One Piece Talent System Chapter 402 1

Chapter 402 One Fist Part 1
"Dont be kidding me You jerk!"

Luffys body was sealed inside the dirt mountain, but half of his head was exposed outside and he kept shouting without showing any weakness. Instead, he continued to struggle, yelling at Enel.
He opened his mouth and inhaled wildly, and the gas kept pouring into his body.

Kch! Kch!

The earth and the parts of the mountain around him gradually showed signs of fragmentation. After all, this is just a soil mountain formed by the solidification of soil, not a mountain composed of solid rocks.

Enels gaze flashed as he saw Luffy still struggling like this. When he was about to block his escape route with another wave of his hand, Luffys position suddenly burst into pieces.


Because Luffy emerged from the trap, Zoros arm beside him was also released. He shook the hilt of his sword and broke out of the ground and fell to the ground.

"Thanks, Luffy."

As Luffy and Zoro got out of the mud mountain, Sanji also broke free and kicked a part of the dirt mountain and rescued Nami Chopper and others.

Enel looked at Luffy and others and his expressions still didnt change, he raised his hands at Luffy and others and waved them towards them from a distance.


Millions of tons of dirt piled up in a mad rush to form a giant fist a few meters in diameter that slammed at Luffy and others.

"Let me do it."

Luffy, his body now inflatable, let out a shout at Zoro Sanji and others as if he had developed some new trick, and pumped his bodys air into his arm, which swelled suddenly.

The inflated fist is the equivalent of Enels earth fist.

Luffy hits the earth made fist with his own fist.

Two huge fists hit each other.


A low Bang sounded.

After a few seconds of stalemate between the two sides, Enels Earth made fist showed signs of fragmentation which began to spread all the way back, eventually breaking apart completely.

And Luffys fist was unstoppable and continued to push forward and reached Enels body, Luffys giant fist shattered Enels body and smashed toward the rear.

"Good job! Luffy!"

When Usopp and Chopper saw this, they showed a touch of excitement on their faces.

Nami also showed a hint of joy. Unexpectedly, Luffy had such a powerful punch, he broke Enels attack in front of them with only one punch and beat Enel.

Before they had much time to be happy, a mass of dirt gathered and formed Enels body in the distance.

This time Enels face was not expressionless, his attack was broken by Luffy, which made his face a little bit hung up, and he was thoroughly angered.

"You have succeeded in angering me, Blue Sea Person."

Enel coldly looked at Luffy and others and as his voice came out, the ground began to shake violently, and countless amounts of soil madly rushed towards him.

Enels voice continued to come from the soil.

"The power of the Earth is not something that you Blue Sea People can even begin to imagine much less defeat it, not only you but that Ghost Hand all of you are just ants waiting to be stepped on in front of God who could control all of this!"

Under the shock and horror-filled gazes of Nami and others.

The mad surge of mud grew bigger and bigger and finally turned into a giant soaring between the heavens and the earth, with a body like a giant of the earth that spans thousands of meters!

"Gods Form!"
Enels voice came from the high sky.

The terrifying giant is so huge that it makes a bowing motion at Luffy and others. The shape of this giant, let alone the normal giants, even Oars cant compare to it!

"You should be proud that you forced me to reveal this form "

Enels voice came from the Earth Giant and the depressed tone echoed on the island. At this moment, not only the people on Holy Land Skypiea but even the people on the remote Sky Island saw the terrifying giant standing between heaven and earth.

Countless people looked at that giant with a shocked look on their faces.

"This what the hell is this!"

A Priests voice shivered.

Sugar also moved silently and she walked out of the palace, she looked at the Earth Giant which was standing in the distance and her face changed for a while, and her pupils contracted. "Whats that?!"

"It should be the power of the man who occupied Skypiea."

The Iron Wall Giant appeared next to her and replied with a somber expression on his face, "This is getting troublesome now, I didnt expect his power to reach this level."

Having said that, his face contracted a little as he said: "Although this power cant break through my barrier but I also cant stop him, he can easily destroy this island if he wants to!"

When Sugar heard it, she panicked.

If Angel Island is destroyed, she would have to carry a portion of the blame and in such a terrible incident, even if she only carries a portion of the blame, I am afraid her punishment would be more then just a ban on her candies.

"Hurry up, notify the Totto Land!"

"I have already notified them."

The Iron Wall Giant wore a depressed expression as he looked at the ugly Earth Giant towering over anything he has ever seen, and said, "Im afraid that by the time Headquarters send someone over here, it would be too late."
The atmosphere of Angel Island fell into mass panic.

At the same time, on Holy Land Skypiea, Luffy and others looked up at the towering Earth Giant. In addition to the shock in their eyes, they could not help but feel like an insignificant being faced such a thing.

This is crazy!

The Earth Giant in front of them is almost comparable to this island, and they are not on the same level at all. Even if they try their best, they would only be smashed like a bug under that Earth Giant!
"This is the end."

Enels depressed voice came from the Earth Giant.

The Earth Giant raised its leg which was big enough to destroy a Battleship and the leg slowly came directly above Luffy and others and then stepped down.