One Piece Talent System Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Did They Know?

The ground touched by Aokijis palms instantly condensed into ice which began to spread in all directions and the broken Arlong Park turned into an Ice Sculpture in the blink of an eye.
This ice spread at an incredible speed and it also caught the flaws exposed by Vasco in his fight with Tyrant Bear and instantly froze half of his body on the ground.

Nami was numb looking at the scene.

Her face was completely expressionless.

She looked at Ross and Fujitora next to her. Seeing that Ross and Fujitora were equally expressionless, she recovered from the sense of detachment from reality.


Vasco had long noticed the arrival of Aokiji, but he was entangled by the Tyrant Bear, and he could not respond at all.

His body was frozen at this moment and he immediately used Armament Haki to break the ice, but Tyrant Bears palm pressed against his chest.

Buzz !!

A shocking wave entered his body.

Blood spit from Vascos mouth and his blood splattered on the ice, leaving a bright red color on the white surface and he was feeling powerless.

"I didnt expect you to be here, Vasco, it was really hard for you to escape from the Impel Down, what are you doing here?"

Aokiji walked towards Vasco and scratched his head, he suddenly remembered something and said, "Golden Lion had caused a lot of trouble. Can you tell me when he will come over?"

"Hmm "

Vasco lost his ability to resist but he still laughed. "So, you are thinking that Golden Lion will come here? Let me tell you something, he wont come."

Aokiji frowned when he heard Vascos words.

"Can you tell me, where is he now?"

"Well, he is in the sky."

Vasco grinned and smiled before licking his lips, and said, "As for his specific location, I dont know. You cant ask any more questions."


Aokiji frowned and turned to look at Skjod Law who was fighting Hawkey.

He didnt believe Vascos words, so he walked towards Skjod Law, and also hit him with Ice Age.

Hawkeye frowned slightly when Aokiji interfered with his Battle, but he didnt say anything, and he eventually put the Black Blade (Kokut) back on his back.

Aokiji froze half of Skjod Laws body, rendering him powerless.
"Has it become a trend for Pirate Hunters to become Pirates? This is really distressing."

Aokiji rubbed his eyebrows and when he saw Skjod Law, he thought of other things and felt a headache coming in and he questioned Skjod Law with a severe tone.

Skjod Law is also fearless. Although his voice is weak, his tone still has a hint of evil in it and he gives the same answer as Vasco.

They were just sent down by Golden Lion.

Golden Lions Flying Pirates base camp is a few islands floating in the air at a height of 10,000 meters. These islands will move back and forth in the sky without a fixed position.

"It will be difficult now."

Aokiji looked at Skjod Law and Vasco, he rubbed his brows as the headache that was coming has finally settled on his head.

Capturing Skjod Law and Vasco would be great merit in normal times, but the core of everything now lies in Golden Lion, and it will be useless without capturing Golden Lion.

Hawkeye and Tyrant Bear didnt bother to interfere. They both planned to leave, Hawkeye was standing there with his sword on his back and the other was standing with a book in the distance and watching coldly.

And just then.
Ross, who was standing a few hundred meters away with Nami and Fujitora, shook his head.

"It looks like I cant count on the Marines, I have to torture the information out."

As he spoke, Ross walked forward.

Nami was in a state of numbness, and when she saw Ross suddenly walking in the direction of Aokiji and others, she was shocked and couldnt help but say:

"Hey, you what are you doing?"

"Ill see if I can ask for some valuable information."

Ross said something without looking back and continued to move forward.

When Nami heard Rosss words, she couldnt help but widen her eyes and said, "Are you crazy?! There are all monsters over there!"

"Ha ha ha, dont worry."

Fujitora stood beside with a smile on his face, feeling Namis nervous expression as she seemed to want to step forward to hold Ross, he interrupted her movements and said: "Nothing will happen to him."

Nami panicked. "How could he be fine! You cant see, you dont know what kind of monsters those guys are!"

While Nami was trying to pull Ross, the expressions of Aokiji, Hawkeye, Tyrant Bear, and other people present changed at almost the same time.

Everyones eyes came together as they looked in one direction.


When they saw Rosss figure, whether it was Hawkeye or Aokiji, almost all of them showed a hint of shock on their faces.

What surprised them wasnt Ross being here, but how did Ross appear?

In their perception, Ross seemed to pop out abruptly, without showing any signs or movements!

Immediately afterwards, their eyes turned to Fujitora and Nami, who appeared "from nothing" behind Ross.

If only Ross appeared alone, they could explain it with his strength, but now three people suddenly appeared, and there was no trajectory of their path at all, that is to say, the only way for Ross to appear so abruptly is if Ross and the other two stood there from the beginning, and none of them noticed!

When this thought popped in their head.
Whether it is Hawkeye or Aokiji, their faces changed and a variety of expressions appeared on their faces because the situation they thought was too terrifying!

Hawkeye always wanted to find a chance to see how much gap there was between himself and Ross, but what happened right now made him remain silent.

"Ghost Hand "

Aokiji stared at Ross and his whole body turned into ice, and he was already in the highest level of alertness.

Even if Hawkeye and Tyrant Bear are here, he cant relax in the slightest, not to mention that he doesnt know if Shichibukai like Hawkeye and Tyrant Bear will fight Ross. Even if Hawkeye and Tyrant Bear do fight with him, there is another one over there. Ghost Hand Pirates First Division Captain!

Fujitoras strength is beyond doubt!

As for the woman next to Fujitora, she seems to be an ordinary person in their perception, but staying with Fujitora and Ross, she is probably not an ordinary person and she may be a person with some weird ability.

At this time.

Nami, standing next to Fujitora, has already thought of something.

Even if she is stupid, she realized that the situation was somewhat wrong. Aokiji and Hawkeye and others seem to know Ross clearly, and especially the Marine Admiral, Aokiji, who is looking at Ross like he was an enemy!

"They recognized him?!"


A voice came from behind Nami, answering Namis question.

They saw the third Shichibukai, Knight of the Sea (Kaiky) Jinbe appeared in the back as he walked slowly towards this side, he glanced at Nami and said strangely:

"Do you not know?"

Because the Fishman Island has become Rosss territory, Jinbe also often deals with Ghost Hand Pirates, and his relationship with Fujitora is even very good.

Seeing Nami standing next to Fujitora, he subconsciously thought that Nami was a member of the Ghost Hand Pirates, but now it seems that something is not right.

"What do you mean?"

Namis eyes were blank.

Although Jinbe felt strange, he still replied: "He is one of the Yonk (Four Emperors), how could anyone not know him."

Nami asked weakly, "What is Yonk (Four Emperors) "?


Jinbes lips twitched.

He had roughly guessed that this woman was not a member of the Ghost Hand Pirates at all, and she should be an ordinary civilian from the East Blue.

Having thought of that and hearing Namis question, Jinbe replied: "Well, the Yonk (Four Emperors) are the four pirates standing at the apex of the sea."

The apex of the sea? !!

Nami stared and asked: "That means he is strong?"

Jinbe glanced at Rosss back and said: "If you ask someone about him, they would say that he is not only powerful but he is also

"The strongest in the world!"