One Piece Talent System Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Who Is That Person?
Ross noticed the change in Namis gaze and he enjoyed the look of shock on her face. After coming over, he said at random:

"With a Marine Admiral here, you dont have to worry about the safety of the village, oh yeah, its better if you dont go out to sea recently, maybe I will see you again in future."
After leaving such a sentence, Ross walked towards Fujitora, Fujitora knocked on the ground with his wooden staff, and the frozen ground broke into a stone platform and it supported them to fly into the sky.

Seeing that Ross had left, Hawkeye also looked back, he turned away with the Black Blade (Kokut) on his back and Tyrant Bear disappeared with a flash.

Jinbe stayed, watching the silence for a while.

"About Arlong, Im very sorry."

Since he came here, he naturally knew the situation here, he knows that Arlong ruled here.

Since the girl in front of him is an aboriginal here, she should be the one oppressed by Arlong and Jinbe chose to apologize.

It wasnt because he couldnt handle Arlongs affairs. He let Arlong come to East Blue, and he never bothered to see what he was doing afterward.

"You are"

Nami turns around a little stiffly so that she has time to examine Jinbe carefully. When she sees Jinbe apologize to her, she also stares, wondering what the other party has to do with Arlong.

Jinbe said: "I am one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Jinbe, the current boss of Fishman Pirates. It is my oversight that I didnt saw what Arlong was doing here and let you suffer."

Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Its another Seven Warlords of the Sea, and it sounds like this person is the leader of the Fishman.

However, she has seen Marine Admiral, Greatest Swordsman in the World, Yonk (Four Emperors), Nami is a little numb to Jinbes identity.

Cocoyasi Village.

On the coast, Ross and Fujitora returned to their small ship.

Now that they know that Golden Lion is going to Loguetown, it is natural for them to go towards Loguetown.

"Lets go to Loguetown, thats the next target of Golden Lion," Ross said briefly to Fujitora.

Fujitora paused, feeling no surprise. Holding the stick, he said, "Loguetown, where the Pirate King Roger was executed."

"It was the place where the Great Age of Pirates began."

"Its perfect to end the Golden Lion there."

Ross looked at the sea and then with a thought, the power of distortion poured into the sea and rolled up a current that pushed the ship to sail away.

And not far from Rosss ship.
A fierce battle was erupting on the sea. A mutant beast in the sea found Luffys group on a small ship and launched a fierce attack on Luffy and others.

Although this mutant beast is not a fish and is also affected in the sea, its strength is still extremely fierce.

Even though Luffy, Zoro, and others joined forces to fight, they were still forced into a disadvantageous position by the mutant beast, and the ship was already broken.

"Damn it! This guy is too tough!"

Sanji kicked the mutant beasts head, only to feel a pain shooting up his foot bone, it was as if he had kicked an iron plate.

The mutant beast roared and attacked Luffy and caused Luffy to flew out.

Fortunately, Luffy is a rubber man and he can ignore this kind of blunt attack, and he was holding the ship with both hands when he was about to get hit. Although his figure flew out, his arms that were still holding the board also stretched a lot and he bounced back.

"This bastard My wound "

Zoro held the sword, but cold sweat dripped from his forehead, the wound cut off by Hawkeye on his chest got opened and blood spilled.
The fierce battle tore his unhealed wound.

But when the straw hats were in a hard fight, a small ship in the distance came out like a yacht.

Seeing the route, the ships will not run into each other and they will pass by.

"A ship!"

In the fierce battle, Usopp first spotted the approaching ship and screamed at Luffy and others.

Zoro gasped sharply, enduring the pain in his chest, and glanced in the direction Usopp had pointed.

"Its a small ship."

"Nothing can help us, lets kill this monster first."

Sanji was tired but he still had a cigarette in his mouth and he didnt forget to take a sip.

Luffy saw his companions in a desperate situation and he roared while stretching his right leg as hard as he could.

"Gomu Gomu no"



The foot that fell from the sky was wrapped in huge power, and it kicked it on the mutant beasts head, and the mutant beast that was kicked was completely submerged in the seawater and splashed a huge wave.

A few seconds later, the mutant beast surfaced again, but instead of attacking Luffy and others, his eyes turned white and it floated on the sea, apparently stunned by a heavy blow from Luffy.

"Got Saved "

Sanji and Usopp watched this scene and released a long sigh of relief.

If they couldnt beat it anymore, this ship would have sunken.

Almost as soon as they were relieved, the fainted mutant beast drifted away to the distance on the sea. Coincidentally, it was on the course of the ship sailing in the distance.

Usopp touched the cold sweat above his head and glanced at the direction of the mutant beast, he first hesitated and then judged the distance with his sniper abilities, the ship and the mutant beast were likely to hit each other!

This is bad!

Usopp screamed in his heart, but immediately comforted himself, the ship would surely avoid the dizzy mutant beast, after all, it looks so conspicuous and had such a huge body.

As Usopp watched, the small ship came sailing through the waves and


The ship directly pressed the mutant beast, sinking the mutant beast to the bottom of the sea, and generally continued to sail away from the wind and waves without any change.

A few seconds later, the mutated beast woke up and appeared on the surface and it slowly turning its head to look at Luffy and others, its fierce eyes showing an angry look and it roared.

Luffy: ""

Zoro: ""

Sanji: ""

Almost everyones expressions sank at this moment as they looked at the mutant beast that was rushing over, they felt a little desperate.

Luffy did his best to hit him and he was only successfull in knocking out the monster and it was hit by that damn ship again.

This is simply murder!


When Zoro and others gritted their teeth and could only brace their heads to face the beast, the ship in the distance stopped suddenly, as if it had hit something.

In the cabin of the ship, Ross glanced out unexpectedly and shook his head and smiled,

"There is something wrong, Issho, go and help them."

Fujitora also noticed the situation outside, he took hold of the wooden rod and nodded, and pushed the door open and walked outside.

He looked at Luffy and others who were again in a struggle.

"We seem to have caused you a little trouble"

Sanji and others heard that and they almost vomited blood from their mouth in anger.

A little trouble?

Does this look like a little bit of trouble?

But seeing the appearance of Fujitora, they are not surprised why the ship ran into the beast, because Fujitora is obviously a blind person!

Why is a blind person sailing in the sea?

"Anyway, Im very sorry, but please get out of the way." Fujitora held the handle of the staff blade and rushed at Luffy and others.

"Ah? What do you want to do?"

Sanji was busy but he heard Fujitoras words.

What is he going to do? But at this time, its too late to do anything, why do you have to hit the monster that has finally passed out?

"Anyway, it is a little trouble, let me take care of it."

Fujitora said sincerely and kindly.

Luffy and others looked at each other. Although they didnt know what the blind man would do, they still instinctively believed in him and stepped back.

Almost as soon as Luffy and others pulled back, Fujitora pulled out his staff blade and he swung forward sharply.

"Gravity Blade!"

Buzz !!

In an instant.

The sea seemed to have collapsed!

Under the shock and horror-filled gaze of Sanji and others, the monster was shrouded in some strange power, and in just one second, it was squeezed and crushed and turned into countless pieces of meat and bones!

At this moment.

Everyone looked dull and their faces were blank.

"This, this"

Usopp stared at the scene in horror, almost speechless.

Fujitora put the blade back into the scabbard and directed a friendly smile at Luffy and others and said: "It hasnt been very safe at sea recently, try not to go to sea for some time."

After he spoke, Fujitora turned and entered the cabin.

The waves rolled up, and the ship once again broke through the wind, it hurried away and disappeared from their eyes.

After the ship disappeared at the end of their field of vision, Sanji and others came to their senses and there was only one idea that remained in their hearts

Who is that guy? !!