One Piece Talent System Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Who? Where?
"Headquarters? Marine Headquarters?"

Sanji heard this and his forehead overflowed with cold sweat.
Everyone looked at each other, and they suddenly thought that they should not stand here as they were pirate. After Luffy defeated Krieg, the Marines had put a bounty of 20 Million Berries on his head!

"Okay, I think we should go."

Usopp spoke while trembling.

But Sanji glanced at the crowd and gritted his teeth, "No! Miss Nami is not here, she is still in the town!"

Luffy took a deep breath and said solemnly, "Hey, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, lets pick up Nami and leave!"

Although this island has become the battlefield between monsters and Headquarters Marines, Nami is still in the town, and he cant just turn away like this.

A monster snarled and rushed towards them.

Luffy waved his fist, Zoro pulled out his sword, Sanji rushed up, and the three of them rushed together to fight against the monster.

But before the three mens attack fell, a shock suddenly erupted from the side.

"Gyogin Karate (Mermaid Karate) Hyakumaigawara Seiken(Hundred Tile True Punch)!"


Only a Bang was heard, and the monster, which could not be beaten by the efforts of Luffy and others, was smashed open on one side of its body, resulting in a huge hole.

And behind that monster, a fat figure appeared, he is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Knight of the Sea (Kaiky) Jinbe!

Seeing this scene.

Everyone was shocked.

Its okay for someone to fight alone with that monster, they could accept that but this kind of punch that can kill a monster in seconds, isnt it mean that this guy is monster among monster?

Usopps whole body shook and he couldnt help screaming, "Who the hell is that guy!"

"He is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Knight of the Sea (Kaiky) Jinbe."

Tashigi held her sword to her chest and was breathing heavily. She was also taken aback by this bloody scene, but her emotions soon settled down.

Seven Warlords of the Sea!

Zoro, Sanji, and others looked at each other, they could not help but think of the three forces of the Grand Line mentioned by Johnny.

"This guy is the same Shichibukai as Hawkey, no wonder he is outrageously strong." Usopps forehead was full of cold sweat.

"Even Shichibukai appeared here, whats going on?"
Sanji looked at Jinbe, who continued to attack other monsters, and a chill spread across his spine, he said, "I think we got ourselves involved in something extraordinary."

Tashigi took a deep breath and couldnt help thinking of what Ross had said before, and what to do with Golden Lion. Could it be that Golden Lion would really appear here?

Thinking about this.

She couldnt help but glance at Ross next to her.

No wonder Marine Headquarters had sent out so many heavy hitters of the Grand Lines to guard here, no wonder Ross appeared here, it turns out that this town was getting targeted by Golden Lion!

"Dont just stand here, look for Nami."

Zoro remained calm in this situation, speaking loudly to Luffy and others, while also looking at Ross and Tashigi, saying, "There doesnt seem to be a safe place here, youd better leave here soon."

After hearing this, Tashigi stared a bit and looked at Ross next to her. Then she finally noticed something. This group of people didnt seem to know Ross!!


Luffy yelled because he didnt know where Nami was.
Immediately after Luffy shouted, Namis response came from a ruin not far from here.

"I am here!"

Nami got out of the ruins and saw Luffy and the others from a distance. With a look of joy, she immediately ran towards Luffy and the others.

But before she ran halfway, a monster rushed over to her.

"Not good!"

"This is bad!"


Luffy, Zoro, and others rushed towards the other side, but they were too late and they wouldnt reach Nami in time.

And at the critical moment, the sound of wooden staff suddenly sounded from the ruins.

Tuk, Tuk, Tuk.

Leaning on his staff, Fujitora emerged from the nearby ruins, looked up at the monster, and opened his white eyes, which had no pupils.

He raised the wooden staff in his hand.

Buzz !!

A force of gravity fell instantly and the monsters entire body immediately crushed to the ground and it couldnt move. Under the terrifying gravity, the entire area appeared to be cracked.

"Its that Ossan (Uncle)!"

Luffy, Zoro, and others stared for a moment as they saw the scene in front of them, and immediately thought of the boat incident where they had first seen Fujitora and saw his power, they could not help but look shocked.
"That Thank you very much."

Nami saw that the monster was unable to move under the weight of Fujitoras cane, and shivered to thank Fujitora, thinking of what she had learned about Fujitora.

This is no ordinary blind man, but a giant pirate with a bounty of more than a billion Berries!

"Youre welcome."
Fujitora replied in a kind voice.

Seeing that the danger on Nami was lifted, Luffy and others were finally relieved.

Usopp wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and couldnt help but said, "Thats one strong man, who is he?"

Tashigi looked at Fujitora and said with some difficulty, "He is Ghost Hand Pirates First Division Captain, Issho, he has a Bounty of 1.2 Billion Berries."

At this point, she could not help but glance sideways at Ross and saw that he was not paying attention to the scene in front of him, but was looking somewhere to the right side as if there were something there that caught his eye.

A Pirate!

1.2 billion Berries!

When Luffy, Zoro, and others heard this sentence, it immediately set off a hurricanes in their hearts.

East Blues Admiral Krige only had a bounty of 17 Million Berries, Luffy defeated him and got a bounty of 20 Million Berries.

The bounty of this person is 1.2 Billion, and the fraction is ten times that of Luffy. What is this concept?

"Wah! 1.2 Billion Berries, how is that possible!"

Usopp couldnt help but scream in disbelief.

Tashigi looks at Usopp and is about to say something when suddenly there is a sound of kchkch in the street not far away.

"Ice Age!"

They saw the ice spread from the distance and the ruins of the street was instantly frozen!


Bang Bang.

Aokijis figure flew out upside down, smashing into several broken buildings, breaking into translucent chunks of ice not far in front of Luffy and others.

These ice cubes quickly gathered, and instantly condensed into Aokijis body. He looked at the street in the distance, his face somewhat depressed.

"Ahrara, I didnt know youd be here."

Seeing Aokijis figure, even Tashigi was shocked, but she was no longer surprised when she thought of Ross who was also here, and the Golden Lion might still attack here.

Compared to Tashigi.

The nearby Luffy, Zoro, and others saw Aokiji, who was broken into ice cubes and re-condensed and also froze the street in an instant.

"That guy What ability is it?"

"Thats Admiral Aokijis Ice Logia ability."

Tashigi took a deep breath and responded, her direct Chief Smoker is also a Logia User, his ability is to turn into smoke, but smoke and ice are obviously different from each other.

Smoker and Aokiji are completely incomparable to each other.

"Admiral? Did you say Admiral?"

Sanji caught Tashigis words and couldnt help turning his head towards her.

"Hes an Admiral from Marine Headquarters," Ross replied casually.

Marine Admiral!

Sanji and others almost gasped at Rosss words.

Even though they dont know much about Marines, they also know the rank of Admiral, which should be close to the highest in Marine.

This kind of guy actually appeared here!

Ross didnt care about Sanji and others but looked in the direction where Aokiji flew out from.


A man in a green cloak came out from that direction. He seemed a bit surprised. He was only going to take a look at Luffy who was about to set foot on the Grand Line. However, he did not expect that the defenses of Loguetown suddenly became so severe, it seemed to have become a battlefield.

The sudden outbreak of Battle made him unable to hide. After being exposed, he immediately encountered Aokijis attack, and he had to fight back.

"It was indeed unexpected."

Dragon looked at Aokiji and slowly said, "Is this where Golden Lion is going to attack? No wonder there is such a big battle here."

Compared to Dragons calmness, Aokijis attitude seemed very different.

The appearance of Dragon was completely unexpected to him and even Marines hadnt thought of it at all. Their plan was only to deal with Golden Lion, and now, Dragon was added to that equation.

"No matter what, I cant let go of you, you are a major criminal of the World Government."

Aokijis eyes changed for a while, but he still opened his mouth slowly. He rushed towards Dragon and raised his hand, a huge ice ball suddenly fell from the sky.

The immense momentum attracted countless peoples eyes and Luffy and Zoro and others were even more shocked.

Facing Aokijis attack, Dragon grunted coldly and he raised his hand and punching out


His fist-bumped against the Iceball.


There was a loud blast and the ice ball, which was dozens of meters in diameter, was blasted by Dragons punch, and turned into countless pieces of broken ice!

Seeing this scene, Luffy and others expressions had already become stiff.

Who are they?

Why are they here?


What am I doing here?