One Piece Talent System Chapter 394 1

Chapter 394 Shock Part 1
When the Marines and Golden Lion subordinates launched a decisive charge against each other, Ross eyes could not help but recover from Golden Lion and Momousagis figure in the sky and he looked at the changing Marines and Pirates and he also saw that he happened to be in the middle of their charge.

He glanced at the Marines on the left side and the Pirate on the right side and he could not help but frown.
"What the hell are these guys doing?"

"Is my existence so low that they have ignored me?!"

Although he didnt show his momentum and power, he also didnt hide his body this time, he is just standing here and everyone can see him!

When Ross spoke, Nami, who was panicking, noticed him behind her. She saw that Ross was standing there muttering to himself and she was stunned.

Is he here too? !!

The moment she saw Ross, Namis heart was violently shocked. What happened the other day in Arlong Park was deeply imprinted in her mind and she could still see that scene as if it happened just now and she couldnt get them out of her mind!

"Stop this farce immediately."

When the Marines and Pirates were about to smash together, Ross spoke coldly, and he also walked towards the Golden Lion.

Zoro, who was caught by the momentum of Marines and the Pirates felt stiff and was pulling out his swords with gritted teeth. When he saw Ross walking forward, he stared at him.

"Hey, you "

At the same time.

Luffy, Sanji, and others also looked at Ross. They have already seen Ross and Tashigi when they united with Zoro but they just kept getting shocked again and again and they didnt have the time to ask Zoro about them.

Now seeing Ross suddenly walking forward alone, as if he didnt notice the Marines and the Pirates rushed from both sides, they could not help but stare at him.

"Who is that guy?"

Sanji couldnt help but ask Zoro.

Zoro was about to say that he doesnt know but he stopped when he saw Ross figure getting up from the ground, that guy was actually flying.

"Wow! Flying! That guy is flying!"

When Luffy saw this scene, he couldnt help but widen his eyes instantly, and stars appeared in his eyes.

It was also at the moment when Ross rose from the ground that the Vice-Admiral who was leading the Marines against the charge of Pirates saw him and was shocked. His footsteps suddenly stopped as he looked at Ross. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead and back and his eyes became unfocused.

"That guy is "

"He is the Yonk (Four Emperors) Ghost Hand Ross! Why is he here?"

Not only a few Vice-Admirals but even the Rear Admirals next to them and the Pirates opposite to them recognized the figure that had just risen to air and they couldnt help but show horror-filled expressions on their faces and some of them even took many steps back and gulped down their saliva.

Some of them still remembered the scene where Ross destroyed the Marine Headquarters Fortress, they were there when Ross had attacked the Marine Headquarters after he escaped from Impel Down and that fear was still lingering in their hearts!
"Ghost Hand!"

At the same time.

The four people, Aokiji, Momousagi, Dragon, and Golden Lion all saw Ross instantly and every one of them had a different expressions on their faces.

Aokiji was not surprised by Rosss appearance, because Ross obviously obtained the next attack plan of Golden Lion from Vasco, so it is normal for him to appear here.

He also communicated with Marine Headquarters and made sufficient preparations in advance. Momousagi was one of those preparations, but the appearance of the Revolutionary Army Leader Dragon completely disrupt their plans and Momousagi had to step out so that Aokiji can deal with Dragon while she dealt with Golden Lion.

Even if they have other back up plans, it is already their limit to deal with Golden Lion and Dragon at the same time. If they also had to deal with Ross, it would be nothing but a horrifying nightmare!

In the sky.

Ross looked at Momousagi and Golden Lion, and said gently: "Golden Lions head in mine, I want to take it down with my hands, you Marines should stand aside."

His tone is very gentle, but in an instant, the domineering exhibition that belongs to Yonk (Four Emperors) and the Strongest in the World is vividly displayed!
"Dont speak nonsense!"

Momousagi frowned, she snorted and said, "Its Marines job to arrest the Golden Lion. How can we let a pirate intervene in our matter!"

Although it seems like a good thing for Ross to deal with Golden Lion, how could they give up in such a place.

Facing the confrontation between the two major pirates, Marines didnt even dare to step in and they stood by and watched. Once this news spread to the outside world, Marines prestige and their face would be completely swept away.

"This is not a request, it is a notice."

Ross spoke out in a flat voice, and as he finished speaking to Momousagi, he called out without looking back, raising his voice.



Fujitora held the wooden staff in his hand and he stepped on a stone post that raised into the sky.

"Stop her."

"Leave it to me."

Fujitora pulled out his staff blade and he also opened his pupilless eyes, he calmly looked in the direction of Momousagi.

Momousagi knew about Fujitora, but Rosss attitude of throwing her off at his men makes her so angry that she cant help but strike a blow at him.


Fujitora slashed out with his sword in the next moment, blocking Momousagis attack from reaching its intended target.

"Your Excellency Marine, I will block you here, please guide an Old Man."
"The Ghost Hand Pirates, First Division Captain"

Momousagi took a deep breath, knowing that Fujitora could stop her attack, it was impossible to deal with Ross while he is here and finally she set his sights on Fujitora, showing a calm expression on her face.

As for Fujitora, she doesnt have much information on him. According to the information learned by various intelligence, the strength of this First Division Captain is likely to be above that of Shiliew of the Rain!