her mouth.


The girl was naturally unwilling to be tied up and constantly twisted her body, but no matter how she struggled, it was difficult for her to escape.

A Pirate, sitting on the deck, glanced at the girl while smoking a cigarette, and grinned, "Save your energy, we wont hurt you you are a precious hostage worth a Billion Berries!"

"But, can such a poor country really take out a Billion Berries?"

A pirate came over, carrying a bottle of wine, and shouted.

One of them narrowed his eyes and said, "It is a kingdom. How could it not have a Billion Berries, but it really was so easy to catch a Princess. The legendary Grand Line is not so good!"

The girl tied to the mast is the Princess of Alabasta, Nefartari Vivi!

These pirates are the overlords of West Blue. Soon after entering the Grand Line, they decided to do something big when they came to Alabasta. They originally intended to sneak into the palace but they were discovered by the guards so they ended up kidnapping the Princess.

"Dont count your chickens before they hatch."

"Alabasta is a country affiliated with the World Government. Marine will come at any time," An elderly pirate with a scar on his face said.

"So, they just have to give us the ransom in one day and if they dont pay the ransom, they cant blame us for this delicate Princess."

A pirate took the conversation while holding a short knife in his hand and made two double strokes towards the princess tied to the mast, making Vivis body tremble lightly.

One Billion Berries!

Alabasta is not rich and they also have to pay the Heavenly Tribute every year. As the Princess of Alabasta, she knows how much of a burden the ransom will impose on Alabasta and her bound little hands clenched into fist.

But as she continued to blame herself, she suddenly glanced at the sky in the distance and her expression froze.

In that direction.

A white cloud flew over here and there was a shadow on it.

"What is that?"