One Piece Talent System Chapter 401

Chapter 401 The Power Of Earth Logia

Sanji smiled coldly and said, "How can there be a God who robs someone of Holy Land?"
Enel narrowed his eyes with a dangerous gleam in them and said, "What do you know? The earth is something that only I can control, and also Sky Island. Not only all Sky Island people should worship me but even that Ghost Hand should do the same!"

He used to live on Birka, and Birka was conquered by Ross and then all the Sky Islands became Ross territory.

And when he was in Birka, he had been imprisoned. Later, he found a chance to escape secretly and he secretly survived for so long. Finally, he got the power of God and truly controlled the power of the earth!

Not only to occupy this Holy Land.

He will also take back all Sky islands from Ross!

"Ghost? Whos that?"

Zoro carried his sword in his hand and asked Enel feeling as if he had heard this name somewhere.

Enel glanced down at Zoro and said, "You dont know, all the Sky Islands are under the rule of that Blue Sea Man, but he is just a blue Sea Man and everything should belong to God!"


Luffy smashed a stone next to him with his fist and looked up at Enel and said coldly, "I dont care about some Ghosts or something, I just want to beat you up!"

The moment his voice fell, Luffy jumped up and his arms stretched sharply, and he punched hard at Enel.

Enel looked at him like that.

He had no intention to dodge.


Luffys fist fell and smashed into Enels chest, instantly creating a large hole on Enels chest, but no blood appeared.

Scattered in that hole was the soil that was visible to everyone. The soil was surging quickly, and the hole quickly refilled.

Seeing this scene.

Sanji and others faces suddenly changed.

"How could this be?!"

Usopp couldnt help but ask in horror.

And at this moment, Zoro frowned and pulled out his two blades and waved sharply at Enel.

"Nitoryu Otoro(Reply Climbing Tower)!"

Two swords flashed.

Two distinct cracks appeared on the elevated platform composed of uplifted soil. The cracks spread all the way up and passed through Enels body, splitting Enels body into three sections.

However, the same thing happened to Enel and the fissures on his body shattered like dirt, he recovered at the next moment and even yawned.


Sanji flew up and kicked Enels head, explodignEnels head, but there was still no blood, and only the dirt was broken.
Enels entire body, it was as if it was composed entirely of mud!

"Ahhh! Monster!"

Chopper screamed with a terrified expression on his face.

Sanji fell back, he looking at Enel while gritted his teeth slightly, and said, "He has a Logias Devil Fruit ability!"

Enel tilted his head and looked at Sanji. "So it turns out that you arent just some Blue Sea person who knows nothing. That guy also seems to have some Devil Fruit ability, but it should be just Paramecia."

While talking, Enel glanced at Luffy again.

"Paramecia, how could it be better than Logia which controls the very land you stand upon."

At the moment his voice fell, Enels face showed a cold expression. When he presses Void with his hand, the ability of Logia earth fruit is instantly activated.

"Gods sanction!"


With the touch of Enels hand, a torrent of earth swirled and gathered in the sky, eventually turning into a nearly 100-Metre-Wide running meteorite that crashed toward Luffy and others below.

"No way"

Nami couldnt help covering her mouth, looking at the sky with a hint of horror.

Luffy and others faces changed, and they had already defeated a Shichibukai. They already had the self-confidence of the strong, but Enel did a single attack, and the huge meteorite fell towards them but it gave people an unstoppable feeling!

"Gomu Gomu no Tomahawk!"

"Santoryu Ogi: Sanzen Sekai (Three Sword/Blade Style Secret Skill: Three Thousand Worlds)!"

"paule Shoot(Shoulder Meat Shoot)!"

After being shocked Enel attack, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji attacked together and hit the huge stone ball.

After the two sides held each other for a second, cracks appeared on the huge stone ball and it was finally broken by Luffy and others and scattered in all directions.

"Quite capable."

Enel looked at the scene without any change in expression and said: "It seems that your strength is good. Before I go to deal with that Blue Sea Man, you would do just fine as an appetizer."
Luffy punched Enels body, but Enel no longer allowed this attack to land on him and flashed sideways, avoiding Luffys fist and holding Luffys arm back at the same time, Enel yanked Luffy arm.

Luffy was caught off guard and was dragged directly by Enel and Enel waved his fist, and a huge rock fist slammed into Luffy causing him to fly out.

Whiz! Whiz!

Zoro and Sanji saw the situation and they did not hesitate to support Luffy, but Enel pressed his hand back to the ground, and the ground under their feet broke apart and spread forward.
Countless stones smashed towards the unstable Sanji and Zoro. The two desperately resisted but they were still pushed backward.

"He pushed back all three of them "

Nami covered her mouth with her hand and her pupils contracted violently, she did not expect that Enel, who had robbed Holy Land, had such terrifying power!

Naturally, Luffy and others would not easily lose. After being flown out by Enels attack, Luffy was not hurt because he was a rubber man. He yelled and continued to rush over.


Enel snorted and swung his hand back.


It was this light wave of his hand that sent the whole side of the earth surging like the waves of the sea, directly engulfing Luffy.

"Damn it!"

Sanji and Zoro let out a cursing sound and rushed to help, but Enel threw back his hand and the surging ground caught up with them.

Like a torrent of mud and rocks washed away everything in their path, Luffy Zoro and Sanji were all swept away, the three people struggle desperately but they were unable to resist.


Enel watched the scene lightly and then he grabbed the empty air in front of him with his hand.

The earth torrent that was sweeping in all directions suddenly stopped, and Luffy Zoro Sanji and others were all swept into it and molded into a dirt mountain, and only their heads were revealed and the rest of their bodies was buried in the mud mountain.

Enel looked at Luffy and others and slowly passed by them, saying, "You cant escape, you will be trapped here to the end of your life, this is the punishment for those who offend God!"