One Piece Talent System Chapter 379

Chapter 379 The Power Of One Sho
Somewhere Underground.

The sound of gurgling water rang in the wet Underground. This is an Underground River in the depths of an Island. It is said that the Underground River is actually connected to the sea.
In the middle of the Underground River, a ship was docked here and an ancient atmosphere surrounded it, the surface of this ship is covered with moss as if it has been here for hundreds of thousands of years.

Ancient Weapon-Pluton.

"Is this the legendary Ancient Weapon, the product of that time " Robin came to Plutons side and ran a hand over the moss.

She is not interested in the power of Pluton, but Pluton is an ancient Weapon that transcends the era, showing part of the history of that hidden era, and studying that part of history has already become her goal in life.

"Ive heard that one shot from this can destroy an island. This power is not small."

Ross looked up at the entire Pluton ship.

Like Whitebeard, or himself, they also have the power to easily destroy an island, and it is not difficult for them to sink an island into the sea.

But to say that they can destroy a large island completely with a single blow, it will be very difficult even for them, Ross has not tried it and he is not planning to practice his punched with a large island as the target.

Being able to rank alongside the Sea King Posidon Shirahoshi who controls the Sea Kings as an Ancient Weapon, the power of the Pluton ship is also unquestionable, and if a shot is fired at the Marine Headquarters, few people can stop it.

"Do you want to fire a shot at Holy Land when we go back?"

Ross laughed at Robin.

Robin did not return his laugh: "Thats practically forcing the World Government to fight against us. Are you ready?"

Robin knew that Rosss final goal was not to be a Yonk (Four Emperors) or the Pirate King but his goal is to destroy all pirates before overthrowing the World Government.

"Ahh, I am not really ready."

Ross walked towards Robin and his hands stretched towards her waist as he hugged her from behind, and pulled her body close to his. "But Im ready if you want me to."


Robin made a bunch of arms to tear Ross apart from her and continued to study the history of Pluton.

The Pluton ship is not an ordinary ship and it would be a bit difficult to navigate it. Ross and Robin boarded Pluton and studied it carefully, and only understood part of it.


It doesnt matter if it can be used or not, Ross doesnt plan to sail to the market with Pluton. He going to use his Gravity Distortion to take the entire Pluton ship back to Totto Land for more stability.

"Lets go back and study it more thoroughly."

Ross saw Robin continue to study Pluton and said something to her, he went to the stern of Plutons ship and used his power of distortion.


The Pluton ship, which had been stationary for hundreds of years, finally moved again, though not with its own power.

Ross controlled the current and pushed the Pluton ship forward in the Underground Underwater.

As the water level increased, the Underground cave filled the end, and Ross directly opened the sea with the wall of Distortion and rushed the ship into the dark water.

After traveling for hundreds of meters again, they finally rushed out of the cave and appeared at the bottom of the sea dozens of meters down and then quickly floated up.

As the waves surge.
The Ancient Weapon Pluton, which has been silent for hundreds of years, finally sailed the seas again!

"Lets go up!"

Ross took a deep breath and used Gravity Distortion which covered the entire Pluton ship and it slowly lifted the entire ship, then quickly elevated, and eventually disappeared into the sky.

World Government.
Pangaea Castle.

The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) had learned of Rosss presence in Alabasta and have come together to discuss with each other in a solemn manner.

"Alabasta why did the Ghost Hand go there."

"The Nefartari Family is the only descendant of the first twenty who remained in the lower world"

"In other words, they are traitors."

"Is there a secret collusion between the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Nefartari Family? After all, that family was descended from the king. Do they know something?"

A Gorsei said with a cold voice.

They did not care about the Nefartari Family. Although they were descendants of the king, they chose to stay in the lower world without accepting the identity and power of Tenryubito.

But if people in this family know some secrets and then they collude with the Ghost Hand Pirates, then it would not be a trivial matter.

In fact.

The Gorsei are now feeling a little restless with the current Ghost Hand Pirate.
They wouldnt care much if the Ghost Hand Pirates behaves like Akagami (Red Hair) and Hundred Beast Kaido, by searching and snatching Road Poneglyph and they plan to conquer the Grand Line by setting foot on Raftel and becomes the new Pirate King.

The Pirate King or Emperors arent much of a threat to the World Government and they will not affect the operations of the World Government and the Pirate King will attract countless challengers to him.

The World Government is happy to see this result.


Ross did not have any intention to become the King of Pirates, but he continued to develop steadily, especially the internal governance and external expansion of Totto Land, making the Gorsei feel a little uneasy.
They always felt that Rosss purpose would not be as simple as managing Totto Land or as simple as remaining the Emperor of the sea.


"Alabasta may have a clue to Ancient Weapon Pluton."

A Gorsei thought of something and suddenly looked startled as he spoke.
The other four heard this and their expressions changed.

In addition to Ross, Nico Robin appeared in Alabasta, and Nico Robin is the only survivor of the OHara incident and the only person who can interpret the original text of history!

This combination suddenly made Gorsei feel that something is bad.

"This is not good."

"If his purpose was Ancient Weapon, he might have succeeded by now!"

"An Ancient Weapon in Ghost Hand Rosss hand This would be trouble"

The other Gorsei showed troubled expressions.

The Ghost Hand Pirates is already the most annoying force. Now if they have Ancient Weapon, it will become even more powerful.

According to this situation, if Marine Headquarters put on a stance against the Ghost Hand Pirates and fought them, even if they can win, I am afraid it will be a terrible victory, the casualties will be extremely severe!

"The Ancient Weapon cannot fall into his hands."

A Gorsei spoke in a deep voice.

But everyone was silent. They definitely didnt want to see Ancient Weapon fall into Ross hands, but how to stop it was a big problem.

Its impossible to send the entire Marine Headquarters force to the New World to fight the Ghost Hand Pirates.

"This situation cant be stopped, all we can do is get the blueprints of Pluton as soon as possible, tell CP9 to move faster."

A Gorsei holding a sword said in a deep voice: "With the blueprints, Vegapunk can copy the Ancient Weapon Pluton!"

"We can only do this."

Several people nearby nodded or sighed.