One Piece Talent System Chapter 399

Chapter 399: Luffys Decision
Angel Island.

The emergence of Luffys group did not cause any trouble in the end. The Sky Island was completely under Rosss rule, so the appearance of a few blue sea people was not a big deal and the people of the Sky Island were accustomed to this.
Because not everyone in the Ghost Hand Pirates can set foot on the Island and those that do are normally Captain Level cadres. This status is relatively high, so Luffy and others were also warmly welcomed on Angel Island by the people on the island.


"There are toys at work!"

Luffy saw a group of toys holding various tools and rebuilding a building in a hurry, and he could not help but stare at them with stars in his eyes.

Zoro put a hand on his chin and said while hesitating a little, "As a matter of common sense, toys should not work."

"Do you think there is any common sense here? The existence of Sky Island itself is incredible!" Namis eyes twitched slightly as she heard Zoros words.

Sanji thoughtfully said: "Indeed, the Sky Island itself is incredible, maybe this is the legendary heaven there are also many beautiful ladies over there !!"


Nami slapped Sanji back in his head.

She looked at the recording shell she bought and said, "These toys should be one of the special tools, after all, even these shells have various uses."

"They are not some special tools."

A member of Sky Island Army, The White Beret Army was following Luffys group and when he heard Sanji and others, he said, "These Toys are completely different."


Luffy and others heard the words and turned around.

The Armys member said, "Those toys were human before, and it was Sugar Samas ability that turned them into toys."

Hearing these words, Luffy and others stared for a moment, and Sanji frowned, and said, "They were humans before? Why did you turn them into toys? This is no joke."

The Armys members said positively: "The law of the Sky Island states that for crimes above the third level, the penalty is to take away their human body and make them work as toys to pay for their Sins."

Hearing this sentence, Sanji was startled and he glanced at a toy in the distance and said:

"In other words, they were all criminals before? So theres no problem turning them into a toy?!"

The Army member nodded and said, "Well, humans cannot be harmed by becoming a toy, and they must obey the orders of the Army superiors."

"I see."

Zoro and others nodded slightly.

The existence of Sky Island itself is very special. There is also such a special punishment system. Naturally, this punishment system is also quite good. It can make criminals work as toys and pay off sins. It is much better than being kept in a prison cage.
But after the reminder of the Army member, their gazes at the toys were no longer the same.

"Speaking of which I saw a lot of toys along the way. Do you have such a high crime rate in Sky Island?"

Sanji walked and asked suddenly, confused.

In their view, the atmosphere of this Sky Island can be said to be peaceful. Even if there is a crime, it should be rare.

The Army member shook his head and said: "Only a small part of those toys are criminals of the Sky Island. Most of them are some pirates on the blue sea."
Puff! !!

This sentence made Sanji almost spit.

Pirates of the blue sea arent they also the pirates of the blue sea? !!

Just then, Luffy suddenly said innocently: "Ah? We are also the pirate of the blue sea."

The air was suddenly silent.

The White Beret Army member stared at them.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Almost the next moment, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp waved their fists together, knocking Luffy to the ground for a moment, beating him hard.

"That, um, he just said that we are adventurers on the blue sea." Nami slammed Luffy while explaining to the Army member.


The Army member looked at Nami and others strangely.

Sanji kicked Luffy a few feet, with a trace of cold sweat on his forehead, and immediately gave a fake smile and shifted the topic: "That, do you have any more scenery that we can watch?"

"This, since you are from the blue sea, you wont know much of anything here, so I will slowly take you to tour."

The White Beret Army member laughed and said.

At this time, Zoro and others finally stopped moving. Luffy, who was swollen and red, stretched out a hand while barely supporting his body and opened his mouth to say:

"Those toys "


Nami punched Luffy, who was barely supporting his body, with her fist again.

After the farce, the White Beret Army member took Luffy and others along the way to explore the scenery and food of Angel Island. After a long walk, they finally came to the coast of Angel Island.

This is not the place where Luffy and others stop their ship, but the coast on the opposite side, looking far away, they were just in the opposite direction of Holy Land Skypiea.
"Is that land?!"

Seeing Skypiea in the distance, or half of Jaya Island, Sanji and others were taken aback. They did not expect that there would be land on Sky Island.

"Where "

The Army member looked at Holy Land Skypiea in the distance, with a look of embarrassment on his face.

Sanji noticed his expression and couldnt help turning his head and asking, "Whats wrong?"

"Well, the earth you see everywhere in the blue sea is very precious to us, and in the sky, this is the Holy Land, which God gave us four hundred years ago and which we have been guarding ever since."

At this point, the Army members face showed an inexplicable expression, saying: "But just a few days ago, someone invaded the Holy Land and occupied it, claiming to be God, saying that Holy Land is his Domain and he alone is the master."


Zoro and others turned around.

The Beret Army member squeezed his fists and said, "Yesterday, Lord Priest led a part of our Army there, but in the end, the whole army was overwhelmed."

At this point, he showed an unwillingness and grief on his face, he gritted his teeth and said, "But sooner or later, we will take the Holy Land back!"


Hearing this, Luffy and others were silent for a while.

After a while, Luffy raised his lowered head violently. He did a fist-fisting gesture on his chest and said, "Ossan, you have helped us for so long and you even bought food for us Let us I will take it back for you!"