One Piece Talent System Chapter 400

Chapter 400 I Am God
"Dont get involved in other peoples affairs!"

Nami punched Luffys head while comically showing shark teeth.
However, Luffy was unmoved and Zoro also hesitated and he put his hand on the hilt of his sword and Sanji lit a cigarette and spit out a smoke, saying:

"It is a very important place for you and the beautiful young ladies, leave it to us."

For a while, high emotions surged.

They were no longer the same people they were in Louge Town where they could hardly breathe in the face of the great powers. Now they were on the Grand Line and they had already defeated a Seven Warlords of the Sea. They already have their own strength and they are pretty confident!

In other words, it is.

Blind Confidence and their egos are inflating.


The Army member nodded absently.

These are strong enemies and even Lord Priest couldnt deal with them, we have already reported the situation to Totto Land"

However, before he finished speaking, he saw that Luffy and others directly charged towards the shore and jumped onto the two boats on the shore. After launching, they rushed towards Skypiea.

Seeing this scene, the members of the Beret Army was shocked, he tried to stop them but it was too late, he couldnt get on a boat to chase after them as it was against the rules and he could not help but panic.

"Those guys this is bad!"

His look changed continuously, and eventually, he reacted. He immediately turned around and ran up to Island, looking for Captain and the Priests to urgently report this situation.

Holy Land.


At the very center of this land is a temple. Usually, only the Priests and Gan Fall are eligible to come here for sacrifices rituals, but now this place has been occupied by a group of people.

In the courtyard outside the shrine, Enel stood there and he tilted his head and drew his ears, and said, "That is to say, this place was also occupied by that Totto Land Power."

"This should be the case and we got this information from interrogating those guys."

A Sky Islander following Enel bowed his head and reported.

Enel snorted and stepped on the ground and the mud rushed around him instantly. He grabbed a handful of mud and said:

"The Earth is something that only a God can control! I took this place and I will stay here and let those people know who the True God is!"

The attendant watched in awe as Enel took control of the earth.
He followed Enel because Enel had the ability to conjure up dirt at will, which was equivalent to conjure up gold and diamonds at will on the blue sea!

"What are you going to do next?"

"He asked, bending over towards Enel.

Enel cocked his head and said, "I will take care of that Angel Island over there. Its a Sin for them to not respect a God that exists in their world."

And just as Enel was about to go and take down the Angel Island first, one of his subordinates suddenly ran all the way towards him.
"Enel Sama!"

" Some people from the blue sea broke into the island!"

Enel frowned when he heard the words of his subordinates, and said, "Blue sea people? Why didnt you catch them?!"

"These guys are really strong, we cant deal with them."

The guard member sweated coldly, kneeling down at Enel, his voice trembling.
Enel said unpleasantly, "So useless forget it, for them to dare to step into this Holy Land without Gods permission, let me personally punish them!"

Holy Land Skypiea.

Its a mess in a forest, apparently, this is a scene after the battle.

"This place belongs to God forbidden!"

A Sky Islander lay on the ground with blood spilling from the corners of his mouth. He looked hard at Luffy and the others and screaming: "You you dare to break into here God God Enel will never let go!"


Luffy stood there and looked down at him, he shook his fist and said, "Im going to find him and blow him out of the sky!"

"He has occupied the Holy Land of other people and now he is calling himself a God."

Sanji took a breath and spit out the smoke and said coldly, "You have really upset the Beautiful ladies of the Sky Island!"

"You Bloody nosed, two-bit chef."

Zoro said disdainfully as he rests one of his hand on the hilt of his sword and said, "I dont know if this Enel guy uses swords, but I want to fight him."

Sky Islander: ""

What are these people saying? Are these blue sea people all crazy?

After being speechless, he didnt come up in a breath and his head tilted and he passed out.

"Really "
Nami stood behind the team and came over at this moment while rubbing her eyebrows and saying, "You three are way too energetic! What if that Enel is very powerful!"

Sanji threw away his cigarette butt and said, "Miss Nami, dont worry, we even defeated a Shichibukai before. If you are really scared I will protect you, hehehehe "


Nami punched Sanji on his face.
"Your presence feels even more dangerous."

Just when the entire group had sorted it out and was about to move on, Zoros face suddenly changed and he said, "Did you guys feel that?"


Nami looked at Zoro strangely.

And at this moment, Sanjis face on the other side also changed, he looked down at the ground below and said, "Its not right, the ground is moving!"

As Sanjis voice fell, the intensity of the earths jitter became stronger and stronger, and finally, it was felt by Usopp, Nami and others.

One second two seconds three seconds

With the passage of time, the entire earth seemed to have completely experienced an earthquake, it was surging violently and turning into waves.

"Hug the trunk!

Sanji let out a roar and all the people immediately charge towards the next tree and hugged the trunk.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a few more seconds, the earth in the field burst into the sky, rising like a fountain, toward the sky.

They saw the whole ground cracking inch by inch and the surrounding trees all fell down, a section of soil continued to rise and finally turned into a mountain-like thing and spread all the way to the end of sight.

At last.

The earthquake stopped.

Zoro and others raised their heads, looking up at the rising rock.

They saw a figure walking slowly from a distance. This bulging mountain rock seemed to be welcoming his arrival and he walked all the way from the highest place.

"Are you guys fooling around in my Holy Land?"

Enel stood high, overlooking Luffy and others and spoke slowly.

Sanjis face became very grave, and he stared at Enel.

"Who are you? !"

Enel smiled, with a patronizing expression, and said:

"I am God!"