One Piece Talent System Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Acting
"Is Alabasta ahead?"

On the white cloud, Ross is sitting there with Robin sitting next to him and he is looking at the island in front of him, asking with his hand on his chin.

Not so long ago.

Kaku and others of the Sixth Division intelligence unit discovered that the new CP9 members dispatched secretly by the World Government were searching for the Ancient Weapon Pluton blueprints.

At first glance, it seems that Plutons design plan really exists. If Ancient Weapon Pluton is obtained by the World Government, it will inevitably have a great impact. Kaku and others soon reported this situation to Ross.

Ross naturally knew where Plutons blueprints were but he wasnt interested in the blueprints because he wanted to find the main body of the Ancient Weapon Pluton.

After thinking about it.

Ross decided to come to Alabasta to find out Ancient Weapon Pluton.

With his current strength and the power of Ghost Hand Pirates, holding an Ancient Weapon and keeping it safe is no problem for them. Even if the World Government would not dare to take any actions against them.

Moreover, even if the World Government really acts, the Ghost Hand Pirates arent just sitting ducks.

"Go down."

Ross patted the white cloud under him.

This white cloud is an ordinary island cloud, but Ross turned it into a flying Homie. Its speed is similar to that of an ordinary ship. It is better to be able to fly. Moreover, the speed can also be increased by the wind of Hurricane Incarnation.

The Island Cloud Homie responded and lowered towards the island.

Robin noticed the Pirate Ship on the sea but didnt care. For her now, she wouldnt care if she saw any Pirate Ship in the first half of the Grand Line.

Ross ignored the Pirate Ship as well, but he inadvertently glanced with a little surprise in his eyes.

Taking a closer look.

The blue-haired girl tied to the mast, wasnt she Princess Nefartari Vivi of Alabasta?

"What is going on?"

Ross touched his chin and began to think.

In his current position, what can make him pay a little attention to or care about is the pirates at the Shichibukai level. Besides Shichibukai, some of the more impressive plot characters can also attract his eyes.

"What happened?"

Robin noticed the change in Rosss gaze. While asking a question, she followed Rosss gaze and looked at the Pirate Ship on the sea below.

Rosss attention to a Pirate Ship surprised her.

"Nothing, I just saw something interesting."

Ross smiled.

Unexpectedly, after the Sand Crocodile was killed by him. Alabasta still couldnt be at peace. Even the Princess was abducted.

After thinking about overthrowing the World Government, it is necessary to establish a new kingdom and include all the countries in it. It is no accident that Vivi would be the sole heir of Alabasta, and she has also won the hearts of the people. It would be no problem for her to govern this country.

At this time.

Many pirates on the Pirate Ship also found that there was a shadow on the cloud above them.

"What the hell!"

"Be careful, there are people on it!"

After all, this is the Grand Line. Many of the pirates on this ship have conquered West Blue and have seen many Devil Fruit abilities. It is not very shocking for them to see a white cloud floating in the sky.

Vivi is the same.

As Princess of Alabasta, she has also seen many Devil Fruit abilities. This kind of thing that can fly in the sky may be some special means of transportation.

She just doesnt know who is riding on it.

"It stopped."

When many pirates were dismayed, they suddenly discovered that the white cloud that was supposed to pass over from above them suddenly stopped in the air.

This stop immediately made everyone wary, and many people took out their weapons and picked up their guns and made preparation for a fight.

At the same time.

Vivi also looked at the white cloud with some surprise.

She saw the white cloud descend slowly, revealing two figures standing on top of the white cloud, a man and a woman, she had a little impression of the woman but the man was vaguely familiar to her as if she had seen him somewhere.

The mans gaze was calm as he looked at her calmly.

Immediately afterward, she heard the man raise his hand and made a simple gesture towards the woman next to him.

The woman raised her arms and crossed her arms in front of her, posing in a strange pose, as if she is going to do something.

Kch! Kch! Kch!

Almost the next moment, a series of broken bones sounded in her ears.

When looking around in amazement, she saw the pirates on the entire ship and all of their bodies showed a weird curve, which was a bend that exceeded the limit of human bones.

Thud! Thud!

Together with Captain Jackal of the Jackal pirates with a bounty of 40 Million Berries and all the other pirates on the ship fell down in this second, and the whole ship was silent.

At the next moment, Vivi felt that the rope that bound her was untied, and at the same time, the white cloth in her mouth was also taken out and her freedom was restored.


She heard the man say another word.

"Lets go."

As his voice fell, the man smiled at her and the white cloud quickly carried the two and it flew towards the coast before disappearing from her vision.

It wasnt until the figures of Ross and Robin disappeared that Vivi reacted.

She stood up, first, she looked at the pirates that had fallen to the deck. When she realized that all the pirates had died, she took two steps forward and rushed to the side of the ship.

But by this time she could not find the shadow of those two people.

"Those two people"

Vivi knew that those two people had saved her, but she didnt even know their name, but the man made her a little familiar, and she was already feeling that she had seen him somewhere.

When Vivi was stunned, many human figures gradually appeared on the coast.

The first one was Alabastas king, her father, Nefartari Cobra, and Alabastas guards were next to him.

"Sir, the ship has been spotted!"

The Captain of the guard was standing beside Cobra. When he saw the Pirate Ship not far from the coast, his face showed alarm and alertness.

One person next to Cobra said, "Your Majesty, please step back."

However Cobra did not back away, but still walked in front of the team, looking at the Pirate Ship from afar, his expression seemed very calm, but it could not cover the anxiety deep within his eyes.


When he and his guards arrived close to shore, they found that there was no sign of any Pirate on the Pirate Ship and there was only Princess Vivi who was standing on the side of the Ship, waving at them.