One Piece Talent System Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Charge
"Thats Revolutionary Armys Leader, Dragon!"

Looking at the figure confronting Aokiji, Tashigis face changed several times, and she finally opens her mouth with a look of shock on her face.
In recent years, the Revolutionary Army has become more powerful, and their spread of ideas has threatened the World Government in many ways. Compared to Yonk (Four Emperors), Dragon is a criminal valued more by the Government and Marines!

"Revolutionary Army Leader?!"

Nearby, Sanji, who had been shocked by the previous scenes was shocked again and he was close to having a heart attack. He did not know much about Yonk (Four Emperors) or Shichibukai, but he knew a lot about the Revolutionary Army.

Because Dragons messages often appear in the East Blue newspaper and the Revolutionary Armys power in East Blue has also grown, even subverting a country not long ago!

With a shock in his eyes, Sanji looked at the Dragon who was fighting with Aokiji. He couldnt help saying, "How could such a big man appear here "

"Okay, now I really think that we should go."

Usopp was so scared that he began to feel weak in his legs.

A reminder from Usopp finally made Zoro and others wake up, and the entire group, including Luffy, immediately decided to leave.


Just as Zoro is about to call for Ross and Tashigi to leave together, a roar of pride and laughter appears in the sky.


"This is a big enough scene now, we have Marine Admiral, and Seven Warlords of the Sea and even the Elites of the Marines and World Government are here, it is quite a welcome!"

Golden Lion appeared in the sky, his hands were stacked in front of him as he remained suspended in the dark sky, overlooking the entire Loguetown.

At the rear of the Golden Lion, a ship was slowly floating, carrying numerous pirates in black, all showing the fierce wicked expression.


Aokiji stopped his action and Dragon followed suit and then they backed away from each other. His face was somewhat depressed and he coldly looked at Golden Lion floating in the sky.

The Marine lineup originally set up here was to defeat Golden Lion and arrest him, but now there is an unexpected person, Revolutionary Army Leader Dragon, which has made things messy.

In World Governments priority list, Dragons priority is undoubtedly above Golden Lion, but their primary mission this time is to not deal with Dragon but to capture or kill Golden Lion, which makes the current situation a mess to deal with.

"Aokiji, you little boy, I havent seen you for twenty years and now you have become a Marine Admiral." Golden Lion floated in the sky overlooking Aokiji and he spoke while holding a cigar in his mouth.

He and Garp did fight a lot back then. He also has quite the impression of Aokiji who was Garps follower, but it was just an impression of a follower.

Aokiji stood in place while looking for any weakness in Golden Lion. At first, he was really just a follower. He could only watch the fight between Garp and Golden Lion. But now he is already the highest battle force of the World Government. He is a Marine Headquarters Admiral.

In comparison, Golden Lion is just an old lion with a broken leg.

Just at this time.

A woman in a Marine cloak of justice with pink sleeves appeared, holding a gleaming sword blade in her hand. She looked up at the sky and said:

"Deal with Dragon, leave Golden Lion to me."

Marine Headquarters Alternate Admiral Momousagi!


Aokiji didnt budge either. Although their strength was not enough, they could not let Dragon run away anyway, at least he could keep Dragon busy.
As for whether Momousagi can defeat Golden Lion or nor, that isnt even a question, because Momousagi is not weaker than him now. If Momousagi cant defeat him then he wouldnt be able to defeat him either.

Besides, Aokiji didnt think that Golden Lion with broken legs would still possess the powerful strength he had in that age.

"A woman?"

Golden Lion glanced down at Momousagi below, his eyes showing disdain, and he said, "You want to stand deal with me? Can you even swing that sword on your waist?"

Golden Lion has an impression of Aokiji but he has no impression of Momousagi. Momousagis level was even lower than Aokiji in the year he was active. As the top three legendary pirates, he naturally would not remember or have any impressions of a Rear Admiral.

Golden Lions words annoyed Momousagi for a moment.

Her eyebrows rose and her eyes flashed with anger and then she became calm. She lifted the blade in her hand and swiped it at Golden Lion.


A golden sword energy suddenly swung off, and in an instant it traversed the whole sky, seeming to divide the dark sky in one stroke!

Momousagis sword attack instantly attracted Zoros attention and his expressions changed.

"That woman."

This level of attack is far from what he can do right now, a womans sword arts is even fierce to this extent.

Looking at Momousagi, Tashigi couldnt help showing a hint of awe on her face. As a swordsman, she had been fascinated by Momousagi for a long time.

"Its Vice-Admiral Momousagi She is the nearest thing to an Admirals existence and she is also said to be the next Admiral!"

Another monster has appeared.

Sanji and others hearts have become almost numb.

Golden Lion didnt put Momousagi in his eyes. However, Momousagis shocking sword arts stunned him, he muttered and swung his right leg.

"Zanpa (Slash Wave)!"

Buzz !!

A similar golden sword energy burst out, colliding with Momousagis sword energy and their collision erupted in the sky and they both exploded.

When the sword energy was broken, although Golden Lions eyes were still full of arrogance, the contempt and disdain has disappeared as he looked at Momousagi now.

This woman is very strong!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Momousagi used Gepp (Moonwalk) and rushed towards Golden Lion in the sky, her face was cold and killing intent rushed out of her body in waves.

Golden Lion didnt speak and he clashed against Momousagi with a cold face, his legs swayed continuously, and a fierce confrontation between him and Momousagi started in the sky with dozens of attacks getting used in the blink of an eye.

Ding-Ding Dong!

Momousagis eyes flickered with coldness. When her sword was swung out, Armament Haki condensed on the sword edge, which made Golden Lion unable to resist the attack and his body flew back more than ten meters.

"You are already so old, you should have found a nice small place for your eternal rest."

Knocking Golden Lion back, Momousagi said coldly and she continued to rush forward with her sword in her hand.


Golden Lion who disappeared for 20 years and has Broken legs is no longer Momousagis opponent in terms of Sword Arts!

Golden Lions face sank and he said, "While I was sailing and conquering the sea, you were still suckling at your mother tits, Dont be so arrogant kid!"

Ding-Ding Dong!

The two continued to fight together.

With the flexibility of Float-Float Fruit, Golden Lion has stabilized the situation. Although Momousagi will use Gepp (Moonwalk), Gepp (Moonwalk) is not as flexible as Float-Float Fruit.

In terms of flexibility, the two are fighting together, and it seems that the winner and loser wont be decided in a short time.

At this time, Luffys group was ready to retreat.


Just when they were leaving, numerous pirates in black clothes jumped off from the ship in the sky, and several people were emitting a strong presence.

Hundreds of pirates jumped off the ship, looking at the Marines in the town with wild faces and grinning.

"Kill the Marine! Kill them all!"

The crowd roared and rushed toward the Marines.

At the same time, a Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral on the Marines side also raised his sword and said: "They are going to come over! Team two, team three, team four! Attack them with me!"


Countless Marine responded loudly and quickly formed a queue of nearly a thousand people.

Marines and Pirates just charged at each other, and the momentum was surging, shouts of kill sounded as they rushed towards each other.

Luffy was stunned.

Zoro was stunned.

Sanji was stunned.

They were in a position that, unfortunately, was the center of the charge!

"Ahhhhh! Its over! Its over!"

Usopps tears and snot almost came out, and he wanted to run away, but on one side was Marines large force, and on the other was the Pirates large force, they were completely caught in the middle!