One Piece Talent System Chapter 382

Chapter 382 3 Big Influence
East Blue.

Somewhere on the sea, a small sailboat was sailing downwind with six men on board.
"Do you really plan to go to Grand Line with five people?"

Sanji smoked a cigarette and looked at Luffy.

Luffy stretched his waist and smiled, "Ah, I want to bring Nami back soon, and then set off immediately."

Although Nami snatched Going Merry and ran away, he had long decided that Nami would be his navigator.

"Dont underestimate the sea so much."

Sanji glanced back. Although he didnt know much about Grand Line, he was still more aware of its terribleness than Luffy.

Luffy held his chin and said, "If we are all together, then there is no problem going to the Grand Line because it is a paradise there."

"Paradise? Its the pirate graveyard."

Sanji said strangely.

Luffy smiled and said, "That Old Boss told me when I left the restaurant that some people call the Grand Line a Paradise!"

Just as Luffy laughed, there was a creepy voice from Zoros younger brother Johnny. "Youre so naive Big Brother!"

Johnnys forehead was stained with perspiration as he looked at Luffy and others with innocence: "You guys dont know Grand Line, so this time, if you know something about it, brother Zoro will come back with us!"

"Its time to eat, Sanji, cook something for me."

Luffy stretched his back and ignored Johnnys words.

Johnny stared. "Listen to me!"

"Do you know why the Grand Line is called the pirate graveyard? Because there are three major forces there, one of which is Seven Warlords of the Sea!"


Luffy and others couldnt help looking at him when they heard this.

Johnny put a finger up and solemnly said: "Yes, they are seven pirates recognized by the World Government. Shichibukai can plunder towns and other pirates not related to World Government alliances, although they are called World Government running dogs. But they are strong! "

"The Hawkey who defeated Brother Zoro was one of Seven Warlords of the Sea!"

Zoro leaned against the edge of the ships board, and his eyes flickered slightly.

It didnt take long for his injury to be dealt with, but because his vitality was strong enough, a shallow layer had formed under the bandage.

"Are there as many as six people as strong as Hawkeye?!"

Usopp was startled, and he couldnt help showing his horror-filled face.

Johnnys forehead was stained with sweat, saying: "This is just one of the three forces, and the other one is the Marine Headquarters!"

Everyone at the scene had dealt with Marines to a greater or lesser degree. Luffy had also defeated a Marine Captain with Zoro before, and they were not too surprised to hear it.

Johnny took a look at Luffy and others and took a deep breath and said with a very depressed expression:

"And in addition to Shichibukai and Marines, the third remaining force is Yonk (Four Emperors)!"

Johnny, who is a Pirate Hunter is more professional at his job than Zoro, who just hunt pirates to eat food because he was lost and had no money. There is no doubt that he is more professional and has a better understanding of the major forces and pirates of this sea.

"Yonk (Four Emperors)?"

Sanji spit out smoke.

Johnny Shen said: "Yes, those are the four most terrible pirates in the world. Even the World Government and Marines have no way to take them on and those who provoke them. They all die with miserable endings."

"They are so powerful that they can rule a sea, like Emperor, so they are called Yonk (Four Emperors)!"

Luffy was a little excited when he heard Johnnys words, and said, "Its decided, well set off right after we get Nami back!"


Johnny almost spits out blood, and he wanted to stab Luffys head to see what was inside of it.

"Hey! Do you know how terrifying Yonk (Four Emperors) is? The legend is that Kaido has an undead body, and that Ghost Hand, his strength is recognized as the strongest in the world "

"Lets eat dinner!"
Luffy ignored Johnnys words and stood up with a little excitement and walked towards the cabin, while Zoro and others took a look and followed him into the cabin.

This is Cocoyasi Village, located northwest of East Blue, also Namis hometown, and it is currently being ruled by Arlong Pirates.

A small ship is slowly sailing towards this island.

On the ship, two figures sat opposite to each other. One of them held a wooden staff and his eyes were closed tightly. There were two scars on his eyes, while the other person looked flat and leaned against the side of the ship.

"Well, we dont seem to be late, there hasnt been an attack here."

As the island was getting closer and closer, Ross stood up and looked in the direction of Cocoyasi Village. He released his Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki and it was easy for him to determine that the village had not been attacked by any beast.

Due to the large scope of East Blue, even though Golden Lion raised the banner of Flying Pirates and recruited a large number of pirate regiments, it was still not enough for his slaughter plan to cover the entire East Blue.

The mutant beasts started from the southwest of East Blue, and this Cocoyasi Village was in the northwest sea.

Golden Lions plan is to create fear through massacre, which will deter the World Government and he would be able to rule the entire East Blue before expanding to other seas.
Ross knows from various intelligence that a sea area not far from Cocoyasi Village has fallen, and Cocoyasi Village is likely to be the next target of Golden Lion.

Golden Lion can fly in the sky and no one can find him but since he is going to launch an attack here, it is impossible for him to hide in the sky all the time, after all, he has to show himself.

Ross doesnt plan to go to the sky to look around. Since Golden Lions plan is to rule East Blue, and this Cocoyasi Village is already his next goal, he just needs to stay here and wait for him to show himself.

"The government and Marine would also know the intelligence we have acquired."
Fujitora sat on the ships side and slowly said with his staff in his hand.

Ross didnt care: "It doesnt matter if they know, Im only going to settle an old account with Golden Lion this time. If they dare to come in for trouble then they can only blame themselves."

Speaking of which, a faint flash of light flashed in Ross eyes and the Haki which belonged to Yonk (Four Emperors), the worlds strongest appeared for a moment.

What about Shichibukai, and what about Marine Admiral?

He is looking for Golden Lion to settle accounts. Whoever dares to step in, they would be dealt with!

"Still domineering as always."

Fujitora smiles.

He was not very clear about the grudge between Ross and Golden Lion, but just looking at Ross attitude, he knew that it must be revenge, and there was no need to ask why.

Furthermore, the massacre of Golden Lion in East Blue and the creation of the terrifying beasts also made Fujitora unhappy, so when he learned that Ross was going to East Blue and asked him to follow, he immediately came.

"Uh uh?"

Ross smiled and his Haki dissipated for a moment, but at this moment, he suddenly glanced at the ship in the distance, and could not help but become surprised.

That ship is Going Merry?