One Piece Talent System Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Kenbonshoku Observation Haki
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"Ghost Hand Pirates are discovered on the north shore of the Shipwright town!"

On the Marine Battleship, a sentry post stood on a high place, lowered his telescope and reported to Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo, who wears Marines justice cloak underneath.

"Not Surprising."

Onigumo, with a shimmer in his eyes, looked in the direction of the north bank and snorted: "Transfering me from Headquarters to West Blue for a pirate that has never been to the Grand Line, so far finally I can complete this troublesome mission."

For a single pirate of the West Blue, The entire Marine Headquarters in charge of West Blue jumped up and down, covering up the facts, communicating with the government, chasing Ross and even sending him to West Blue, which he had been annoyed with.

"Tell the fifth Battleship that their route is to remain unchanged, they need to block the escape route, the other Battleships turn their course and surround the North Shore!"


A colonel next to him immediately nodded.

They did not expect that an ordinary Pirate Hunter would cause so much trouble after becoming a pirate. First, the colonel was killed and then the main branch base failed to catch him. Finally, the Marine Headquarters was forced to send a Rear Admiral.

Fortunately, this trouble can finally come to an end here, blocked by their five Battleships, plus some other battleships which are late, but they are also driving this way, There is almost no possibility of them escaping from the Marines, Ghost hand pirate group is destined to be destroyed here and become history.

Shipwright town West Bank.

Old Fitz and three Shipwright were constantly working and four or five physically strong workers are constantly carrying planks, and the whole ship had begun to take shape.

While beating on the ships deck, Old Fitz inadvertently glanced at the distant sea and saw a dark shadow gradually approaching the Shipwright town.

"Thats aMarines Battleship!"

"So fast?"

Old Fitz didnt expect Marine to come so soon.

There is no Marines branch base near Shipwright town and the nearest one is more than ten days away. If Marines reaction is slower, then it will be too late for them to stop him from building a new ship.

What he didnt expect was Marine had assembled so many Battleship fleets and only took two days to arrive here.

He only thought that the nearest Marine base Battleships would be here in ten days, but he did not think that Marines had already assembled a fleet and had been following Rosss ship!


He underestimated Marines will to kill Ross.

If there are only one or two Battleships then with Ross strength who is the strongest pirate of the West Blues, he may be able to deal with them but five Battleships are different and the Battleship formation is very terrifying.

Although old Fitz has built many ships that are famous in the sea, he has never boarded any Pirate Ship. He had no problem dealing with a small pirate who dared to rob him. But in the face of the Battleship level combat, There is nothing he can do.

"As long as you can get on this ship, even if there are more Battleships, you could have easily outrun them, but now If only I could have a few more days."

Old Fitzs fist clenched tightly.

At this distance, even if Ross was aboard his previous ship, he would not have the time to get rid of the Marine fleet. Five Battleship fleets were formed. Such a huge battle force obviously meant to destroy Ross directly without giving him any chance at all.

"How can I protect Olivias child here"

Old Fitz twisted his eyebrows together and racked his brains trying to find a way to help Ross and Robin escape from here, but nothing comes to his mind.

He knows a lot of people, even Red Hair Shanks has a deep friendship with him, but in this situation, even if he can inform the Shanks in New World asking him for help, It is not possible for Shanks to appear here out of thin air.

He doesnt have enough time!

All the ways he can think of, he cant implement them due to the shortage of time, Marine Battleships came so soon that they might have been chasing behind Ross all this time.

"This is really troublesome."

Shipwright town North Shore.

In the training cabin of the old ship, Ross was standing at the center of five suspended sandbags, punching one punch after another and constantly beating the sandbags swinging around.

His ship is being built here and he is taking all the time he has to exercise, trying to master the Observation Haki as soon as possible.

He exercises every day and practices every day, Ross is sometimes very tired but he never stops because he knows clearly that if he stops one day because he is tired, then there will be the next day and the third day.

He didnt want to make fatigue an excuse for laziness.


As early as the Talent System first appeared, the system voice mentioned the phrase "I suggest that the host should not rely too much on the system."

Although Ross does not know the drawbacks of relying too much on the system, the reminder itself fits his idea, because the system, as it appears, is likely to disappear someday.

If it should disappear, would everything of itself disappear with it?

Because of this, Ross has always maintained the habit of practicing every day. Although the system may not disappear out of thin air, his exercises will not stop.

Hu! Hu!

In the process of punching and beating sandbags, Ross gradually entered a state of extreme inner calm, as if he could feel every muscle in motion and the airflow brought by his breath.

His perspective suddenly became the third party, watching his body standing there, punching and swinging sandbags.

"This feeling"

Ross thought it was strange.

This is the first time he has entered this state. In past practice, it has never appeared before. In this state, he seems to be able to observe every detailed change of his own.

This state is also recorded in the notes. This is a state in which every muscle and every bone of the body can be perfectly controlled in detail.

Once in this state, Observation Haki is very close to being learned!

The power of Observation Haki is not so much the potential of the human body as it is a force that will be ignored in most cases.

For an average person, their body is too weak and the Observation Haki is also very weak that it is almost useless.


Even many ordinary people, in the face of death, at the moment of life and death will feel as if time has become extremely slow as if they can see the trajectory of bullets fired at them.

In fact, in the state of near death, the spirit is strongly stimulated, leading Observation Haki to be completely stimulated in an instant, thats the feeling that appears at the life and death moment.


Ordinary people can at most trigger a moment of Observation Haki because of the stimulus of life and death. Most of them can no longer grasp that state after the event, and the burst of Observation Haki will quickly return to the original state.

But for people like Ross, what they have to do is to observe the existence of Observation Hakis under normal conditions and master the power thoroughly!

"Peace Observe calm"

Ross tries his best to be not affected by this strange state of mind, to keep his mind calm and to observe his every move.

He doesnt know how long ago it took and under the repeated mechanization, Ross suddenly noticed a strange thing that lingered on his body like an airflow for a moment.


Ross was shocked and instantly broke away from the state of complete calmness and the strange airflow disappeared instantly from his perception.

"No mistakes thats it!"

Rosss eyes showed a trace of excitement and he was not depressed that he had withdrawn from that state because as long as he could observe this state the first time, then he would certainly be able to observe this state a second and third time.

When he is fully aware of the existence of Observation Haki, it is not far from controlling and using this force!


Ross took a deep breath and calmed his mind, ready to continue practicing.

However, at this time, the door of the practice room was suddenly pushed open from the outside and Robin appeared at the door with a grave expression, saying:

"Captain, Marines are here!"

Ross raised his hand and pressed it against the sandbags that had been swinging around him. He said, "it only took them two days? It seems that they have been watching us while we were in the Kano Country."

Robin nodded, murmuring, "There are three medium-sized Battleships in several directions, not excluding the possibility of other Battleships. The standard arrangement for other two small Battleships and West Blue Marine branch bases should also have two medium-sized Battleships and four small Battleships."

Five Battleships!

Even though Robin knew Ross strength, her heart was faintly worried when she detected five Battleships coming.

"That is to say, this time the Battleships are either assembled from several branch bases nearby or from outside the West Blue." Ross took over.


Robin nodded.

For West Blue, its a powerful fleet that can sweep in all directions, even if the ten pirate groups of West Blue with an individual bounty of over 30 million berries group together, they all have to flee in front of such a fleet!

Pirates who have never set foot on the Grand Line have little chance of setting off waves before such force.

The presence of such a large fleet in West Blue is enough to show Marines determination to kill Ross and the importance it attaches to this.

Ross smiled: "Five Battleships, A Rear Admiral sent by the Headquarters to catch me, They really think highly of me."

He tidied up his slightly messy shirt, went to the door of the cabin and walked past Robin and came out on the deck, looking out into the distant sea.

Far away.

Marines Battleships are clearly visible!