One Piece Talent System Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Meets
"Who did this, was it you?"

Smoker turned to look at Alabastas Guard and asked at him.
The Guard Captain hesitated when he heard Smokers question and replied. "Im sorry, we dont know who did this."


Smoker froze.

The Guard Captain spread his hand and said, "When we arrived at the coast, we were prepared to fight till our death to rescue the Princess from the Pirates but when we arrived, the Pirates were already dead and the Princess was safe."

Tashigi asked in a stunned and unbelieving manner: "How the hell did that happen? But even if this did happen, how could anyone not even know who did it, Your Highness Princess should know."

The Guard Captain responded: "The Princess knows that it is a man and a woman, but she does not know them."

"Doesnt know them"

Smoker keenly captured the keyword and asked, "That being said, the man and the woman were not from Alabasta, they were outsiders."

The Guard Captain nodded his head.

Smoker saw this and suddenly a touch of thoughtfulness appeared on his face.

To have the ability to kill Jackal in a single attack, they would not be ordinary people. Even on the Grand Line, it would be a famous character.

Listening to Guard Captains statement, it seems that the other side happened to encounter the pirate group on their way and successfully saved their Princess. Now they seem to have entered Alabasta.

"Mr. Smoker, what should we do next?"

Tashigi ordered to dispose of the bodies while asking Smoker.

Smoker groaned slightly and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes as he said, "Lets go to Alabasta and see whats going on. Maybe we can still meet these mysterious people. Although they saved the Princess of Alabasta, I still cant see whether they are good or not, maybe they have some other purpose."

If any normal person rescued the Princess of Alabasta, how could they not contact the royalty of Alabasta and it would even be normal for them to ask for the king to entertain them, but the man and the women left immediately, without even leaving their name, which seemed a bit abnormal.


Tashigi responded.

After disposing of the corpse on the shore, a portion of the Marines were left on the Battleship and the remaining Marines were led by Smoker and they set foot on Alabasta.

In this world, Marines are a very common sight, so the appearance of Smoker and others did not cause much shock, and Alabasta is still the same as usual.

Smoker led the Marines to tour the streets of Alabasta all morning and found no abnormalities and no pirates.

"Maybe they are gone."

Smokers face was pensive.

The more he couldnt find those two people, the more he felt that the other party might have some other plans and it was likely to cause a big problem for them. This was the kind of intuition that he had developed for many years in Marines.

"Mr. Smoker, we have been searching for all morning, everyone is a little tired."

Tashigi walked next to Smoker and whispered to Smoker, "Should we stop first and eat something?"

Smoker did not resist and nodded. "Okay."

Many Marine soldiers carry dry rations with them and they began to eat them. As for some ranked officers, they went to some restaurants to order food.
Smoker and Tashigi also went to a High Level restaurant.

"Alabastas dishes also have a unique flavor."

Sitting at the table covered with a white cloth, Ross tasted a few dishes and found that the taste of the dishes was not bad. He couldnt help but smile.

He thought that there would be nothing delicious in a desert country like Alabasta.
After getting out of the Royal Tomb, he didnt rush to find the Ancient Weapon Pluton and he went to a restaurant with Robin to order some food. After all, he came from Cake Island to Alabasta and he hadnt eaten for some time.

"Not bad."

Robin also nodded.

When she cut a piece of meat and put it in her mouth, her expression suddenly flickered as she noticed something behind Ross.

Robin was sitting right in front of the door and she could see the people who came in. At this moment, her eyes fell on the man and the woman who came in.


Seeing one man and one woman wearing Marine uniforms coming in, Robin didnt reveal any change in appearance. For her today, unless a Marine Headquarters Admiral appeared, she wouldnt worry at all.

And its not just her, Ross is also here and even if a Marine Admiral came here, they wouldnt dare to come to move against them, these two Marines should not be so stupid as to get in trouble with them, they should have just come over for dinner.

"What happened?"
Ross noticed a change in Robins gaze and instead of turning his head to look behind him, he ate a piece of meat and asked casually.

Robin didnt care and replied: "Its nothing "

But when her voice fell, Tashigi, who was ordering food saw her inadvertently, and suddenly stare.

Because Robin was wearing a hat that was lowered to her head halfway and her face was hidden from sight, Tashigi did not see Robins face but it still made her feel a little familiar.

As a Marine.

The most important mission for them is to remember those Bounty Pirates.

Realizing that Robin looked a bit familiar, Tashigi couldnt help but drop the menu back on the table and walked towards this side, tilting her head slightly, looking at Robins face for a while.
"Its rude to stare at others like this."

Robin took a cup of tea and sipped from it and closed her eyes lightly and said casually.

At this time Ross had already noticed Tashigi and Smoker and was slightly surprised, but then he calmed down and ate and drank tea without a care in the world.

Tashigi stared at Robin and frowned slightly, she raised the glasses on the bridge of her nose and said with some uncertainty: "You should be Nico Robin, right?"

Robin smiled as she put down the teacup, she looked at Tashigi and spoke with an elegant smile on his face, "You guessed it right, Marine."

Tashigis complexion changed.

Sii! !!

Without hesitation, she raised her hand and pulled out the sword hanging around her waist, showing an extremely alert and serious posture while looking at Robin and she said:

"Ghost Hand Pirates, Sixth Division Captain, Nico Robin! What are you doing here!"

"Hahaha I came here to eat, and please dont point that dangerous thing at me."

Robin smiled lightly and did nothing, but the ability of Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi) was already activated, and Tashigis sword fell down instantly.

Several arms emerged from Tashigis body and grabbed Tashigis arm while twisted it behind her, and at the same time, one of the arms held her chin, completely capturing her figure.


Tashigi struggled hard, but she couldnt free herself, she was restrained in her place and she was feeling ashamed and angry, and there was still a little fear in her heart.

And at this moment, a weapon suddenly swept from her back and directly swept at those arms on her body, and all the arms were scattered into petals.


Robin sat there and she tilted her head and looked at Smoker, she put one hand on her cheek as she leaned towards the table and said, "Its Seastone."

Smoker looked at Robin with a depressed expression on his face.

"I didnt expect the Division Captain of the Ghost Hand Pirates to appear here what is your purpose here, Nico Robin!"

Rovin smiled lightly and said, "Didnt you here before? I came here to eat."

Smoker heard her answer and snorted coldly and a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes, he took a deep breath and said, "Since you dont plan to explain yourself, I will capture you first and then I will slowly get the answers out of you."

The moment his voice fell, his arms suddenly turned into smoke and his hand in the smoke holding his weapon swept across the top of Ross head and smashed towards Robins head.

Squeak! !!

With a cup in one hand and a kick at the table, Robin suddenly slid away with the chair by several meters, avoiding the strike from Smoker and she also took a sip of tea at the same time while showing a trace of surprise on her face.

"Ohh, a Logia user."

Seeing Robins movements, Smokers eyes flashed angrily.

It looked like Robin didnt put him in his eyes at all.

In his anger, Smokers entire body turned into smoke and he rushed into forward planning to charge into Robin, he waved his weapon in his Smoke Hand and smashed it towards Robin.

"Captian Smoker!"

Seeing this, Tashigi picked up her sword and was about to rush over to help Smoker, but she suddenly noticed Ross who was still eating his food.

Reminiscent of the man and woman mentioned by Alabastas guard before, she couldnt help but look slightly startled. Could it be that the Jackal Pirates were destroyed by Nico Robin and this person?

The probability of this is very hight!

These thoughts flickered in her heart and she immediately becomes vigilant. If this was the case, then this man is probably also a Ghost Hand Pirate!

Tashigi held the hilt of the blade in her hand and turned around little by little.

Robin and Smoker fought and the restaurant was already in a mess, countless people screamed and fled outside, but Ross continued to eat as if nothing was happening.

In Tashigis eyes, Rosss side face was the first one to be reflected, he was neither white nor black. He had a very regular complexion. He didnt look particularly handsome, but he has a kind of special temperament, which was quite different from any aristocrat she had ever seen.

The side of the face gave her a slight pause, but she recovered quickly and moved on to the front of Ross.

This time.

Rosss entire face becomes clear to her.

The moment she saw Rosss full face, Tashigis hand trembled and she almost screamed out and the blade in her hand almost fell down.

"I will say this once I am eating, dont ruin my mood."

Ross put a piece of meat in his mouth and looked at Tashigi as he said this.

Tashigis hand was shaking constantly.

She wanted to overcome the inexplicable fear in her heart, but she couldnt do it anyway. She wanted to attack Ross with her sword but the fact was that in front of her sat Ross and the sword in her hands almost became unstable!

"Im really impressed with your Marines."

"How did you get here at Alabasta?" He asked dully as he ate.

Tashigi tried to answer but her voice failed her at this time.

Ross doesnt care if Tashigi answers him. He eats and says to himself, " I remember the first time I had attacked Marine. That situation also started in a restaurant, they came there to arrest me.

"Since you recognized Robin, you should be able to guess who I am, so do you still plan to fight."

Ross put another piece of meat in his mouth and chewed it before he asked.

"In fact, I didnt plan to do anything to you Marine. But you kept blaming me and it turned out to be like this. Is your pride really so important?"

"At this point, no one can give in. You see that I am a Yonk (Four Emperors). Its impossible for me to run away after seeing you guys as I dont need to, and its impossible for you to sit by and watch my growing power. Sooner or later, I and the Marine Headquarter will have a decisive battle."

"Do you think that if I won, would I let Marine survive?"

Ross whispered, ignoring Tashigis ever-changing complexion, but every sentence made Tashigis heart tremble.

Although she kept telling herself that Ross was a Pirate and he was talking wildly but his power and narrative tone made her powerless to refute.

Its not that she cant speak.

She doesnt know what to say now.

Decisive battle with Marine Headquarters? Should Marine continue to exist? This kind of terrifying topic is not a question that a Sergeant Marine can answer at all!