One Piece Talent System Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Bartholomew Kuma
The Silverback Great Ape roared and waved a huge fist at Arlong.

Arlong also punched back with a cold look on his face.

Two fists collided, and a muffled sound broke out.

Everyone on Arlong Park saw a change in Arlongs complexion. After a stalemate for a second, Arlongs figure was pushed back by several steps!

"Boss Arlong!"

"How is this possible"

Seeing this, the nearby Fishman couldnt help showing an unbelievable look.

The Fishmans punch power is ten times stronger than that of humans, and Arlong is the best among them. The bounty of 20 Million Berries is not in line with the real strength of Arlong. How can he be repelled by a mere beast!

Where did this beast come from? !!

"How come, Arlong was "

Nami, who was not far away, watched this scene with a look of shock on her face, she did not expect that Arlong would be pushed back.

Even Arlong cant seem to beat this beast!

Under the eyes of everyone, he was repelled by the Silverback Giant Ape and finally, Arlongs face finally showed rage and he rushed towards the Silverback Giant Ape with an angry roar.

After avoiding the Silverback Great Apes punch, he snapped on the Silverback Apes legs, his sharp teeth pierced the fur and he tried to tear off a piece of meat.


The Tenacious muscles of the Silverback Great Ape were beyond his imagination. Arlong tried to bite a bit, but he could only tear out a small piece of meat. Compared with the huge size of the Silverback Great Ape, this small piece of meat is nothing.

His leg was bitten on by Arlong and the Silverback Giant Ape was completely furious. He angrily slapped Arlong causing Arlong to fly out and hit the wall.


Nami, who was hiding in the corner was shocked in her heart as she watched this scene.

In her eyes, Arlong, who was almost invincible, was getting beaten up by a gorilla!

"Boss Arlong!"

When several nearby Fishman saw this scene, they all exclaimed, and took out their respective weapons, surrounding the Silverback Giant Ape.

But before they could act, a roar suddenly came from outside Arlong Park and the already broken wall was cut into countless pieces!

A Giant Praying Mantis, roughly the size of the Silverback Ape, showed his figure.
"There is a second one!"

Seeing this Giant Praying Mantis, everyones face changed dramatically.

Just from one look, everyone can tell that this Praying Mantis would not be easy to deal with and the its power would not be any worse than of the Silverback Great Ape!

When all the Fishman were feeling a little panicked, a white cobweb suddenly fell from the sky, instantly blocking a corner of Arlong Park.

They saw a black spider about the same size as Praying Mantis and the Great Ape, walked in directly from the wall, and it looked creepy and scary!


Someone on the scene swallowed their saliva.

This group of Fishman, who usually consider themselves above mere humans, were feeling panicked at this moment.


In the corner, Nami, who was a little bit scared because of Arlong being blasted by the Silverback Giant Ape, finally came back to herself in this moment.
After looking at this scene, her face changed dramatically.

Arlong and Arlong Pirates would be defeated, but what would happen afterwards?

In the eyes of these monsters, they are probably just food. Although Arlong is hateful, he has not slaughtered the entire population of Cocoyasi Village. But if these monsters occupy this place, it will be countless times worse than that of Arlong!

Namis forehead overflowed with cold sweat.

Thinking of the seriousness of the problem, she could not help biting her teeth, and her thoughts flashed quickly, thinking about how to solve the current problem.

But these are the monsters that even Arlong cant deal with, how can she think of a way to deal with them, no matter how much she thinks, she cant think of a way.

The Silverback Great Ape growls and charged towards Arlong, who was flown by it.

Arlong took a bite out of his leg and the Silverback Great Ape hadnt forgotten it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Arlong, who was followed by the Silverback Great Ape, was hit hard by the Silverback Great Ape.

At the same time, other Fishman were also fighting the Praying Mantis and the Spider Monster. After a few brawls, they all screamed and were defeated.

The entire Arlong Park is already in a mess, the walls on all sides have been shattered, and the three monsters are running wild around here.

"What should I do"

Looking at this scene, Nami didnt feel the pleasure from the fact that the Arlong Pirates were defeated. Instead, her heart gradually sank to the bottom of the valley.

Just then, Ross and Fujitora appeared in the distance.

"Is that a creature made by Golden Lion? It really is fierce."
Fujitora released his Observation Haki and perceived the three monsters, and couldnt help but say.

He put his hand on the handle of the staff.


Ross waved his hand to stop him, saying, "This Arlong Pirate group is not a good thing. Let them fight first."
Hearing Ross words, Fujitoras raised hand dropped down.

At this time, Nami, who was scared also found Ross and Fujitora.

Did these two people take her warning as a sideshow, they came here and the key is that the situation is worse than even she had expected!

"Why are you two still here!"

Nami opened her mouth at Ross and Fujitora as she walked towards them, gritting her teeth, "Get out of here if you dont want to die!"

When Fujitora was about to say something, Ross spoke first:

"Dont worry, I wont die here yet."

Nami was almost stunned by Rosss words. Is this person crazy? Cant he see the three terrifying monsters here?

And just when she wanted to say something, a scream came and she couldnt help looking at that direction where the scream came from and she immediately saw a scene that made her tremble.

She saw.

Arlong, the Fishman getting caught by the Silverback Giant Ape and with a scream, he was torn in half by the Silverback Giant Ape!

This scene scared her so much that she turned pale.

"This is the end its over "

Even Arlong was torn apart by the terrifying monster. Who else on this island can stop these monsters?


Just when she was trembling, Ross and Fujitora next to her seemed to be aware of something at the same time, and looked up in one direction.

They were looking in the location of the Praying Mantis monster. At this moment, it had shredded two Fishman into several halves with its sharp sickle blades and treated them as fish, stuffing them in its mouths to eat.


This is the final action taken by this monster.

A weird force suddenly hit Praying Mantis head, making it suddenly stop and its head exploded!

Praying Mantiss body trembled and fell down.

In front of its body, a figure appeared. It was a man nearly seven meters tall, wearing black and white clothes, holding a book in his arms.


Nami stared at this scene.

She looked dumbfounded at the figure holding the book, her eyes were so wide that they might have fallen out of their sockets, that Giant Praying Mantis monster was killed by this person?

"Tyrant, Bartholomew Kuma."

Ross, standing next to her, whispered this persons identity.

Now that the government has convened the Shichibukai, the Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma is naturally among the ones who responded and his speed and strength are beyond doubt.

Ross was not surprised that he rushed here so fast.