One Piece Talent System Chapter 391

Chapter 391 The Tangled Warfare Starts

The Straw Hat Pirates have just arrived here.
"Why are ao many Marines here."

On the street, Zoro, who was going to buy a blade avoided a Marine patrol and frowned slightly.

Few civilians could be seen along the way, and Marine, who was patrolling the streets from time to time, walked by. Why is this town so alert?

Although Zoro is a big fool, he still has some reason. He knows that if Marines found him in this place, it will definitely cause a lot of troubles. Although he wont be caught by Marines, he and Luffy and others will have to escape as soon as possible and he wouldnt be able to buy a blade for himself.

Seeing Marine patrolling past him, Zoro stepped out of the alley that he was hiding in and looked for the Blade shop.


As he walked across the street, he suddenly noticed a man and a woman who were coming from the street in front of him, a sword hung on the waist of the woman and a sword hung on the waist of the man.


Tashigi, who was following Ross, noticed Zoro, and at the same time noticed the swords on Zoros waist.

Her low mood was instantly lifted as she looked at the Famed Blade (Meit).

"This is is this 21 Wazamonos sword?!"

Tashigi held up the glasses on the bridge of her nose and couldnt help walking towards Zoro and looked at the sword on his waist for observation.

Zoro was startled and took two steps back subconsciously, and said:

"Hey! What are you doing ?!"

Tashigi, looking naturally dull, finally noticed Zoro. After staring at him for some time, she apologized again and again and also looked for a hole to hide herself in.

Zoro sees Tashigi apologizing again and again and says, "Well, you seem to know a lot about Swords."

"Ah, I did a little research on them."

Tashigi was embarrassed as she said, "Well, can you show me your blade?"

Zoro handed over the blade generously while looking at Tashigis Sword and said after thinking for a moment, "You are also using a Famed Blade (Meit)."


Tashigi took Zoros blade and she also heard him speak of her blade and she took the blade off and handed it to Zoro, and said, "It is one of the 50 Skillful Grade Swords(Ryo Wazamono Grade Swords).

As she spoke, she pulled out Zoros sword and recognizing that it was indeed the real thing, and could not help but praise it.

Although he was a little speechless about Tashigis behavior, Tashigis understanding of the swords was a good chat for Zoro.
"Yes, is there a shop selling blades nearby?"

After Zoro retrieved his sword, he asked Tashigi.

Tashigi nodded said, "Are you going to buy a blade? There is one over there. Ill take you there."

"Thank you."

"Youre welcome."
Tashigi agreed and then thought of Ross next to her. When she looks over her shoulder, she sees that Ross is not impatient. Instead, his eyes linger on Zoro for a few seconds.

The three walked towards the distant shops together, and Zoros gaze was constantly on the Cursed Blade Murasame around Rosss waist along the way.

"Are you a swordsman?"

Zoro looked at the Cursed Blade Murasame and looked at Ross again and asked suddenly.

Although Rosss blade seemed to be a Famed Blade (Meit), he did not feel any Similar feeling on Ross, which means that Ross should not be a swordsman.

Ross nodded and said indifferently: "I am indeed not a swordsman."

Hearing Rosss admission, Zoro could not help but shake his head lightly and regretted that a Famed Blade (Meit) fell into the hands of someone who was not a swordsman, but his pride would not allow him to take the Famed Blade (Meit) from Ross hands, even if Ross is not a swordsman.

The group of three quickly came to a blade shop.


Just as Tashigi was going to lead Zoro in, Ross suddenly looked up, and grabbed Tashigis collar and dragged her back.


With a loud noise, a huge monster fell from the sky, and the Blade shop collapsed instantly from above as the monster roared.

This monster that fell from the sky noticed Ross and the other two for the first time and bloodlust appeared in its eyes, it raised its claws and hurled it at Ross and others.

"So it finally started."

Ross looked at the monster without any emotion on his face. Instead, he released his Observation Haki and began to look for Golden Lion traces throughout the Lougetown.

At the same time, Zoro saw that Ross and Tashigi were both "Stunned" and immediately pulled out his sword, slamming the monster against it.

"You two, move quickly!"

He had battled with this monster before, and Zoro knew the strength of this monster, even if he had recovered from his injuries, it would be difficult for him to deal with this monster, not to mention that there are two people beside him.

Zoros voice had just fallen and more roars came from above.

Three or four monsters descended from the sky in succession, and they successively fell on this street, smashing several buildings, and a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from their bodies.

Tashigi looked at the monsters and her pupils contracted sharply.

She had gone out to fight against these monsters once before, but the result was that she couldnt beat them at all, and it was still Smokers attack that killed the monster.

Faced with four or five monsters exuding their terrifying aura, Tashigi could not help shaking a little, even if she pulled out her own sword, there wouldnt be anything that she would be able to do.
"Damn there are so many."

Zoro also saw many monsters appearing one after another, and he couldnt help but grit his teeth. If it only one then he could still fight hard so that he could only escape.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The surrounding buildings were constantly getting destroyed by many monsters.

The monster in front of Ross slapped Zoro out in one shot. Then it continued to attack Ross and Tashigi.

"Not good!"

Zoro was flung sideways and could not help but curse.

Just then, Ross looked up and glanced coldly at the monster.

He released his Haoshoku Haki, stopping the monsters movement for a moment, the monster was barely able to hold his body without fainting, but it momentarily staggering back.

Seeing this scene, Zoro looked shocked for a moment.

"What happened?"

Although he doesnt know what was going on but the monster suddenly stood with unstable feet, which is obviously a good thing. He guesses that the monster tripped on something.

It was then that Zoro saw the Luffy and others gathering not far away, they were in a battle with a monster, as the buildings collapsed around them.

"Hey! Luffy!"

Zoro called out over there.

Luffy and others heard the sound and looked at Zoro.

"Luffy," Sanji said, looking grim and speaking in a slightly nervous voice, "There are too many of these monsters for us to deal with. We need to get out of here as soon as possible!"

Although Luffy had mussels for brain, he also knew that he couldnt fight with so many monsters. He responded and ran back while running with Sanji and others in the direction of Zoro.

And this time.

Countless Marines also flooded the streets, fighting with many monsters.

Some Marines fought with these monsters with their bare fists and some of them cut the monsters apart with their sword. Luffy and others are shocked as they saw this scene.

"Hey! Whats up with these Marines?"

Usopp swallowed and asked, looking horrified.

These groups of people can deal with these monsters directly, they can fight these monsters single-handedly, Isnt their strength a bit too exaggerated?

"They are the elites of the Headquarters."

When Tashigi heard Usopps words, she couldnt help but whisper back.

Although she was suspended from her job, Marine Headquarters had deployed a large number of elites to defend Lougetown. She still knows that these people are Captain and even Rear Admiral from Marine Headquarters.