One Piece Talent System Chapter 398

Chapter 398 The Ability To Manipulate The Earth
Ten thousand meters above sea level.

The White Sea.
"Is this the Sky Island?!"

Going Merry rode the rising currents and eventually broke through the White Clouds and reached all the way to the White Sea 10,000 meters above sea level.

Nami walked to the side of the ship and looked down. She didnt see the seawater, but only a white cloud that was acting just like seawater.

"Cloud, how can a ship float above the cloud?"

She was shocked and puzzled at the same time by this phenomenon.

Luffy and others were a little short of breath at this moment because it was the first time that they came to the White Sea at a height of 10,000 meters, but they had special constitutions and they gradually got used to the low air.

"The Log Pose is still pointing to the front."

Nami watched the direction where Log Pose was pointing and randomly instructed Sanji and others to sail and steer in the direction of Log Pose.

After sailing for about half a day, an island finally appeared in front of them, showing a milky color, it looked like a heavenly scene.

"Look there!"

"Its Sky Island!"

Luffy and others saw the Sky Island in the distance and finally screamed with excitement.

A place like Sky island is almost like a dream scene to them but now it is real and they have arrived here.

And just when Luffy and others finally arrived at Sky Island.

On Angel Island, somewhere in the watchtower, a quirky toy saw Going Merry coming from a distance and jumped up suddenly.

"Report! Report! There are intruders!"

The toy immediately reported to the Sky Island Captain outside the watchtower.

Immediately afterward, the Sky Island Captain searched for the Priest and reported the news of an outsider at Angel Beach to the Priest of Angel Island.

The Priest was shocked when he heard about it and immediately walked into the central palace.

"An intruder?

Sugar was sitting on a White cloud chair while holding a bunch of candy and grapes, she put a grape in her mouth and tilted her head at the Priest who had just came in.

The Sky islands have been completely conquered by Ross and they have become Ghost Hand Pirates territory. Angel Island is also one of them.

Sugar came to Angel Island for a holiday before and found that she liked the scenery here, so she simply stayed here and Ross didnt care much, and let her stay at Angel Island.
"They look like blue sea people. We should have received the intelligence if these people had come from the top of the west. But we didnt receive any intelligence.

"The Priest told Sugar.

Sugar has a special status in Sky Island and she has the same status as Gan Fall and she is always in touch with Ross and manages the toys, while Gan Fall manages the entire Sky Island and they dont have much conflict.

The incident of the invaders in the Angel island is reported to Sugar first.

Sugar ate another grape and said, "Catch them all."


The priest stares for a moment.

Sugar ate the grapes one by one, and said, "Isnt there enough trouble on Skypieas side? Dont bother me with such things."

The Priest resigned reluctantly.

Just after the Priest left, a huge figure in the hall turned to Sugar and said, "Isnt this the kind of things that should be reported."

That figure is the Giant Iron Wall, who is responsible for keeping Sugar safe.

Barrier-Barrier Fruits ability to produce an all-dimensional Barrier that will not open nor break for 10 days or half a month unless the enemy is a top-level Armament Haki user or had an ability to control the Barrier.

At that time, they only need to call for support and Ross will naturally be able to arrive soon.

"Does it even matter?"

Sugar poked five grapes with five fingers and then put them into her mouth one by one, and said, "Anyway, they will become a toy and no one will remember them."


The Iron Wall Giant was speechless for a while, but he still honestly chose to report the situation. Although he is responsible for protecting Sugar, he is also responsible for guarding and he would not allow Sugar to do something too capricious or exaggerated.

In the sky far from Angel Island, across nearly half of the Grand Line and directly above the Cake Island, and also where the Sky Island Birka is located.

"The Strawhat Pirates arrived at Angel Island?"

Ross, who just got up for breakfast, heard the report from Robin next to him, and couldnt help shaking his head lightly. Luffys journey still couldnt avoid Sky Island.

However, it can also be said that Angel Islands magnetic force is too strong. As long as any Ship appears in the sea below its location, the direction of Log Pose will be pulled to the sky.

Generally, as long as you stay away from the sea, Log Pose will point to other islands, but with Luffys personality, it is no surprise that he must have wanted to go up when he heard about Sky island.

Robin held her chin in her hand and chuckled, "Sugar intends to grab them all and turn them into toys."

"Well, that would be interesting."

Ross snorted but he didnt blame Sugar for it. Being defensive is part of her nature.

Robin chuckled and said: "But I put a stop to it. The Strawhat Pirates have dealt with a Shichibukai recently and those priests alone might not be able to win against them. And if we sent out the Iron Wall Giant then there is a chance that Sugar will be put in danger by then. Its not worth the effort."
Once Sugar loses consciousness, the toys will all turn back into people and there would be a lot of Chaos and every single person turned by Sugar will come again to challenge Ross or to break into his territory.

Once they are transformed into a human form, there will be chaos.

Although the threat they would possess is not great, it will be a lot of trouble.

"Well, let her stop fooling around."

Ross nods. Luffy and his gangs battle power cannot be called strong or weak, and its hard to tell if hes going to suddenly break out and go into Second and Third gear on the island.

Robin finished talking about Luffy, and suddenly looked right, saying: "Yes, except for Luffy, there is still trouble with the Angel Island."


Ross ate a piece of cake and looked towards her.

Robin said, "Its the Holy Land Skypiea It is the half-broken part of the Jaya island on Sky Island. Recently, a guy calling himself a God emerged there. The priest over there went on a crusade and the whole army was Obliteration. "

"Calling himself a God?"

There was a weird look on Rosss face. It wasnt Enel, was it? He had found Enel before, but he didnt pay attention to him.

But the question is, in his case, how did Enel get the ability to invade Holy Land Skypiea and wipe out the whole army led by the conquest team?

"What about more specific intelligence?"

Ross asked at Robin.

Robin thought a little before replying: "Because of the previous annihilation of the army, only a small amount of intelligence was passed on. The guy who called himself a God seemed to have the ability to manipulate the earth."


Three question marks popped up on Ross head. He had deliberately installed a force on the Angel Island before. He used the power of distortion to control the earth before, but now there is really a Devil Fruit user that could control the earth?

If that guy is really Enel, then Ross has to say that his luck is too good, Rumble-Rumble Fruit was snatched by him and he still got a powerful Devil Fruit that can be used to control the Earth.

"Stone fruit? Or Earth fruit?"

Ross couldnt help asking Robin.

The former is the ability of Pica who was one of the subordinates of Doflamingo, that guy could manipulating rock and the latter one is one of Logias abilities, which belongs to the Upper Level of Devil Fruits.

The Stone fruit can only assimilate the nearby earth, soil and the like, and cannot actively produce rocks and soil. Once it is at sea, it has no effect. The Earth fruit is one of the Logia Devil Fruit that can directly produce rocks and soil.

The gap between the two is still large.


Robin shook her head and said, "There is too little intelligence to judge."

Ross pondered for a while, he stood up and said, "Well, Ill go there and see whats going on. If its really the Earth Logia Devil Fruit, I can make another powerful Soul Incarnation."