One Piece Talent System Chapter 394 2

Chapter 394 Shock Part 2
And this time.

Rosss gaze finally turned to Golden Lion.
"I didnt expect you to grow to such a degree that even that Whitebeard lost to you I didnt even believe it at first when I saw the news in the newspaper."

Golden Lion stared at Ross and suddenly reached out his hand, saying, "With your current power and my plan, we can join hands and easily control the world, join me, Ghost Hand Ross!"

Although Ross is a junior to Golden Lion, he had become a Yonk (Four Emperors) and he had also defeated Whitebeard. Rosss status in his eyes is different from before.


As soon as he had finished speaking, Ross had already attacked him with his sword.

"There is no need for you to speak nonsense!"


This sword, wrapped in a violent power of distortion, erupted towards the Golden Lion in an instant, shattering the empty space around Golden Lion.

Golden Lion didnt expect Ross to attack suddenly, but he also responded immediately, his legs swayed and Armament Haki covered the sword on his leg and he splitted it towards Rosss sword.


Golden Lions slash and Ross Distortions slash collided against each other, and after only a stalemate for half a second, it immediately crashed.

The furious power of distortion sent Golden Lion flying backward by a few hundred yards in a flash!

One strike!

And that had already decided the outcome of this battle regardless of any future fight!

Momousagi, who was fighting Fujitora, saw this scene and she couldnt help but take in a cold breath and a little vibration appeared in her eyes.

This is the strength of The Strongest in the World!

Golden Lion, who was fighting equally against her was like a broken kite in front of Ross and he was also blown backward by a single attack from Ross. Golden Lion couldnt even withstand Rosss powers for even half a second and was blown back!

Momousagi couldnt help but think of the scene where she defeated Ross in Dressrosa with the help of Kizaru and Tokikake. At that time, Ross was far less capable than he is now.

She is sure that Ross at that time may not have won against her even if they fought one on one.

But now after so many years, although her strength has also improved, Rosss strength is soaring, leaving her completely behind!

Why on earth is that?

Are my efforts insufficient?

But I have never neglected the Sword Arts Training and had trained even hard but the gap in strength was still increasing between her and Ross.
On the other side.

Aokiji is shocked, he also can not help but secretly sigh, Ross has become even more powerful. If he were to fight Ross alone, he wouldnt even be able to save his life, not to mention defeating Ross, that is just a wild dream at this point.

It seems that from Rosss escape from Impe Down was not just based on luck and after he had escaped from Impel Down, his strength is soaring day by day and his rising strength and influence can no longer be stopped.

"The Strongest in the World "

Dragon stared at Rosss figure from a distance, and there was a deep expression in his eyes.
Although he is not afraid of Ross, he also has to admit that Ross is more powerful than him. If they fought against each other in a life and death fight, the one to die would most likely be him.

He had heard about Ross long before, and even tried to recruit Ross and Robin into the Revolutionary Army, but Ross had refused them.

He thought at that time that Ross would be defeated by the Marines In fact, he was indeed defeated by Marines and sent to Impel Down Prison.

But no one would have thought.

Ross who was locked in Impel Down was able to escape intact and he also took the Warden leader Shiliew of the Rain with him and after they were gone from Impel Down they destroyed the Marine Headquarters and since then Ross and the Ghost Hand Pirates have become unstoppable!
Even Aokiji, Momousagi, and others are shaken by Rosss strength, not to mention Luffy, Zoro, and others below.

Everyone was shocked.

Shichibukais who killed these monsters in one hit, Admiral from Marine Headquarters, and Golden Lion Shiki who is one of the Three legendary pirates from Gold Rogers era. Every single one of these figures is bigger than the other and the short confrontation between Golden Lion and Momousagi is already a fantasy fight in their eyes.

But Ross attacked Golden Lion and caused him to flew back with a single attack, this kind of terrifying strength is not something that they can imagine right now and their minds are almost blank!

What happened?

Can anyone tell me what happened? !!

"That guy, what is "

Zoro watched as Ross flew towards Golden Lion and attacked him with a single attack and by the dull expressions on his face, it looked to him as if Ross wasnt even giving it his all, which also means that Ghost Hand Ross was holding back.

"Ghost Hand Ross."

Tashigi stood beside and answered Zoros question. She looked up at Ross in the sky, with a touch of complexity in her eyes, saying:

"He is one of the Four Strongest Pirates that are currently ruling the Grand Line. No, it should be said that he is the Strongest Pirate. There were three Shichibukai who died under his hand. BIGMOM, one of the former Yonk (Four Emperors) also died at his hand and he also destroyed the Marine Headquarters after escaping from an inescapable prison."

"There are no people in the world who can stop that guy "

Tashigis voice was not loud, but as she spoke, it was like a thunderbolt that had exploded in the hearts of Luffy and others.

They are not very clear about the term Yonk (Four Emperors), but they know who the Shichibukais are. Hawkeye is also one of Shichibukai and the Greatest Swordsman in the World. There is no doubt about his strength in their heart.


There were three Shichibukai who died by Rosss hand!
Marine Headquarters is undoubtedly the main Marine base and it should also be the most heavily guarded place in the world, but that kind of place has been destroyed by this man!

"That guys bounty how much"

Nami received the least impact. She looked at Tashigi a little numbly, but eventually, she couldnt help but asked a question she always wanted to ask.

Tashigi glanced at Nami and said slowly:
"Three Billion."

There was no need to say any extra words.

It was only a simple number but it surpasses all the previous bounties they have heard or seen, Hell, the bounties they have seen couldnt even come close to Rosss bounty. Everyone within the hearing distance was shocked and their mind became blank as they tried to process this information.

The current Bounty.

3 Billion Berries!