One Piece Talent System Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Destroying Battleship

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Four Battleships were slowly approaching the North bank, near Rosss ship.

Many of the Marines on Battleship were serious and they were waiting with their swords in hand. The man they wanted to arrest was Ghost Hand Ross that turn the West Blue upside down, even if they are led by a Rear Admiral sent by Headquarters. They would not dare to become careless.

"Reporting to Captain, the enemy ship is about to enter the shelling range, Do we start the bombardment?"

On one of the Battleships, a Lieutenant Commander in charge of the cannons asked a Captain on the ship.

The captain looked at the Ghost Hand Pirate Ship in the distance and said: "The Command Ship hasnt issued any orders so we will wait"


The Lieutenant Commander hesitated for a moment and couldnt help but say: "Forgive me for saying this but Ghost Hand Ross is fierce, ruthless, and cruel, everyone weve met calls him a Wicked Devil. We should try our best to avoid confronting him head-on and break his ship and sank him directly into the sea."

"It makes sense, but do you want to give orders beyond our power? And that Ghost Hand Ross may not be on board."

When the captain said it, he snorted and said: "Dont worry, we have Rear Admiral Onigumo from Headquarters. Even if Ghost Hand Ross is really a wicked devil, hell have to go to hell obediently!"

In the middle of their conversation, the command from the main ship finally came.

"Prepare the cannons, aim at the enemy ship and start preparation for the shelling!"

Following Onigumos orders, Marines on five Battleship ships breathed a sigh of relief and acted one after another, filling cannonball into the barrel of the cannon and aimed them at the Pirate Ship of Ross.

Five Battleships only need a single round of simultaneous fire to destroy a pirate ship like that of Ross, There will be remain nothing that is intact after the bombardment.


Just as several Battleships were approaching Ross Pirate Ship and the ship was about to enter the bombardment range, a figure suddenly jumped up and landed in the sea and started rushing towards them over the sea.

"That is a man?"

"Its Ghost Hand Ross! That guy can run on the sea!"

Looking at the silhouette of the rushing, many of the Marines were first a stare, and then they all reacted. They were all eyes wide and surprised.

Looking at the moving figure in the sea, many Marines on the Battleship stared at first, then reacted one after another, their eyes wide, showing surprise.

Looking at Rosss figure that was heading towards one of the Battleship, Several Marines on the Battleship reacted and the captain shouted directly:

"Dont let him approach!"

"Aim at Ghost Hand Ross, start firing!"

Many of the Marines on Battleship had already prepared for the bombardment. When they heard their Captain command they suppressed the shock in their hearts and turned the barrels angle slightly, aiming at Ross.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the midst of the smoke, countless cannonballs flew towards Ross like a raging Rainstorm. The area around Ross who was running towards them on the sea was completely covered.

Headquarters Rear Admiral Onigumo was standing on the main Battleship with a cigarette in his mouth as he watches the scene and spits out a puff of smoke saying:

"Did he really think that the cannons on the Battleship are ornaments. For him to directly rush at the Battleship? Even I wouldnt dare to do this."

There was a hint of ridicule on his face.


Almost at the next moment, the water spray from the cannonball on the sea fell back on the sea and all mockery on Onigumos face solidified because Ross figure was still running towards them and there were no scars on his body, even his clothes were not wet from the water.

"How is this possible?"

Onigumo was surprised.

Just as he frowned and wanted to continue looking, several cannons on Battleship launched another attack, once again enveloping the area around Ross.

Again the cannonball fire failed to leave any trace on Ross, whether it was the cannonball rain or splashing water, Ross passed directly through them.

This time Onigumo finally noticed something wrong.

Because Ross was not affected by the cannonballs and the sprayed water and he didnt even have any water on the soles of his feet as if he had no weight at all.

Rethinking about all of Ross ability in the Intelligence, Onigumo suddenly screamed in a loud voice and said, "Be careful! Thats the illusion he made with his ability at sea"


It was obviously too late to notice now.

He saw that Ross, which was running on the sea, was already close to a small Battleship. After jumping up, he jumped directly to the Battleship.

With a sound, Ross stepped on the ships deck. It was obvious that at sometime Rosss Illusionary body merged with his real body.


On the Battleship, Marine Captain watched as Ross landed on his Battleship with a look of horror and panic, he tried to make his subordinates Marines fire their guns at Ross.


Before he can even give his orders, he saw that the ships deck beneath Ross feet suddenly started to twist.

The shipboard made of hardwood suddenly seems to become like wave. With Ross as the center, it started to twist in all directions and the whole hull makes an unbearable sound of kch kch.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In their panicked state, the Marines started to fire their guns at Ross, but Ross has no intention to dodge, his hands were stretched out on both sides and the bullets that touched his hands and body got twisted around or stopped still.

Under the horrified gaze of the Marines on several other Battleships, this small Battleship, which is tens of meters long, appears to be twisting and folding in the middle, its like an invisible giant holding a model ship in both of his hands and he is exerting force from both sides of the ship and finally the small ship completely collapsed!

"Damn it!"

When Onigumo saw this scene, he shouted angrily. The cigarette in his mouth had already been bitten by him. He looked angrily at the location where Battleship had collapsed.

The ship was twisted by a rigid spiral and turned into a twist-like Battleship. After losing the power of distortion, the ships deck collapsed and shattered completely.

At this time, Rosss figure also jumped from it, charging into the second Battleship.

"Fire! Stop him!"

Marine on the other Battleship looks at Ross who was rushing towards them, behind him a twisted ship with almost all Marines were dead.

However, even as the captain on board gave his orders and countless cannonballs fired at Ross, they all passed through him without having any effect on him. Obviously, at some time, Ross who was running on the sea became a phantom image again.


In the continuous bombardment, Ross figure rushed towards the second Battleship. He pressed his hand on the bulkhead of the Battleship cabin and the power of distortion violently ignited, the entire cabin showed a strange twist as it turned into a spiral cake like figure.

"Stop Him!"

A Marine Captain with a long sword in his hand rushed towards Ross with a roar. The long sword in his hand slashed out wrapped in weak sword energy towards Ross.

Ross had no intention of avoiding it and his other hand lifted to block it. The sword energy fell towards his hand like a snake. It twisted a few times and then collapsed and broke, and then the captains sword was also pinched between his fingers.

"Weak sword arts."

The power of this sword is comparable to Captain Moby, but for him now, it can be pinched between his fingers.